23 October 2018

VLOG 85 - Clarity About What Is Happening Now ~ Patricia Cota-Robles ~ 22 October 2018

This moving update from Patricia Cota-Robles gave me Soul-bumps.

Please watch here.

500-year Period of Grace ~ intended to prevent Humanity from getting left behind during the Shift, and without violating Free Will. We were eons of years behind in progress. Yet, it was imperative that we catch up in just a few (relative) years....500 years ~ a monumental feat. Not just from 3D to 4D, but on to 5D!

Between 8 - 12 December 1531 in Mexico, Mother Mary ~ being the most appropriate version of the Divine Mother, appeared to Juan Diego. This was intended to catalyse the people to effectively open up the blocked portal near Lake Titicaca, which succeeded. This also assisted in breaking through our brain's right hemisphere, which was closed down by the dark forces.

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