10 October 2018

Why This New Moon Feels So Intense ~ Aluna Ash ~ 9 October 2018

Please listen to this video message from Aluna Ash here.

Note from Aluna:
Ill try my best to do the Live Meditation tomorrow (Wed. 9pm EST) depends on whether or not my avatar cooperates😂😁

I know for me I go from feeling wiped out & exhausted to having these crazy energy surges & activations where I cant sleep. I've also noticed that I've been feeling very strong vibration through my body especially when I'm trying to go to sleep or laying down and when I close my eyes it almost makes me feel dizzy from the amount of vibration that I'm picking up on.

These waves are strong and intense at times but they will be quickly moving... you may be going from having one major symptom for a few days to having a different major symptom for another 1 to few days, or going back and forth. All part of our bodies adjusting to this new energy.

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