16 December 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 15 December 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

Since 12:12, DATA, regarding our current collective Galactic Timeline, is FAST and relentless; shedding light on the ‘whys’. The data for many is NOW coming in at INCREASED speed. It is understandable, and makes sense of so much, but to share it into written words or even try to verbally explain...is like “where to start?” Because it’s non stop realisations at speed, at the same time as embodiment stages and processing.

If you have not already seen/heard my explanation of 12:12, it was shared on Todd Medina’s LIVE show on 12:12 (on this wall). The ‘Birthing Canal’ period I referred to is being experienced now as the HARDEST period of any ascension stage. It’s the reverse of a PHYSICAL birth, from the non physical. And it’s enough to just go through this stage. To be with it.

On one hand, we are understanding, seeing, being gifted knowledge, abilities, increased ENERGY to the vehicle and abilities/knowing to be energy merging with energy. To let go and just be present. To BECOME, energy presence, within this corridor period. And on the other hand, we as the HUMAN being, are suffering the EXPERIENCE of huge HUMAN EMOTIONS and resulting human emotional pain. The truth is, if you are in this corridor, this birthing canal STAGE, the PAIN is actually energy misperceived. The ENERGY we are feeling is actually the letting go of our HUMAN version in the world, as we have entered this energetic corridor and continue along. We will equate and rationalise our emotional pain to ‘this’ or ‘that’ within our own dream and own designed storyline, but it is NOT. We have (if at this stage), detached from everything in this solid realm and previous perceived reality. But the ‘birthing canal’ (corridor) is taking us away from the whole PREVIOUS human experience (for now). We are experiencing what can carefully and loosely be described as experiencing our last distortions of HUMANISED EMOTIONS. For only behind the veil, in our forgetfulness of what we are, and what energy is, do we experience RAW EMOTIONS, which are in truth, energy-in-motion, misperceived. If you prefer to liken this to the bible story, it is being on the cross after the trials and tribulations have occurred. Until BIRTH occurs.

For some, this BIRTH of the Higher Self (for the human) occurs on 21 December 2019, when the Solstice Gateway (Light node) opens. It is a three day BIRTHING period. As explained on Todd’s Show, the 12:12 signified the FIRST day of a NEW and next seven year period of the Galactic Timeline and Earth/Human growth. For those at this stage, that equates to seven years of getting used to, BEING FULLY, the HIGHER SELF with a human body, IN and OUTSIDE of the solid realm. Being and acting from that, by all thoughts, all words, all actions; creator of your realm, VIA ENERGETIC ABILITY of the Higher Self.

If you are not at the stage I mention here, please let go of any fear of not being enough, of feeling less than, missing the boat. It’s a collective change, just that we do it each in our own timeline, but going through the same stages as each other, yet as ONE whole. Many MANY, that are not quite at this stage for this year, will go through this stage in three months, in March 2020. So they will go through the current ‘birthing canal’ some are experiencing NOW, in March 2020, and then their Birth, as the Solstice Gateway remains open throughout. We are in this together, helping each other.

I will share as I am able. But right now, it’s a mix of experience: higher knowing and data, increased abilities, and at the same time, the human emotions of intense emotional pain. It’s enough for each, just to do this. And it feels highest, to honour our own process first, so we can get through it, and be of the greatest energeric service to all. But I will share when I’m able, or just write short posts to keep supporting.

Keep going, hang in there, no one is alone, ever. And it IS already done. My love to you all.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
15 December 2019

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Chaos ~ MTVOTeam

Chaos that corrupts and confuses is now being released and cleared from my hidden data caches

Please continue over here for the rest.

Fascia Crystalline Network ~ Lisa Renee ~ 15 December 2019

Major work being carried out, this time in our own biological vessels. Lisa Renee provides a very detailed account of our Fascia Crystalline Network and how it's being upgraded now without our conscious knowledge. The network performs such important roles! This explains so much to me ~ for example, the importance of hydration, and how pain can manifest if not adequately hydrated. It also reminds me of Orgonites, as it works in the same principle to produce piezoelectricity. Hence the effectiveness of modalities such as Acupressure, Eden Energy Medicine and Massage, I am assuming. (Interestingly, I was considering learning more about Acupressure just two days ago....). Also explains what I call the mini-electrocutions we've been getting in the past years.

There's also some information about how our Merkaba is activated, and how attempts were made to replicate this process in the Looking Glass project.

Very good news in this update for us as biological beings, including how this healing and upgrade will correct the inorganic control overlays to which we have been subjected. Lisa also sees major changes in the Collective Consciousness for 2020.

NET = Nibiru Electrostatic Transduction Field

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Dear Ascending Family,

The Fascia Crystalline Network within our body has been impacted by the lower NET mutations in the corrupted 3D elemental structure, and this connective tissue matrix is undergoing an ongoing transformation with a sequential process of re-encryption upgrades. Many of us have been experiencing the intensification of structural changes and adjustments being made to the physical matrix, which include shifts in the bone, skin, and blood matrix with extensive realignments occurring within the entire fascia connective tissue system. This physical embodiment transformation is a macrocosm Paliadorian Activation for Ray Bodies that includes a widespread gridwork project that impacts the entire earth realm, although there are those on the Ascension path that have been clearing out these metatronic reversal mutations from their consciousness body in the previous cycles. This is an extensive development in the transformation of the physical matrix and will manifest some kind of Ascension symptoms for most people. Thus, it is crucial to focus on creating the conditions for increasing mind-body awareness, taking the time for inner stillness and meditation, personal reflection and taking good care of the body through adequate rest and stress management.

The Fascia Crystalline Network inside of our body will be coming online with Radial Body activations that expand consciousness to the next level of multidimensional awareness that is required to synchronize with the appropriate Consciousness Corridor. This architecture is of the Cosmic Order that re-routes group consciousness levels into their next evolution cycle or timeline shift, that will eventually take these collective consciousness groups to meet at the zero point during the planetary ascension cycle. The Fascia’s liquid crystalline system increases cell to cell communication and the internal consciousness messaging in our central nervous system, in order to show us where inside our body we need to consciously participate to emotionally heal and become spiritually whole. In many cases, the Fascia Crystalline Network will be upgraded into higher functioning designed for correcting and repairing the central nervous system and brain from receiving artificial intelligence mind control signals, alien implants and a range of inorganic overlays that are used for the consciousness subjugation of planetary inhabitants.

The primary areas of the Fascia Crystalline Network upgrades come from the Radial Body activation sequences that are forthcoming and are purposed to clear AI NET distortions that have been recorded in the Fascial Crystalline Network as death seals and other distortions made to the holographic template that interfere with cell to cell communication. The planetary death seals are in the subatomic layers and are related to metatronic distortions that weaken cellular integrity and accelerate aging, muscular atrophy and physical deterioration in the human body. It is also noted that the Epigenetic overlays that influence the negative ego software programs in the lower three-dimensional domains are manifested primarily through the personality matrix and these structures will undergo a major dissolution in the planetary architecture during the next year.

Fascia, the Sensory Information Organ
The human body is covered with a complex interconnective structure that forms into the embedded liquid crystalline matrix of the connective tissue network that is called the Fascia. This connective tissue network connects into every major system in the human body and its purpose is to relay sensory information and instruction sets throughout the multiple layers of tissue matrices, connecting internal and outer circuitry into the multidimensional spiritual layers. It is the Fascia Crystalline Network that saturates our cells with multidimensional light and sound, acting as the most important energetic communication system in our physical body. Specifically, the fascial liquid crystalline network connects directly with all of the horizontal triad bodies that make up the entire Radial Body system, and the main 12 meridians that intersect with the 12 axiatonal lines, which further communicate and send messaging into the brain and throughout the nervous system.

Within this complex network of integrated tissues, energy receivers and transmitters, fascia is the intelligent material that exists in between the cells, which covers the cellular tissues and connects those cells to other cells in the entire body. Fascia is primarily made up of a combination of substances which include a variety of proteins, such as collagen fibers and sulfur molecules. These structural proteins are intertwined as fibers that are twisted together into triple helixes that form into a liquid crystalline lattice overlay throughout the entire human body, from head to toe. In a living body, the water content acts as the hydration system for electrical conduction within the collagen fibers that functions as a protective webbing, like a membranous skin barrier that is wrapped around the entire body.

When the crystalline matrix is properly hydrated in the human body, the entire living system is bound within the water molecules and becomes electrified, transmitting energy signals at much faster speeds than the central nervous system.  Thus, the fascia network becomes a semiconductor that is conductive to electromagnetism, sparking protons and electrons to help create ions which are intrinsic to the biological ionization process of ascension that generates plasmic light. The biological ionization process is what builds and strengthens the lightbody, preparing the inner dwelling of our consciousness bodies to receive and embody liquid plasmic light.

By understanding the piezoelectric effects of the fascial network, life force energy can be circulated to move through blockages in the meridian system and further support biological ionization. Such as through applying physical pressure to any one focused area, where one is changing the electrical dynamics that exist within the entire structure of the layers of the bodily matrices via the manipulation of the fascia network, which interconnects and activates the energy meridians and then moves that energy current throughout the related internal circuitry. 

Additionally, the fascia network receives the energetic pulses we receive from the Cosmic Order that has been filtered down as energy transmissions made into the layers of the Radial body, which are then further filtered down to be transmitted into the horizontal triad bodies or dimensionalized shields. The fascia network acts as the capacitor needed to absorb the energetic current when our biology is being subjected to the added exposures of electromagnetic surges and intergalactic plasmas that are currently transmitting during the planetary ascension.  It modulates the down stepping of frequency activation in the ways that our physical body can handle or survive, so that we don’t blow our circuits.

Fascia is intelligently designed to integrate all component parts of the human body into a holistic living matrix, it is the primary organ system that is designed to unify all bodily systems in order to synthesize physical functions into achieving energetic balance or homeostasis. When there is an impact made to one smaller section of the fascia, it communicates throughout all of the interconnected structures, thus, the entire living system of the body is affected.

Fascia is the connective tissues crystalline matrix that stores and moves water throughout the body, it functions as the fiber optic network that carries voltage and oscillating frequency throughout the bio-neurological system via its semi conductive properties. Fascia exists in three main layers, the superficial fascia is beneath the skin’s dermal layers, the deeper layers of fascia surround and embed the bones, cartilage, organs and the brain, and the deepest layers are situated in the serous membranes which secrete fluids that fill the body cavities. These bodily fluids are lubricating secretions that come from glands and serous cells which facilitate major bodily functions like digestion, respiration and excretion of metabolic waste. Thus, if the liquid crystalline properties are unable to flow from lack of hydration or trauma blockages, the fascia solidifies and hardens, unable to transmit energetic signals and information, which leads to sensations of physical pain, emotional imbalances and mobility challenges.

The Fascia is integral for facilitating and maintaining the complex inner circuitry of communication in between the cellular tissues, like cell to cell communication, as well as connecting all of the layers of the living matrix components that exist in the human body. The fascial network helps to facilitate the function of every organ system, maintaining the network of energetic connectivity between all body parts simultaneously, all while providing a lubricating surface for the fiber of every muscle.

The fascia is the major structural component of our internal system, providing the counterbalance to the skeletal system through tensegrity (tensional integrity), it's also a messenger system, a key organ of sensory perception, and is integral for trauma wound healing, inflammation control and pain relief. The fascia network allows bodily structures to be more fluid, allowing for the stretching and compression of the tissues to move in multiple directions without losing their elasticity and strength. However, when the fascia becomes blocked from chronic stress or stagnant from an spiritual wound or external injury, this blockage can ripple out adverse impacts to our health, energy, well-being and mobility, as it effects our entire existence.

The Fascia crystalline network acts as the transport messenger of intelligent information, such as that made from encountering stimulus from the outer world by communicating that data to the inner energetic landscape of the entire human body.  The information that is collected from the environmental conditions are sent back into the cells of the human body in order to determine what genes are being transcribed within the cell and what instruction sets are needed for an assortment of functions to optimize the bodily systems. As an example, the cells in the body produce metabolic waste products that require detoxification, and the fascia network delivers the information needed in the cell to cell network to help facilitate the cellular detoxification process and then help to deliver nutrients to where they are most needed.  The fascia network performs the same function for releasing and clearing the energetic equivalents of toxins, such as implants, AI signals and energy parasites, which includes the realms of negative entity attachments and alien hybridization overlays. These classifications are considered energetic contaminants that require detoxification from the organic crystalline body and consciousness, which have negative impacts similar to unreleased metabolic waste that become toxic.

Please read on....

15 December 2019

The Big Shift 2019 to 2020:Portals, Eclipses and Conjunctions Power the Shift to New Earth Creation ~ Celia Fenn ~ 13 December 2019

The second paragraph makes me think of my vision, where I was literally standing at the entrace to the hallway (here).

Source: Starchild Global

Beloveds, stand by to enter the third decade of the 21st Century!  The quantum energies are swirling and accelerating as you arrive fully in this new space and place that is called New Earth.  You will see a quantum wave of awakening in 2020 on your Earth, with many deep and profound shifts.

But, one may say that right now you are in the entrance hallway, waiting to make your big entrance!

Many powerful energies were released at the Galactic New Year in July?August of 2019, and this is the culmination or high point of the Time Spiral as you enter the 3/3/3 Portal, connect with Galactic Center and Council, transit the Solstice and the Solar Eclipse, and prepare for the powerful and transformative energies of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, follower by the Sun, Pluto and Saturn conjunction also in Capricorn on the 12th January 2020.

Yes indeed, you have a "full program" over the next weeks.  These powerful shifts occurring in December 2019 and January 2020 will deliver you to the threshold of your "new life" as a citizen of the New Earth and an empowered Co-Creator of the New Earth Reality. The past will finally fall away for you and you will step into the magical quantum and multi-dimensional reality that is your birth right as an Angelic or Starseed Human.

Welcome to the New Earth "2020" where you are the ones who determine your reality and your future as you travel the time spirals and shape "TimeSpace" into your deepest dreams and desires.

The  3/3/3 Portal
Beloved Ones, the 3/3/3 Portal is an extended  month long corridor or time gate that will deliver you to the New Reality just in time for the big switchover to Co-Creation and Co-operation with the New Earth Councils of Elders and Earth Keepers.  Administrative responsibility for the New Earth will devolve on these councils, and especially on the High Council for the New Earth.  These ones will guide you forward into the place of ultimate freedom and dreams!

The 3/3/3 Portal  opens on the 3rd of December, continues to the 12th of December (12/12/12) and 21st December (21/12/12 Solstice( and closes on the 30th December (3/3/3).  Each of these dates reduces down to 3/3/3 or 9.

The energies within this portal or corridor are Abundance and Harmony and Creation.  The "Abundance Codes", also known as the "Paradise Codes" are providing a powerful impetus for the installation of the Council of Earth Elders as the administrative body of the New Earth, for the Sacred Planet that is rebirthing to its highest purpose in the 3rd decade of the 21st Century. 

The Divine Feminine/Goddess energy is preparing to bless the New Earth and all who step into that Reality with great abundance, love, harmony, beauty and peace.  The new Divine Masculine energy will support the Divine Creative flow into Manifestation on the New Earth Field of Love, where all creations are grounded in Love.

We will discuss here the two high points of the Portal, as important moments before the portal closes on the 30th December.

The Full Moon in Gemini and the 12/12/12
The last Full Moon of December falls on the 11th December and is followed by the 12/12/12.
The Gemini Full Moon will create an illumined pathway for the 12/12/12, which will offer two things. Firstly, the completion of the 2019  "Soul Embodiment Process" that began in July/August of 2019, and secondly, the final and full activation of the Diamond Light Body/Galactic Body that was initiated in 2018.

The Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness "Field of Love" will provide the support for the final stages of the important Soul Embodiment phase that which Wayshowers and Light Family are now completing.  The process allows human consciousness to fully connect with Soul/Spirit consciousness and to enter into the "Sacred Marriage" or union of Body and Soul.  The New Earth being recognizes itself as an Infinite Being of Light that has access to many dimensions and points on the TimeSpace continuum.  It is not limited to linear 3D time and it is not confined to a given reality.  Everything shifts and changes as the first "New Earth" generation makes its choices and locates points of reference as empowered Co-Creators of the New Earth Reality.

As this important shift of consciousness takes place, there are similar shifts occurring in the physical/lightbody system, including the final activations to align the Human Angelic Template within the DNA and to fully fire up the Diamond Light Body/Galactic Body so that we may begin to learn how to shift our being/consciousness into the Diamond Light Body at will in order to travel within the Multi-dimensional Galactic Realms.

When you, Beloved Ones, as Wayshowers, fully activate and embrace this aspect of yourselves, you will be able to explore the full extent of who you are.  You will no longer be "disconnected" from other dimensions and spaces, but will use your Galactic Diamond ~Light Body ads your "vehicle" to travel the Cosmos to any chosen "connection" or "re-connection" while still maintaining your access to the New Earth and your Human physical body.

Earth Alignment with the Galactic Center : 19th December
On the 19th December the Earth reaches its direct alignment with the Galactic Center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius.  The southern pole of the Earth is facing directly onto the Galactic Center, and so the all important annual Earth/Galactic Council transmissions are received firstly into the New Earth grids in Antarctica and then transmitted to New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Argentina/Chile, for transmission northwards into the Planetary grid.

The moment of Earth alignment with the Galactic Centeer is when there is a meeting of Consciousness and an exchange of gifts and celebrations.  This year, for the first time, the New Earth council meets with the Galactic Council to receive the transmissions from the Cosmic Heart about the coming shifts and changes and what they will mean for Earth.  This information is then transmitted to the Wayshowers and Light family so that they can act on the on the information and make appropriate choices.

So, as you can see, this year's Galactic Council meeting is a very special celebration, where there will be a great Galactic Family Reunion.  Angelic Tribes incarnated on Earth and Starseeds will enter into their Diamond Light Bodies in order to attend the celebrations.

At this stage, many of you who are travelling in your Diamond Light Bodies may do so at night when you are sleeping.  You may have little memory of where you have been, or you may think it was "just a dream".  Dream Reality is often a translation of Diamond Light Body travels.  In the future, you wll learn how to activate Diamond Light Body travel and how to recall all contact and information.  Some of you will even work as ambassadors for the New Earth to the Galactic Council.

If you feel so inspired, you may ask to fully activate your Diamond Light Body and to be present at the Galactic Council Alignment events.

This big event occurs just 2 days before the Earth Solstice, the 21st December, which is another big shift for the New Earth grid that is emerging.

Please read on....

Now That We Have Experienced the 12:12 Gateway.... ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 14 December 2019

Jenny Schiltz's website is here. Her message follows:

We just experienced the opening of the 12:12 gateway and it feels as if things have sped up exponentially.

We are seeing in a clearer way what must be let go of and at the same time, it feels that paths are opening, and things are aligning. Anything that we are doing out of obligation needs to change. This may mean a radical change in what we do or that our perceptions about whatever it is need to shift.

 We are being massively upgraded! Our bodies are undergoing an incredible transformation so that we may handle the higher light coming in. The visual they are showing me is of a car having the water pump changed.
This upgraded form is much more sensitive however and cannot handle what we have always carried. It is why the massive purge of what no longer works physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually is so very important

They showed me where we carry obligation, looping thoughts, beliefs, fear, and worries on our form and it is like giant sandbags attached to our body. This is causing major body pain as the upgraded form cannot continue carrying that weight. I was told that the average person is carrying around 200 pounds of this extra weight, saddled to the form.  It's time to shed all that holds us back and step lightly into the new!

Manifestation is absolutely heightened, and we are being asked to dream big! Dreaming big is not just for the outcome but to help bring the matching frequencies to you so the universe can align that reality in your field! 

The intensity we are feeling isn’t going to stop as we slide into the Solstice on December 21st and a new moon with a solar eclipse on December 26th. Then we head right into January 2020 which is feeling very potent!  Allow the Healing Meditation on December 19th to assist you with Anchoring in your Highest 2020 timeline! (info for joining below, you do not need to be live to participate)

Do your best to stay hydrated, grounded, and centered during these incredible shifts. It is all so exciting and grueling as we are pushed, squeezed, and pulled into the highest version of self!

Much love to you all and Happy Holidays!

Healing Meditation: Anchor in Your Highest 2020 timeline

Anchor in YOUR highest timeline for 2020!

Join me for this healing meditation that will help you to let go of what you no longer want to carry into the future as well as help you to anchor in what you do want to create.

We will be working with healing frequencies and fields that will help us to move through the programming that keeps us limited and full of fears and anxieties. All of which keeps us from accessing and anchoring in our highest potential.

2020 promises to be a very big year for all of us. Allow this healing meditation to assist you!

You do not need to be present to participate as a link to the recording will be sent to all that register. You can use this meditation, again and again, to take things to an even deeper level within.

This healing webinar is approx 45 minutes. Space is limited, reserve your space now!

December 19th at 1:00 pm MST

Cost; $33

Click here to register:
About Jenny:  Jenny Schiltz is a Multidimensional Quantum Healer and Intuitive Guide. She is able to hear and see beings in other dimensions creating a bridge for the information & healing to flow.  She works in the Quantum field to energetically assist the body with clearings and activations. Her goal is to help you to unravel all that you are not, so that you may uncover who you are at your deepest truth. To inquire about sessions, classes, workshops, and sacred journeys go to www.jennyschiltz.com
Copyright © 2019 Jenny Schiltz LLC, All rights reserved.

Honoring the Transformation: Meditations, Gates & Retreat Time ~ Sandra Walter ~ 14 December 2019

Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~

I AM still integrating the massive energies, codes, and Divine Love generated by 144 pure Souls coming together as ONE in Divine Service during our 12-12 gathering in Sedona. We probably won't be able to put into words what occurred. It was a pure and powerful experience. The largest Gate-launch of new energies, codes and collective timelines I have experienced since the original 12-12. I AM Witness.

Thank you to all who attended live, and to those who participated remotely during the global mediation. The amplification is palpable, dear hearts. Gratitude for the precious open-hearted moments in the physical.

Now we are deep in these Gateway sequences.

These Gateways are woven together as one massive collective shift. They provide a brand new level of awareness as the old realities dissolve ... gone. Don't bother re-creating them, they have no influence. This is a passage to allow the higher reality to change your path for the highest outcome. As within, so without. We are practicing the co-creative power of UNITY consciousness with our events, global meditations and new creations. The Crystalline platform of Divine Love is a miraculous force of Source.

The lower agendas, which are no longer applicable to highest outcomes, will dissolve. Stories change, on both a personal and collective level. Quickly. That applies to every disharmonious or distorted reality which ever registered on Gaia. She is making that very clear as the Crystalline realms are revealed to clear, open hearts.

My Month-long Retreat begins ... Now.

The newsletter reminders will continue each week. It is important that we stay focused as ONE on these Gateways, eclipses and Unity meditations. My social media will be on auto-pilot as well for meditation reminders. [Social media links at the bottom of this newsletter.]

Opportunities to Unify in Divine Service

Profound Ascension experiences are expected through this whole Gateway. Simplify, get outside often, and open to the highest feeling state of creativity, joy and peace.
December 15: SUNday Unity Meditations at 5:11AM, 8:11AM, 11:11AM PST (UTC – 8). Details, time converters and graphics for sharing HERE

December 18: Gatekeepers open for the Solstice.

December 21: Solstice
at 8:19pm Pacific Time (UTC -8). Magnetic shifts expected.

December 22: SUNday Unity Meditations at 5:11AM, 8:11AM, 11:11AM PST (UTC – 8). Details, time converters and graphics for sharing HERE
December 25: Christmas, New Moon, and Solar Eclipse: eclipse peak at 9:18pm PST (UTC -8) and New Moon at 9:13pm PST (UTC -8)

December 29: SUNday Unity Meditations and Gatekeeper opening for the Eclipse at 5:11AM, 8:11AM, 11:11AM PST (UTC – 8). Details, time converters and graphics for sharing HERE
January 1- 4: New Year’s transformation Gate: Shifts through the Caves of Creation and Living Library of Gaia which directly affect our DNA, which reveals a new experience for Embodiers. Expect revelation of timeline choice both personally and collectively.

January 5: SUNday Unity Meditations at 5:11AM, 8:11AM, 11:11AM PST (UTC – 8). Details, time converters and graphics for sharing HERE
January 10: Lunar eclipse peak at 11:10AM PST (UTC -8). Full Moon at 11:23AM PST.
January 12: SUNday Unity Meditations at 5:11AM, 8:11AM, 11:11AM PST (UTC – 8). Details, time converters and graphics for sharing HERE

January 13: New Cosmic stargates opening due to the Embodied higher light level on Gaia.

Aligning with the 2020 Energies Ebook

This free Ebook is still available, for those who may have missed it last month. We are inviting as many to the table for this Sacred feast of a passage. In brief, this is THE moment to align with the Sacred Self.

Download or view the Ebook:

Infinite Love Light to this Sacred Tribe

We lead the way with kindness, compassion and Divine Neutrality. With the energies pushing for personal transformation - in order to create collective transformation - it is a perfect moment for self-care, highest choices of Love, and supporting the birth of the New.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!
In Love, Light and Service,

The Shift to New Earth (5D) ~ Council of 9 ~ 12.12 Portal Update ~ Laura Whitworth & Yvette Sheppard ~ 14 December 2019

Being forced to lie down allowed me to listen to Laura Whitworth read out the dialogue that transpired during this QHHT session. For those interested, please watch the video here ~ as always, please check in with your Higher Guidance.

This session with Yvette Sheppard is almost like an expansion of the previous one that Laura posted on her yt channel of Lisa Armstrong and Derek Mendelsohn (here). If you were to ask me whether the scenario(s) outlined by both sessions are true, my answer would be my usual I don't know. (There are lots I don't know 😄) What I do know, however, is that no one specific source has all the answers. Each may have an aspect or portion of what's to unfold, and that too is subject to the individual filter and perspective.

I post these QHHT sessions because I like to know about the versions that are being brought forth by the various clients regarding Ascension. I don't have a problem with presenting myself with different scenarios because generally speaking, I am not attached to any specific outcome except for Ascension itself. Okay, that's my caveat done!

Briefly, in this session ~ which is rather intense and loud! ~ Yvette's information is insistent that the Shift is unstoppable, no matter how much the dark tries to thwart its progress. The Infantry  now needs to step up and keep on doing what they are doing and assist others whenever possible. LWs have been trained over many lifetimes for this purpose, and the missions must be carried out. Work is also progressing during sleep states, and people are being "moved" energetically to enable them to align with their specific dimensional path.


There's a suggestion to place a White Light Pyramid around us for protection and illumination.

The time period of 6 months is also mentioned, consistent with Laura's previous video. My stand on dates ~ hold them with the highest intention but don't obsess over them. We've had too many dates come and go so we should by now know how to appropriately handle them.

The Veil/Filter around our Sun will be removed to openly reveal the activities occurring around it ~ this would be a disclosure that's not possible to cover up.

QHHT itself is mentioned in the session ~ this makes me think that QHHT may well be a modality that's downloaded from the higher realms.

Strong Incoming Wave ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 14 December 2019

Strong Incoming Wave just started (8:45pm UK time)
General energies each day will be "power-filled" leading up to Solstice
But certain Incoming Waves received via our Sun Stargate, will INCREASE in their strength
We'll notice this INCREASE and individual effect within our bodies
One Love

Most certainly agree ~ now I must go lie down for a couple of hours.....

14 December 2019

Dragon Energies and Update ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 14 December 2019

Dragon Energies, here....
supporting us as we head towards this Solstice

Source: Amanda Lorence


Everything you feel you are, as your ever changing perception, YOU are inhaling as that energy, on your IN BREATH. Everything you celebrate you are, KNOW you are, in your ever changing perception, is exhaled (given out) on your OUT BREATH...

It’s the experience of energy not known (forgotten), then known (re-membered).

It’s an individual choice with every breath we each take. Until there’s only ONE answer, ONE choice.

The more we become known to our self, the more we master, intentionally awakened, to the power (energy) we are breathing IN and OUT.

We all drew our first breath when born into a lesser consciousness; Breathing mindLESSly into our lungs of physical body. We learn to breathe mindFULLy, into the heart portal, the gateway to All we truly ARE, and always have been. Which expands our awareness more and more. It accrues, infinitely so.

What is your current IN BREATH? For that IS your PRESENT perception in this NOW. And can be changed in an instant, by breathing again, next breath, into the heart.

Knowing this, doing this, being this, we become the Conscious Creator of realities. The Knower; inhaling IN, the Knower creating that KNOWING... OUT.

Amanda Lorence
14 December 2019
(There are 2 videos, parts 1 & 2, dated 22 April 2018, explaining the BREATH, and how to allow this to expand, in the videos section of this Wall. x)

Cosmic Ray Update ~ Celia Fenn ~ 14 December 2019

These energies are independent of Solar activity....

Source: Celia Fenn

Something ironic is happening in Earth's atmosphere. Solar activity is low--very low. Yet atmospheric radiation is heading in the opposite direction. Cosmic rays percolating through the air around us are at a 5 year high." (spaceweather.com)

Are you feeling it?
The Cosmic energy field is just popping!

We are heading towards our "date" with the Galactic Center on the 19th December, so we can expect an upswing in Cosmic energy transmissions.

More information soon!

The Magical Realm ~ Clip: Jason Estes #27

Magic, Miracles and (Winged) Unicorns!! 🦄💜  I feel these themes presenting strongly (the Unicorns were trying to come in since two years ago but the energies were still not ready) for this last quarter.

Source: MTVOTeam

Just another reason to celebrate being alive today 🦄 🐉

To join the Deep Dive 27 discussion, head to Jason's FB profile (link provided in the video). For more awesome videos, check out the MTVOTeam YouTube page.

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Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Hidden Anger ~ MTVOTeam

Hidden anger is now being released and cleared from my personality structure

Please visit MTVOTeam to complete this set.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Faithless ~ MTVOTeam

Feeling and being faithless is now being released and cleared from my body

Please continue here for the rest.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Unwilling to Empower Others ~ MTVOTeam

Feeling and being unwilling to empower others is now being released and cleared from my selected games

Please continue with the last command at this link.

Be the Observer ~ Avatara Ananda ~ 13 December 2019

Source: Avatara Ananda

Whoever is on autopilot playing fallen consciousness games ... it’s their process, don’t even bother giving it any of your energy.

Don’t take anything personal ... “insanity” does not need to be ingested by taking things personally. Whatever weird dynamics people may be creating ... observe, decode if/when necessary and move forward with lesson learned.

Open to receive universal abundance and stay in INTEGRITY. A lot of people/organizations are about to fall on their faces in 2020 and have a show of their lifetime as a come back for all that has been built/created out of integrity. Those who have laid a foundation in integrity will receive matching timelines.

Observe it all neutrally. If you have done your inner work and purified your being ... the gates to incredibly beautiful abundance are open 🙏

Solstice Gateway ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 13 December 2019

Source: Meg Benedicte

Now that the 12:12 Gateway is open, we will be blessed with abundant plasma light infusions till 12:21 Solstice. Due to the intensity of the ascension waves, take care to integrate and support your physical self during these days leading to the Solstice. We are in a powerful corridor of momentous upgrades. This is the Seed Moment for a new cycle to start in 2020.

It only happens once a year, when the ‘12’ Gateway opens a direct path to the Great Central Sun, located at 27 degrees Sagittarius.…it opens a Cosmic Portal to Zero Point energy at the galactic center. As the layers peel away, we step into new energy, new openings and possibly new timelines.

On December 21st the Solstice arrives…the day that 12 and 21 are mirror opposites bringing all into union, into balance, into Oneness! The Solstice occurs when the sun ‘stands still’ between light and dark. It is the balance point of all creation. It is also the day the Sun enters Capricorn, an earth sign, initiating a change in seasons.

Just a few days later, a Solar Eclipse occurs on December 25-26 (depending on time zone) at 4° Capricorn. This fortuitous eclipse is enhanced by Jupiter trine Uranus – bringing happiness, optimism, positive growth and pleasant surprises. Combined with the galactic center’s field of infinite possibilities, you don’t want to miss this opportune moment to set your intentions for a favorable 2020.

As we join together from all around the world, we will seed the planetary field with New Earth templates, consciousness and holographic inserts as we alter the course of humanity. We are flooding the earth plane with LOVE vibration! Don’t miss this extraordinary moment to crystalize your Soul’s ascension destiny.

Join other Light Bearers, Gridworkers, and Star Beings from all around the world, as we gather on Saturday, December 21st to broadcast our Solstice - Eclipse Global Activations. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=211014

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte
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* All Rights Reserved * 
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SR Reading

13 December 2019

12:12:12 Language of light/528Hz Angelic Light Code Anchoring Higher Light/Heal Old Negative Energy ~ Shekina Rose ~ 12 December 2019

Please listen here to Shekina Rose's transmission here.

Babies of the World ~ Diana Cooper ~ 12 December 2019

Service work for those who are guided to do so.... requesting Unicorn Angels to bring love to unwanted babies/babies with closed hearts.

Source: Diana Cooper

In the Golden Era of Atlantis every baby was loved and welcomed. As soon as a couple decided they would like a child they meditated the kind of soul they could best serve. All children were wanted but this is not always the case today....👶 

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 12 December 2019

This made me think....

Source: Laura Eisenhower

We are the Elementals (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Aether) and the Elements are the Nucleic acids of our DNA and lifting the veil is activating dormant strands and removing the frequency fences and seals, through a lot of inner work. Junk DNA is our Multi-dimensional Truth!

Weather weapons working means we are aren't yet awake, cause when we Awaken, the Elements and us are in balance!

Pars Kutay Update ~ 12 December 2019

Adrien Mauduit
Source: Pars Kutay

Something Powerful, and Majestic is happening on planet Earth.

A Super Wave of Cosmic Energy has been building to an Apex for some time Now and is headed straight for the planet.

Can you feel it coming?

Are you ready for something BIG?

We are streaming and transmitting the NEW Diamond Light Codes from the Galactic Center to encode the information of the New Earth into the Planetary Grids.

It looks absolutely Marvelous and Beautiful to the eyes of Spirit, but is a bit rough on the physical body that is not used to such intense flows of Divine LIGHT.

If you are experiencing Ascension symptoms such as dizziness and excess energy and exhaustion, just be aware that this is because right now our Light Bodies are all lit up like Xmas trees!

I wish you a Blessed and LIGHT filled day on this 12:12:12 Portal.

~ 💜💎💜 ~

Photo: Geomagnetic Storm... Sometimes the Aurora explodes into a huge colourful smudge across the sky... captured by Adrien Mauduit


Powerful Waves: 12:12:12 Portal ~ Pars Kutay ~ 12 December 2019

Patricia Ann Melstrom 
Source: Pars Kutay

So Here We Are at the 12:12:12 Portal 💎

Powerful Waves are coming in. . .

Powerful Diamond Light Code energies are streaming through today to prepare us for the Major Shifts that are coming as we move towards the Solstice (21:12).

As the Portal of Evolution for the culmination of this year of Mastery opens on December 12, there is a completion of the 12 strands of DNA leading to full Balance, Mastery and Completion within the 13 strands upholding our NEW Human body Energy Template.

Mastery of the Light Body Consciousness brings us into NEW Awareness for who we truly are as we are Awakening in the Evolution of the NEW HUman blended with the Divine.

Within this completion, a platform has been created that will allow us to transcend polarities to a more exalted level of creative Unity Consciousness. This NEW Energy platform anchors within us being as the 12/12/12 Gateway opens.

As we expand our ability to receive, this Force will be filling our High Heart with the Christed Light, offering us a NEW way of perceiving the world and our place within it. As we let the energy expand into our Energy System, a profound NEW level of Divine connection occurs within us.

The Gateway of 12/12/12 demonstrates the Avatar consciousness within us, Awakening with all the connecting links being activated for the Divine Template of our NEW Humanity stepping forward into life.

Remember that this is an Evolution in Consciousness, and that it is a process occurring within the Evolution of blending the Divine with the HUman. There is an acceleration in our Cellular Structure that may Not be obvious to our human mind immediately. However, do not doubt the process that is occurring... and remember that WE are a part of the Awakening of Consciousness on the planet as we also Awaken to our SOUL’s most Divine Reality.

This is the unification of NEW Life accelerating within us. It is another link in the Web of Light all around the planet that is gathering NOW to assist our Ascension into Higher Frequencies.

At the 12/12/12 Gateway, there is an opportunity to unite our SOUL with those BEings on many realms who are providing the baseline for the structures of NEW Dimensional Freedom on the Earth.

There is rejoicing as the Codes for the Christed Light are Magnified and radiated through all Creation and our High Heart is Empowered by Unity Consciousness.

Divine Blessings are descending on us on this 12:12:12 Gateway. The Angelic number frequencies suggest that the Great Mother is pouring out manifest Blessings on us as we enter into the energy of the "9"... Sacred Union or the merger between our Higher SELF / SOUL and our Physical Being.

Take Good Care of your SELVES at this time. . . and have a Wonderful Empowering flow with these powerful Energies. 💎

with LOVE 💜
Pars Kutay

~ 💜💎🌀☀️💜 ~

Photo: A Star is Born - Incoming Divine Source Energy Wave of Diamond Light Codes captured on December 2019 by Patricia Ann Melstrom 

Descension of Monad ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 12 December 2019

"Spend this time consistently raising your vibration so that you and your beloved Earth Mother are singing the same tune and resonating as One."
Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

Descension takes place when we integrate more awareness of the Higher Self within our grounded energy bodies – mental, emotional and physical. By bringing down the I AM Monad into your Sacred Heart, this will further raise the frequency vibrations within you. The effect of this will feel as if you have turned up the heat and light inside. Higher awareness of Self will provide greater clarity of purpose and the result will be that the world around you will start to feel and look quite different. This experience can range from total bliss to complete disorientation as you attempt to understand the flow of Higher Source energy passing through you.

The Language of Light key codes currently emanating from the Central Sun bring new patterns of consciousness into your energetic bodies. The mental body is releasing survival patterning. The emotional body is releasing external attachments and desires for material objects and conditional relationships so you can begin to live more in the NOW moment. This will make this part of the journey a bumpy ride if you try and hold onto existing patterns of behaviour within your Matrix – especially when you look around you and see the chaos, fear, concern and worry that seems to frequent so much of other’s time and effort.

When Descension takes place, the sensations felt are of heat, vibration or electricity as Higher Light infuses into the energy bodies from the Higher Self. It can feel as if the body's molecular structure is separating. Loss of identity, not knowing who you are or your purpose in Life, what you are truly feeling or where you are going. Spend this time consistently raising your vibration so that you and your beloved Earth Mother are singing the same tune and resonating as One.

Your energy bodies are clothed in her garments anyway. This will not be an effort, it is not something to reach for, stretch to or climb up. No promotion, award or presentation required – it is just something to allow to happen.

Strong roots, deep grounding and intentional meditation – join your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind with the consciousness of Gaia.

Paul Dobree - Carey

Paul Dobree-Carey Update ~ 12 December 2019

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

Upon this 12/12 cosmic gateway, fluctuations occurring in the Earth's dissipating electro-magnetic field give way to the expansion of the higher frequency crystalline matrix that so many have poured their Hearts and Souls into creating around Gaia triggering natural changes in biological resonance.

The information contained in the form of Sacred Geometric encoded Light passing through the central spinal channel known as the pranic tube, the Hara line, silver chord or Sushumna is relevant to maintaining equilibrium with the earth's frequencies on an ongoing basis.

This 12/12 Full Moon is a vital time for attuning and aligning with and grounding cosmic energies through the central channel and into the Earth. These frequencies are higher than the physical body can comfortably hold, so we can purely act as conductors / aerials to concentrate and channel the energy directly into earth by Earthing/Grounding. Retention of direct highly charged cosmic energies will create severe tiredness, emotional imbalance, flu / cold symptoms, purging, additional strain on the electrical nervous system, hormonal imbalances, energy surges resulting in food impulses.

The New Moon following the Solstice brings a time of balance to allow connection directly with the Earth's core centre and receive the newly stepped down frequencies back into your energy bodies at a rate suitable for your own personal progress.
Full Moon - offering, New Moon - accepting.

This entire month will continue with ongoing physical restructuring occurring as a result of the crystallizing process of the formation of the Fifth Dimensional Merkaba. This month's Full Moon fully opens the Light Portals allowing the embedded DNA genetic codings to start altering the energetic substance contained within the higher Fifth Dimensional frequency structure.

The effects on the emotional, mental and physical energy fields will already have been felt by many since the last Equinox. The pace quickens as our journey continues. Continue to remain focused on letting go of what was, without distraction on what is.
No more, know less!

With the structural form of the Fifth Dimensional Merkaba now established around the Adam Kadmon 12 Ray nexus/chakra system, many Lightworkers, Star Seeds and Walking Masters of Light continue their personal connections with activations and ceremonies at nodal and sacred points across the globe.

Thank you for all you are doing.
No action taken is wasted if the intention is Sacred.

Every single action that focuses on raising vibration makes a difference. As I have previously stated, a single word breathes a Hurricane of Change, a single smile passes on to become a Tsunami of Energetic-motion, a single awakening creates Quakes of Identity within the establishment.

The transformation process has created a complex higher vibratory Sacred Geometric energetic body to attract and sustain higher frequency particle substance around the lower third dimensional body. This creates many transitory changes to the existing energy body system, the physical body experiencing dizziness, nausea, discharges, heat and pressure as the organs and cellular structures flex and attempt to compensate with higher vibratory spin.

The emotional body too experiences extremes which change moods daily from the highest heights of excitement to the lowest lows of depression. The mental body loses track of time, concentration moves from being razor sharp to complete apathy and exhaustion.

Further celestial alignments and visits from cosmic Celestial beings taking the form of meteorites and asteroids create geometric pathways to enable the cosmic flow of higher vibrational particles to penetrate and enter our atmosphere for absorption by our systems.

We are being looked after by our beloved planet, as has always been the case, but there is still much we can and must do on an ongoing basis. We are showing the World that we DO care and that when individuals get together and create a single intention to benefit All, we ALL benefit together.

With Loving Blessings

Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB

Messages and Articles - www.polarisab.com

Online Sessions - Paul is available for Soul Guidance consultations to assist with connection to higher dimensional aspects of Self, manifesting and understanding Life purpose events, establishing and maintaining higher expanded consciousness states of awareness.

You Are of Source ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

The Divine Self who is before us, as each of you, has made the choice to participate in a process of realization. You may find yourself as the candle light or the burning bush, it matters not, it is still God. Do you understand this? “Well, I want to be the burning bush. Somebody gets to be the burning bush. I am volunteering. Here, look at me. I’m a very good bush. Set me on fire.” Don’t do that, because you may get it, and you will not be able to withstand the burning that you encounter. You are taken over and assumed by the Divine Self as flame yes, this is an encounter you will meet in broadcast, and the fire of your being will set ablaze the landscape in glory, but if you understand what glory truly is, it is the presence of God and nothing more. Do you understand that?

The small self again, would seek to appropriate this teaching to meet her own desires. There is that word again. “I desire to know God.” God is as you, in that claim God desires to know itself through you. Do you understand this? That is the difference in this teaching, rather than embarking on a mission to go find God someplace other. You will keep looking until the end of your very days. God has come as the Christ in humanity. You may call the Christ any name you wish, there are many names of God. All are useful, none are accurate. All are emblematic of an idea, and the idea here is that you are of your Source, seeking to embody it by nature of being, not by asking, not by groveling, not by running towards or from something, but by being.

The Guides through Paul Selig
A Channeled Workshop excerpt

Vibrational Resonance ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

When some of you decide that you must be awakened, you must be ennobled, you must be challenged to full realization, you are always operating in ego who believes there is a finishing line that she must cross. 

Again, another way of getting what you think you should have. 

The soul is in charge here, of the level of agreement that can be met in form. You don’t want to give a child a physics book, it makes no sense, the child will not be able to read. 

You are always taught at the level you can be in accord to, and by accord we mean vibrational resonance.

The Guides through Paul Selig
A Channeled Workshop excerpt