23 May 2019

Red Moon Cycle: Energy Update, Activated, DF/DM ~ Aluna Ash ~ 22 May 2019

For those who would like to listen, here's the link:

This is Galactic Codes, 13 moon calender & Astrology. I use this system because it resonates with information I started channeling years ago connected to dimensions, synchronicity & Sirius. 13 moons, 13 day wavespells, 13 tones, 52 days (connected to Sirius orbit & galactic activation portals within 260), 260 days, 364 days +1= 365, one day out of time, 20 glyphs, 13 x 20= 13 20 timing frequency, etc.... it's patterns & harmonic tones within cycles within cycles.

Red Moon 13 day cycle begins today, 5/22. which connects to this galactic year Red cosmic moon (yr tone=13) that began July 26th 2018 and ends July 26th 2019..we are still in the 11th moon cycle- the last week, which means emotional release/purification.

Tomorrow, 5/23 is a galactic activation portal connected to the energy of Mercury and 5/24 is another galactic activation portal connected to the energy of Venus.

We are closing up this Galactic year and starting a new in July. Not only is this galactic year the tone 13 but it is an end of a 13,000 yr cycle of consciousness.

6/26/19-6/26/20- White Magnetic Wizard Year of Unity & Magic, tone 1, anchoring Magnetic Sun

6/26/20-6/26/21- Blue Lunar Storm Year of Transformation And The Sacred Twins, tone 2 entery to new Sun, Magnetic Sun.

6/26/21-6/26/22-Yellow Electric Seed Year of The Starseeds, Growth By Spirit, tone 3

Messages I've been hearing " the event equals 9. perception, experience, density, reality, frequency, shift" "The Age Of Light & BioSolar body" this lead me to Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius & anchoring of the Age of Aquarius due to a picture I saw with the message I heard.

I've been getting info about how we are integrating elements within our chakras creating imbalances within the masculine/feminine principle (internally)

I also saw how deities are projected into things, how we invoke them, what they actually are, and how they are also integrated within us as a part of our energy, in ways that are both positive & negative.

I have been told a new group of people have been activated & will "know this" in the coming months. There were a lot of children in this group- setting off a huge wave/ripple of energy. These children are on another level, or will be fast. If you have children, pay attention when they speak of their dreams & when they speak... listen to the unconscious.

Many little ones will be talking about experiences & people from their past lives as if it is now, they may seem confused... looking for people, saying names you dont know, etc.. This is their multidimensional awareness opening up.

We are moving into a RAPID unfolding of time, manifestations, synchronicity, karma and evolution.

***Codes come through my voice, the tone...it is beyond the words.

Updates: Jason Estes & Todd Medina ~ 22 May 2019

Brief description from Jason Estes about this video:
Updates on whats going on and some advice to assist with it  
Please listen here.

Some very sketchy notes, please watch video for full details.
  • Innocence is required before we can open the door of Hope to step into Faith; the Light of Hope illuminates this path of reclaiming our Innocence, while the first step on this path requires Forgiveness of Self
  • The only door that you have is within you, and it's in your Heart, and the only way you can open this door is through Innocence; so walk your own path and not someone else's
  • Be child-like, and not child-ish
  • From Wounded Child, Inner Child, Divine Child, to Golden Child
  • Authentic Ethics vs Imposed Ethics, where the former is an authentic agreement that it's ethical for you, instead of having "ethics" imposed on you 
  • Agreements are the "currency" (my term) for 5D (as explained in some earlier video)
  • At about 25-minute mark, Jason explains how 5D experiences can work
  • Acknowledge your creatorship in the world ~ this is the secret to Life
  • "I call forward any and all parts of me that need to have this experience of __________, with Love, Acceptance and No Judgement I integrate them into the wholeness and fulfilled I Am That I Am, and from the wholly and fulfilled I Am That I Am, I choose to no longer need the experience of _________"
  • Be a responsible, conscious Creator
  • The more you push against something, the more it will push back ~ it takes two to create a war
  • We either create what we want, or we help ourselves create what they want (sub/unconsciously); in other words,  create our own dream, and not other people's dreams
  • You're empowering the game by judging the game at any level of the game
  • Everyone in this world is now empowered with a new sense of Responsibility
  • This is the year that we prove we are worthy of the New World
  • The 300 who have "landed" (on 18 May) are now energetically disconnected from us, their Light is not with us now so we can clearly see for ourselves, they have not abandoned us
  • Guru-ship does not work in 5D
  • We are now at 50 Data Points, 60 by August ~ we are now stabilising 
  • Our bodies are gradually normalising in the midst of these high energies but don't beat it up; it was designed to do 1 Data Point so take good care of it, ask "What can I do to help and support you in this process?" These DP are here to help us, not hurt us
  • Do good in the world, but don't do other people's good
  • Be Authentic
  • It's time to end the wars in our mind
  • Over next 10 years, Humanity will move to 5D Consciousness
  • Be good Do good Have faith Enjoy the ride
  • Let Life design itself for you as the perfect value
  • 23 August next group will land, about 300+ million guided by a leader; however, anyone who is ready at any time before that can "land" on their own
  • 9 January 2010 the rest of the world will land
  • Keep working to be the Future You that you were shown, don't expect to be that right now.

22 May 2019

Control ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 22 May 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence 


Ultimately... there is no control. There is just the illusion of ‘control’.

Where in a 3D and 4D ‘reality’, the only thing each individual ULTIMATELY controls, is their very own overall destiny, that is a destiny beyond 3D and 4D reality. Forgetfulness, an experience that allows us to play with Free Will. So that we feel and play out the experiences of ‘choice’. Including ‘control’ to varying degrees. Choices that create effect within each dimension and each Self created dream. Choices that are contained, within that dimensional space of 3D and 4D.

Releasing ALL control of the ‘dream’, one step at a time, in awareness of each release, the human being ascends to the 5th dimensional experience and reality. Where we learn to manifest our chosen dream reality. With our increased sensitivity, awareness, effortless present state of aligned mind, we observe, listen, and feel all signs, clues, data we receive in the NOW moment. 

We IMAGE...imagine...And act out from alignment to God’s presence. Where we then play within a dream reality we have, in conscious awareness, chosen, alchemised into being our ’reality’. Where there is now (through previous inner work) no longer any attachment to the NEW dream reality we manifest. Knowing, all is temporary, all is a constant flow.

Knowing that in truth, control has dissolved within our consciousness and our imagination. We IMAGE, manifest in alignment to God’s energy, the Greater Good of the whole. Doing no harm. Taking full responsibility for our choices. We choose to manifest as an integrated part of the whole, naturally so. It’s a state of being, in service. There is no ‘try’, just play, in awareness of the ALL.

And so there is a presence of MINDFULNESS, of that which we choose to make manifest. When that which we choose, is in alignment to God’s Will, it IS done. For it already IS an alignment. And so we become the effortless flow with all things. Playing with and as, One. Together. As innocent children in THIS universe and as wise souls BEYOND it. Where wisdom integrates to become a part of our being.

Love, play, and wisdom...be forever free.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
22 May 2019

Tools of Ascension are Grasped by Those of Earnest ~ Gaia Portal ~ 22 March 2019

As I said in the previous Gaia Portal post, these people can be witty....

Source: Gaia Portal

Tools of Ascension are grasped by those of earnest.
Flakes fall to the side.
Weak-kneed players remove themselves.
Intentions are key.
Fortunes are granted for those of the Light.

Becoming Who We Are ~ Maureen Moss ~ 21 May 2019

Source: Maureen Moss
Within this next year your greatest relationship and priority will be with your Heart and full body of matter wherein your time-coded immaculate concept for your new Divine Human blueprint will be revealed.

Beloved Hearts,


It is safe to say we are amongst the most miraculous, courageous and sacred beings on Earth or in the Cosmos. We have been called, remarkably fascinating humans by scientists and philosophers. And we are…we came from the Light, as Jeshua says, the place where the Light came into being on its own accord and established itself in the Image of the Creator. We are the elect on Earth of the Universal Mother and Father.


Clearly we are refining now our movement, expression and repose.


Certainly in this fast paced year and ever spiraling month of April going into May we have established ourselves more so as we spun and tumbled through bouts of energies and walked the razors edge between shadow and Light and life and death more than once.


Weathered though broken-through we took our sometimes shortened breaths, spurts of joy, and tears of then and carried on… realizing and redefining ourselves while knowing another energy blast, purge, flare, wave or electrifying surge was hot on our heels to push us further. We have a new human prototype to build and we are…out of the ethers and commitment to Love.


The opening of our Hearts toward ourselves and to our humanity has been the true catalyst for the change we Be in how we walk and talk and feel our humanity.


The dawning upon us of what our lives really stand for and mean to and for this God Body in which we dwell and this sacred Earth upon which we walk… to our Souls and Universal Families has changed the threads that weave the fabric of Human/Divine Consciousness.


Still, we know there is more to come… more to embody embrace and radiate. But, we are Stronger, Clearer, Purposeful, Dedicated, and Wiser. We know there is nothing and none to fear for perhaps the first time in our lives.


We’ve been inside the bowels of fear and know now it was the monster under the bed and ahead is what Divine Mystery has to offer. We know each time something leaves something is being shaped and formed and born for the new that is coming into our lives.



Our Focus Now


Our focus now, as Jeshua shared, is strengthening our relationship and priority with our Hearts and Body of matter wherein our time-coded immaculate concept for our New Divine Human Blueprint will be revealed.


All energy will push us in that direction and I add unto to that… toward the One Will of God…this being how Unity Consciousness is Ignited and how one’s life becomes surrounded and inflamed by the Most Intelligent Energy that exists.


The One Will of God has been described by both the Sirians (who house the Temple of The One Will of God in the 6th dimension,) and Ra, as the one undifferentiated Infinite Intelligence, unpolarized, full and whole.


As we go forth preparing and being prepared to enter into higher and higher bandwidths of energy and higher potentials of ourselves, the key that ushers us into and through each bandwidth, portal and stargate is becoming frequency specific to that which is on the other side of it. After the 4th Dimension, One Love and the One Will of God lies on the other side of it.


During last months foray into the Pleaidian Stargate one of the Pleaidians that joined us said; were we to ask anything of you it is to become Keepers of Frequency.


And so we go forward Beloveds toward the 2020 transition where a greater move toward our Sovereignty and Sustainability will be enhanced through earth activity, personal activity, moons, gateways, waves, light codes, ability to hold higher frequencies and gently bending each day toward the Will of God.


Dear God/Creator/Divine Mother Father what is Your guidance and Will? Be still, be neutral, go into your heart and wait for the response.


With each shift you will find yourself moving more naturally toward greater expressions of the Soul that you are, always in honor and devotion to your Sacred Self, which is the highest service on Earth.


It is a sacred synthesizing virtue that flows then like veins of gold to the heart of All That Is, to humanity, to the restructuring of Earth, to the honoring of the great Cosmic forces devoted to humanity’s success and to your Soul, the carrier of your destiny.


May Life never cease to nourish you, amaze you and flow with abundance, synchronicity, and grace.


One Love, One Will, One Humanity.


Know you are loved.

Email: Maureen@maureenmoss.com
Website: www.maureenmoss.com


© 2018 Maureen Moss
 No part of this transmission including artwork, may be reproduced or transferred in any form or by any means without full article, full name and website maureenmoss.com  Additionally voice recordings are prohibited by this copyright.

Energy Update ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 21 May 2019

Source: Meg Benedicte

The magnetic fields are shifting again! Hold steady in your center point - everything is moving around us! Celestial upgrades in progress...grounding is needed.

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 21 May 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Some schools of thought have led us to believe that we cannot activate dormant DNA beyond a certain point - if the DNA is damaged. But healing our damaged DNA is actually healing thousands of years of imbalance that has turned into health issues and conditions. If we can create balance and harmony and understand our inner self, the elements we are made of and the Aether that is now available to us, which purifies -- we absolutely can heal damaged DNA.

If we are programmed, we draw in AI signals (which takes us into a Transhumanism trap), if we are focused on our Spiritual path and being Sovereign, we draw in Organic Ascension energies and begin to upgrade.

Each strand is composed of 12 base magnetic (Mion) female codes, and 12 base-electrical (Dion) male acceleration Codes (1) -- like a replica of the Earth grids. They have been split a part and the imbalance blocks us from accessing the rest of ourselves -- it is the lid of Saturn we need to lift. The programs we need to dissolve. Embrace the True love story and divorce the impostors and negative belief systems.

Be a harmonizer, be LOVE, let the energy circulation of the Right and Left flow. We are integrating Higher self into the physical plane, so don't settle for less than what you know you are and meet its needs, say goodbye to anything that seeks to harm or belittle it.

footnote -
(1) energeticsynthesis.com

Energetic Shift ~ Broder Bilal ~ 21 May 2019

Source: Broder Bilal

A noticeable energetic shift have occured on our Planet.

21.50 Swedish Time
07.50 pm Coordinated Universal Time UTC
12.50 pm Pacific Standard time PST

A permanent subtle plasma connection of 5:D-6:D information highway is now connected to Grid-system.

This is reactivation of information stream Planetary Consciousness “Gaia” had before “The Fall” down to 4:D-3:D. Connecting it to information network of all Planetary bodies in 5:D-6:D

This activation of 6:D wavelength in Grid-System made as a agreement before “The Fall”, to spend cyclic time in 4:D-3:D for learning/growth is “soon” completed. 6:D wavelength will slowly increase in amplitudes.

“Gaia” will one´s again be 5:Density habitable Planetary body after the “Event”, now also with 6:Density wavelength operating in systems.

Schumann Resonance peaking within the time frame of this activation shown in the picture.
All this ties to the Galatic Portal activation upcoming days.

We The Wise Ancient One´s

Energy Update ~ Aluna Ash ~ 21 May 2019

The intense sadness that Aluna Ash mentions....I'm so glad and relieved she did. That was exactly what I felt early yesterday, and it was really overwhelming. It lasted about 5 minutes, and I was so grateful to feel it subside. This morning, I felt it again, but very much less intense. Again, just briefly. I personally feel that it's long overdue ~ the Collective grief and mourning is finally able to surface for healing, clearing and release in a massive and decisive manner.
As an aside, and a personal request to all who feel into these Collective energies ~ may I suggest that we do the clearing/healing/release, like what we would do if these energies were our own. This would speed up the transmutation process for the Collective. Thank you 💜

Finally, I need to clarify again that Astrology is something I do not comprehend but I appreciate such updates for their energetic interpretations of the Cosmic/Planetary/Collective levels.

Please listen to Aluna Ash's update here.

💗Today is the last day of one 13 day unit, tomorrow is the start of the next 13 day unit- Red Magnetic Moon, which is linked to this current Galactic Year & the Next Galactic Year White Magnetic Wizard 2019-2020 which is starting a new 13,000 yr cycle connected to the Divine Feminine archetype- also balance & unity of the Masculine/Feminine archetype as one.

Also Saturn entering Aquarius in 2020 during the DF galactic yr represents the Golden Age.

During this last week of the 11th moon cycle we have 2 galactic portal activation dates- 5/23 & 5/24 and it is also during the beginning of new 13 day Red Moon wavespell. These Portals activation dates are shifting energy from the last yr to the next yr beginning end of July.

During Galactic portal activation dates time and Cosmic intelligence is integrated into this realm. Be kind and patient with yourself... and if you haven't started doing this already, start paying attention to your body during these waves & cycles- you will see the patterns. It gets easier & more clear what needs to be released over time.

Another thing that I've been experiencing during these waves, is I'm able to directly see where projections are coming from unconsciously from others... which is nice. People can be very triggered around these times. Remember, it's only your light triggering their darkness or vice versa. That's just the duality of this reality.

We are clearing, and have been clearing, to anchor more stability for the planet and for others.

The weather at times, is a direct reflection of us internally, the elemental energy & the cosmic energy.

I will speak more about the 12th moon cycle and slme of the experiences ive been having, messages, etc.. during the live stream Wednesday at 9pm EST


💗Pluto going back to the 22nd degree during this time is really shifting a lot of energy with the poles of the planet and the Soul. (Patreon Full Moon livestream we talked a little bit about the Pluto energy) I link this degree to death & where realms beyond this realm collide as one..

I also link Pluto here to the connection to inner realms, the Soul & the poles of the planet connected to the BioSolar body of Earth. To me, Pluto is the most transformative of all the planetary spheres/realms. It is always to help us grow... As Pluto starting conjuncting my natal moon in my 8th house, after the eclipse, my mom passed (Pluto, death/rebirth, 8th house is connected to the colon/private parts- she had colon cancer, and moon represents the mother) My mom gave me the biggest gift- allowing me to understand the process of death spiritually through her death and face fears of loosing her that I had since my childhood. Pluto taught me death is beautiful & has purpose. The we are here on purpose with a purpose.

We will all be going through the extreme transformative catallactic energy of Pluto in different ways. Embrace it...Pluto fuses the Soul with the personality by removing aspects of the personality that are hindering expansion, and sometimes this is through a big life event, trauma or some kind of unexpected change. It all has a purpose & YOU are here with a purpose.

💗Everything I share is based off my own perception, my own experiences, my own guidance & understanding along with the patterns I see & feel from those around me & collective energy. You choose what resonates.

Thank you for your support to those that are here for the right reasons. Even If you do not resonate but still continue to watch me & listen to my every video, thank you for your support as well 💜

💗💗 If you feel guided to, please share how you are feeling and what patterns you have noticed within yourself during these waves and cycles so we can all see how it relates. And please feel free to share your positive experiences, synchronicities & realizations as well!!

I have felt inspired, a new level of trust/faith, excited for my life & direction, the downloads have been amazing, intuition/inner knowing/senses have been so heightened, synchronicities have been out of control and I have developed some new friendships through the synchronicities.

Im also learning more & more about the unfolding of the next stage of my path.

#energyupdate #theshift #awakening #synchronicity #divinemasculine #divinefeminine #unconscious #conscious #newearth

Dates and SR Charts

Current SR ~ Space Observing System
Out of sheer curiosity and driven by inner prompting, I did some cross-referencing between Jason Estes' information (since he is a new source to me, I went back to his earlier postings on fb) and SR readings to see if there were any correlation to specific dates given and energy spikes, SR-wise. In the course of this process, I was quite surprised to find a connection to a couple of my posts as well ~ and I do not write about all of what I go through, except when I feel a strong push to do so.

This was not originally intended to be posted here on my blog, it was just another one of my own personal research. However, since I did this online (because SR charts were involved) instead of just scribbling them in my notebooks, I thought I would proceed to publish it. For whoever is interested, and I make no (public) conclusions 😊

** All Schumann Resonance charts from Space Observing System.
** 1 data point = 1 hour/hour; eg. 40 data points = 40 hours per hour
** The dated links are from Jason's fb, with extracts from each specific post.

17/18 Feb
In a few short hours the celestial spike will occur and the world will be remade with out astral currents, grid walls, and teams.
::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::
Phase 1: Physical feb 18th- march 7th
Phase 2: Virtual March 8th-15th
Phase 3: Emotional March 16th-29th
Phase 4: Spiritual March 30th- 19th of April
Phase 5: Mental April 20th-18th of May

18 Feb
At 8pm cst the celestial spike reaches the core crystal and begins to shift the world, and then from 8pm cst to 5am cst you will begin to feel the feedback as it unlocks new playing fields on earth....

23 Feb
with the end of teams new connections are forming that will assist to rebuild the earth and the age of the false prophet is over, now begins a golden age of truth and transparency where authenticity and presence lead by example....

16 March
Welcome to the Emotional purge from March 16th-29th we will diving into our hidden emotions and feelings remember we balance the emotional plane by working with the spiritual plane this means some form of meditation to stay balanced is key

 30 March
Welcome to the Spiritual Purge: March 30th- 19th of April
This is the one where our illusions around good and evil will be tested and we will begin to see the truth within ourselves and the beliefs that have kept us hidden or in fear, the spiritual plane is balanced by the emotional so do lots of deep inner work around feelings and letting yourself be heard and seen

10 April
you made it through the template tests now its time for the pre-wave of the influx estimated to be around 60 data points per hour it will be one of the strongest of the year, unlike many of the influxes of the past this is for a single 12 hour window from 5am cst 9th to 5pm cst 9th while it will come on strong many of you have already processed the template of it and your bodies are loaded up on the necessary resources, this leaves hydration as the most important process to assist it to get through the system, do you best to drink at least 5 glasses of water on the 8th, 7 glasses on the 9th, and 5 on the 10th. you will also want to really do some major body stretching to assist the body to make room, and for those who feel the call to fast that may assist as well remember this too shall pass ::hugs::  

(My personal post:

13 April
tomorrow we began another body speed up phase(14-28) this will be the strongest one we have gone through and push deep into the personal masks we wear and expose us to many hidden truths about ourselves

18 April
Over the next 23 hours we will be in a major influx of 57 data points per hour once it ends we should drift back down to 47pts within a few days 

20 April
Welcome to the mental purge (April20th-May18th), as we begin this last phase of the purge remember that it is over all the planes and the key is stability because as we align the 4 prime planes we unlock the natural ease of the 5th which is the mental

28 April
 Today's the final day of body speed up phase and tomorrow(29th) is next influx(55 data points) + prewave for May's template tests

8 May
Strongest influx of may completed Congrats!!! now onto strongest body speed up phase of year(9th-18th), remember body speed up phases are resource heavy phases so make sure to give your body what it needs and to check in often to ask it if it needs anything else, this phase is all about getting better at being aware of your bodies wants and needs and clear communication with you and your body is key for these phases this one will be stronger then all the ones prior combined, so make sure to stay hydrated and keep those resources up. and for those who haven't watched body as a child here is a link to watch it and get some helpful tips and tricks to the process ::hugs::

(My personal post:

Namaste and Blessings!

What is Love & Light? Explained ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 21 May 2019

Here's the link to the video.

Amanda Lorence explains how we are unable to give unconditional Love until we love ourselves totally and give ourselves what we need, and how it is of a higher consciousness nature.

21 May 2019

SR & Solar Activity Readings

Space Observing System
I'm wondering if we should start considering these sort of SR charts as the new normal....


Podcast: 15D Spherical Seal of Source ~ Kara Goss & Steve Nobel ~ 15 April 2019

For those interested, please listen here.

Listen to Kara Goss speak about this clearing technique that neutralises all interference through all dimensions in connecting cleanly to Source Light.

This interview includes an introductory meditation to the technique.

Kara Goss is a Multidimensional Healer, Awakener, and Ascension Facilitator. Kara’s mission is to provide individuals with acquired inner guidance and assist them in facilitating their awakening and ascension process.

She offers support; empowering others to step into their highest level of unconditional love so that they may learn to connect with their own spirit, soul, and essence and teams of light so they can align with their highest divine soul mission in this lifetime.

In April of 2014, Kara experienced an overnight awakening. She literally went to bed as one person and awoke to an entirely different life that was surrounded by the many levels of the spiritual dimensions.

After the initial shock, Kara set to work, fully trusting in her inner guidance system and her deep connection to the angelic realms. She later joined her various star systems who have taught her everything she has learned over the years.

Your Energy Field ~ Lee Harris ~ 20 May 2019

The more your energy field activates & illuminates
the more you become a force for Transformation

Source: Lee Harris

The more your energy field activates and illuminates, the more you become a force for replicating that energy in all areas of your world, be that with the transformation of people, of physical places, of atmosphere.

You are not separate from the universe, and you have heard this many times, but you are part of the energy flow of the universe.

It is difficult for you see this or perceive this because you are in physical form and matter. The physical form and matter can deceive you, and this creates your separation.

But the beauty of these vehicles of yours is exactly that word we just used. It is a vehicle in form through which you can create, alter, influence, and change your planet and its people.

Soul Resonance ~ Lee Harris ~ 14 May 2019

Get in touch with the voice of your Soul
and you will experience deeper Soul Resonance with others

Source: Lee Harris

When you become aware of the ability to choose words differently, to notice the effect your words have on another, and to change direction, then you very quickly start to experience deeper soul resonance with others.

You start to attract more people where understanding is your normal experience, rather than misunderstanding or conflict.

There will still be those moments. But in general, if you can align your own words with your own truth — and become less hijacked by the truths that others need to hear from you, or need to hear in order to understand you — gradually, your words become less important to those people. Or they slip away.

And the voice of your soul is more felt in your energy wherever you go.

Energetic Gateway Open ~ Broder Bilal ~ 20 May 2019

Source: Broder Bilal

Invitation to “Inside Work” - 21 May

Gatekeepers - Gridworkers - Portal Holders - Ancient One´s

We will directly connect to Great Central Star (Center point in this Galaxy) this time for “Source Code” activation. Use the Intent to connect.

Starting at:

21.30 Swedish Time

07.30 pm (19.30) Coordinated Universal Time UTC

03.30 pm New York Time

12.30 pm Pacific Standard time PST

07.30 am Sydney Time, 22 May

New incoming Plasma link will be connected to Grid-system. Last session was felt all across the Planet.

Time Zones in comment section.

Brother Bilal

Bizarre Particles Keep Flying Out of Antarctica's Ice, and They Might Shatter Modern Physics ~ Rafi Letzter ~ 28 September 2018

This was featured in Resonance Science Foundation.

Sounds like Inner Earth/Gaia Mum's crystal core powering up :)

Source: Space.com

There's something mysterious coming up from the frozen ground in Antarctica, and it could break physics as we know it.

Physicists don't know what it is exactly. But they do know it's some sort of cosmic ray — a high-energy particle that's blasted its way through space, into the Earth, and back out again. But the particles physicists know about — the collection of particles that make up what scientists call the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics — shouldn't be able to do that. Sure, there are low-energy neutrinos that can pierce through miles upon miles of rock unaffected. But high-energy neutrinos, as well as other high-energy particles, have "large cross-sections." That means that they'll almost always crash into something soon after zipping into the Earth and never make it out the other side.

And yet, since March 2016, researchers have been puzzling over two events in Antarctica where cosmic rays did burst out from the Earth, and were detected by NASA's Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) — a balloon-borne antenna drifting over the southern continent.

ANITA is designed to hunt cosmic rays from outer space, so the high-energy neutrino community was buzzing with excitement when the instrument detected particles that seemed to be blasting up from Earth instead of zooming down from space. Because cosmic rays shouldn't do that, scientists began to wonder whether these mysterious beams are made of particles never seen before.

Please read on....

Energy Update ~ Eric Raines ~ 20 May 2019

Source: Unleashing Natural Humanity

Attacks on the Divine Feminine have increased in response to massive Sacred Masculine trauma reintegrations.

I try to steer away from politics directly in these updates and I will continue to hint at or shine awareness where it is needed. Last weeks update I said to watch for warfare in the guise of feminine energy being pushed and what has happened since then is truly unprecedented in the draconian crackdown on the Feminine energies since then.

Whichever side of these issues we fall on does not truly matter in the grander scope of planetary trauma purging, what matters is the space we are holding as we collectively pass through this.

Recognize there is wounding on many sides. Every camp of perception, awareness, political leaning, sociological progression and culture has been attacked. Humanity is compartmentalized into boxes separating "us" from "them". making it OK to dehumanize those camps that are not "us".

This is the Great Awakening. This is the Ascension timeline. These are the precursors to the Event.

Did you truly think clearing millennia's worth of trauma, hatred, fear, anger, shame, guilt and warfare programmed directly into the DNA of the entire species was going to be easy?

We knew what we came here for. Sovereignty. Autonomy. Freedom. Connection. Family. Love. Joy. Wonder. Awe. Co-creation.

As we begin to search for these world changing energies...as we begin to resonate and cultivate these frequencies, we destabilize the systems of density, the frameworks of heavy darkness that perpetuates more darkness.

More light can anchor into the planet, more people can feel it and spontaneously begin to wake up. They begin to purge their trauma and cultivate these higher levels of resonance as well and the quarantine of density around the planet begins to resemble Swiss cheese more and more.

We are watching the healing of ancient wounds in real time. Just like with any wound, we must purge the rot, cleanse the infection before it can heal properly.

What we can do in this time of transition, of awakening and of action is quite simple.

Recognize that many are going to be losing their minds. The light anchoring into the planet is strong enough to begin forcing all levels of programming up to the surface and it will be manifesting itself as something so intense and powerful that it cannot be swept under the rug like it has been.

This will force everything up to the surface and humanity is going to have to collectively look at its skeletons in the closet in broad daylight as the closet disappears.

Now is the time for introspection. Now is the time to compare your inner world with what you are seeing around you. Now is the time to truly go within and ask yourself, "What do I want to see in the world? What would I be proud to hand my children?"

That is not a system of fear, domination and control, but a system of love, abundance and evolution.

Unless we begin to cultivate those energies, we cannot found anything based in those energies.

The world is heading for a phenomenal transition and it is up to each and every one of us on how graceful this transition is achieved.

Do not be silent. Do not let your voice drown out in the dull roar of the program. Hold your space, hold firm to what you know is right, but here is the key. Do not engage in warfare.

You have every right to incredibly powerful and unshakable boundaries, but the key is to hold a smile on your face and upmost love and compassion in your heart.

Fighting for peace is like jumping into a lake to dry off.

Learn how to be peace. Learn how to be love. Strong, yet soft. Gentle, yet inexorable, unstoppable....like the tide, washing everything away.

We have got this!

From my heart to yours

A Small Fragment of Solara's May 2019 Surf Report: Reverse Spirals

Solara's Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription for $11 per month in English, German and Spanish at the Nvisible Mercado:

Source: Solara Anani

April's emphasis was on Breaking Free and many of us did just that. Yet, some of us weren't able to break free in April. These are the ones who are still looking in the usual old places with their minds ~ rather than their hearts. If we try to find new solutions utilizing our old linear, logical way of thinking, it simply doesn't work. This is because what we are seeking is not located in the old places anymore and cannot be found with our minds.
Even when we are so tantalizingly close to shifting reality systems, some people are still making excuses why they can't participate in helping to make this happen. Yet, there's nothing more important for us to do. Now is the time when we need to completely dismantle ~ at a core level ~ all our fears, doubts and resistances, so we don't carry them anymore. The idea of breaking free from duality still scares a lot of people. When panic arises, it's easy to put our attention on trying to create some form of security within the crumbling framework of duality ~ yet all this does is keep us small while maintaining duality.
We are highly sensitive beings and because we feel so strongly and deeply, life can easily become too much to handle. This is why some of us are shutting down our feelings and not listening to our Heart's Knowingness. They are closeting themselves in a false zone of neutrality as a survival mechanism. It's like hiding in a closet and pretending that there isn't a world outside. But is this being honest and true? Is this being vibrantly alive? Is this really making us happy? Is this doing what we came here to do? 
This is so sad because we are all greatly needed at this time. The shift over of reality systems requires our full participation ~ first to unhook ourselves from feeding the illusion of duality and then to strengthen the resonance of the New Reality of AN.
It is not the time to be neutral ~ it's time to BE REAL! It's not time to be paralyzed by fears, doubts or inertia ~ it’s time to bring forth our COURAGE! And it's not the time to be passive or distracted. Let's finally set all that aside. It's a time to care deeply ~ rather than try to pretend that we have no feelings. It's the time to step forward ~ because the world is not going to change without our full participation.

Let's dismantle the dam blocking the free flow of the River of our True Heart. Let's reset our inner control panels to remove all the duality-based errors in our internal programming. Let's go forth and manifest our Wildest Dreams. Let's not stay where we are! Let's not go backwards to remain cocooned in the familiar. It's time to be with our True People, live in our True Homes and fulfill our True Purpose! 
Give yourself permission to stop being small. To stop being afraid. To stop searching in duality for what cannot be found there. Realize that all your perceived limitations and obstacles are simply illusions ~ the distortions of duality trying to keep you in its clutches. Then dare to step OUT OF THE BOX and OFF THE MAP of the KNOWN! RECLAIM YOUR TRUE LIFE! And believe it or not, you will be fully supported when you do this.
There's a lot of spiral energy in May which will affect us strongly. Actually, there are two Reverse Spirals ~ the upward one going clockwise and the downward one going counter-clockwise. These double spirals bring us a simultaneous opening and closing energy ~ like screwing and unscrewing at the same time. This means that some elements of our lives will be closing, while other elements are opening. These Reverse Spirals are going to break up the holding patterns that people have long been stuck in.
These Reverse Spirals act like a corkscrew which is dredging us down to the core, while opening us up to the New Reality at the same time. Since both of the spirals are simultaneously in effect, this will heighten the feeling of unprecedented change and affect us on multiple levels. They will push us into making choices ~ whether to create the kind of True Life we really want or remain where we are. 
We will be experiencing beautiful, high frequency energy, as well as a strong undercurrent of the dense, low frequency energy of duality. We must choose which energy we prefer to live in ~ which reality system will be our predominant reality. Whatever we decide right now will embed us deeper into our chosen frequency. 
The two Reverse Spirals are different, but not separate. Together they form a larger pattern ~ like a diamond composed of a double whirlpool ~ with an unusual configuration which is something that we haven't experienced before. While they are in effect, we will feel like we are going in multiple directions at the same time.
These Reverse Spirals will quicken a deepening of our connection with the Nature Kingdom. This is vitally important, for we need each other more than ever. The Nature Kingdom in all its myriad forms has some major keys for us at this time. It's a part of us which has been missing. As we expand our beings to connect with nature, Pachamama will allow us to enter her exquisite Timeless True Worlds. At the same time that all this is happening, we will be pushed into the bowels of duality so we can pull out the deeply embedded hooks that still adhere us to duality. This will happen through nitty gritty life situations that make us deal with things on a extremely raw, real level. 
This Reverse Spiral action affects everything. It forces us to become very REAL, while at the same time, moves us out of the limits of duality. It stretches us to embrace the eternal and live in this expanded, timeless state in the greatly expanded HERE and NOW of our physical world. By the end of the very powerful month of May, we will realize that something major has been lifted from us, while we have become more of WHO WE REALLY ARE.
May is an extremely full, action-packed month in which it feels that there is so little time. Perhaps, we feel this because our Old Timelines are running out ~ like the final sands of the hourglass. This means that we have to align with our New Timeline very, very soon. There's also the sense that there's little time left to shift reality systems. Yet before we can do this, we need to unhook ourselves from duality and shift our beings into Eternal No-Time.
For many months we have been Walking the Razor's Edge. Every step we've been making has had to be a true step. If we haven't been making true steps, our path will become more narrow and our razor more sharp. Yet, if we've been making true steps, we will discover in May that the path in front of us is now widening. The Razor's Edge is not as sharp as it was before. As we walk out of duality, it's like walking out of a narrow canyon whose walls close behind us. This gives us a sense of escaping into a state of NO DOWN - NO RETURN. As we step into greater authenticity, the landscape before us expands. We are now walking on our True Path. And more and more doors open before us....
• • • • ∆ • • • • ∆ • • • • ∆ • • • •
This is a small fragment of Solara's complete MAY 2019 SURF REPORT. The Full MAY Surf Report contains lengthy sections on: Review of APRIL 2019; Looking in all the Wrong Places, So Little Time, Reverse Spirals and the MAY 2019 Overview.
Solara's Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription for $11 per month in English, German and Spanish at the Nvisible Mercado:

Incoming ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 21 May 2019

Very strong Incoming Wave NOW. One Love! Amanda Lorence
These waves.... Better, stronger, faster.... (cue Six Million Dollar Man music....)

The Star of Four ~ Joanna Fay ~ 20 May 2019

A wonderful update, accompanied by so many astounding photos!

Curiously, I woke up this morning to see a "Star" reflection on my ceiling (photo at the bottom of this post).

Source: Heart Star

Dear All,

Greetings! These are busy times for our star selves, friends and families, as the next acceleration of uplifting frequencies through the higher dimensional Solar Portal (which reflected over the weekend of May 11th-12th into the physical level as a strong CME – coronal mass ejection) has flowed into the Earth’s energetic field and through the planetary light-grids.

With this update we’ll continue focusing on a significant facet within the ongoing multi-layered planetary and galactic vibrational ascension, with wonderful shifts continuing to wing through the Carian soul collective (bird-like galactic beings) which we’ve been sharing about in Oestre’s Gate, Carian Rebirth and previous posts.

Through the last month, at the frequency-anchoring level, Ashura&I (and many connected loving beings, thanks go to many of you reading this post too) have been focusing with the four-point star and double infinity/rose cross sacred geometric forms that hold the vibration of stabilizing the foundation of Love. In the photos below, you can see how we’ve combined those two geometries at the physical level, with specific crystals as anchors, holding the vibration of Four as foundation of Love ~ and unfolding/radiating that stabilization ~ through the inherent Divine Order that vibrates through the Eightfold Star. So in the form below, the zero-point of pure being and freedom of the flow of Love that sits in the heart of the Fourth Dimensional vortex-type energetic format, is held peacefully and steadily clear and open to receiving and radiating higher dimensional frequencies through the crossing-point at the heart of the rose cross/double infinity, embraced and stabilized by the four-point star.

For readers who attune with crystals, the crystal egg currently sitting in the centre of this node/zero-point of the double infinity is a blue celestite crystal, and vibrationally it connects with angelic energies, in the egg form of new life, birth and in the context of a planetary ascension, transformational rebirth.

Please read on....

SR Reading

Space Observing System
Acknowledging that white pillar on the 19th, and the recent white spell today.

What's Next for Humanity ~ Jason Estes & Kerry K ~ 20 May 2019

"You either unlock or sabotage your human potential with every step that you take"
Please listen here on fb, the video hasn't yet been uploaded to yt.

Some notes (please listen to discussion, there's so much more there):
  • The Light of Hope, which is the 2nd of 4 Ascended Masters' gifts, is now being received, after the Mental Purge phase ended on 18 May. This would take about three days transition time before being fully present ~ 21 May.
  • Hope: like a door in the Heart that leads to Faith, and where Innocence (Integrity) is the key to unlock this door
  •  Light of Hope is illuminating the way Home, but it is a choice that we have to make; the Light just shows us the way, like the lights on an airplane that shows where the exits are
  • Mental Purge phase was like creating a template that would be like a 5D ally for us 
  • Heaven is now on Earth, we just need to build it; in other words, there's no more need to go "out there" to bring in codes/information etc, we can now do this in-body, here on Earth (our Hearts)
  • Restrictions continue falling away, until there are none
  • It's now time to build our New World
  • Veil very thin now, mythical Beings now can be more accessible, we will soon be able to interact with them again, soon
  • ETs now downloading codes constantly, by August we would reach 60 data points (equivalent to 60 hours in one hour)
  • Sasquatch also now coming forward more; these Beings live in the Heaven realms
  • For those in overwhelm/Spiritual PTSD, "this too shall pass"
  • Human template will go through adjustment, especially relating to food and sleep, and coming to a balance; Biophotonic sustenance is meant to be possible
  • Ascension symptoms presenting; pause and ask your body what it needs
  • Feeling as if we are in space of nothingness and disconnectedness is natural, it's the foundation of 5D where everything is nothing until we make it something
  • Letting go is the path to 5D
  • 3 Waves ~ Pioneers, who are the builders: participated in Mental Purge and came through at the end on 18 May; Teachers & Wayshowers: 23 August; (3rd Wave 9 January 2020)
  • World will change tremendously by the time 2nd Wave lands in August
  • For the first time in history, everything is synching up
  • You either unlock or sabotage your human potential with every step that you take.
The fairy that Kerry spotted during this discussion