21 September 2019

Loving the Masculine ~ Lisa Renee ~ 18 September 2019

Source: Energetic Synthesis

During the turbulent times of the planetary dark night of the soul, the patriarchal dominating culture appears to be heavily challenged in the west, through several mind control social experiments in the academic environments that are being implemented now to further capitalize on spreading human misery. Thus, there are current attempts being made through social engineering to intentionally emasculate and diminish the power inherently held in the male’s role in western society, as an action appearing to take down the patriarchy, but this is actually a complete fallacy.

True balanced masculinity and authentic male-ness are healthy expressions very much needed in our ascending culture. These masculine qualities should be loved and appreciated to support the corrected example that is needed to grow healthy boys into healthy adult men that have a strong core self, are emotionally mature, heart based and spiritually inclined.

True benevolent patriarchy role models are based on a value system of truthful, balanced and Krystic males that is intrinsic in helping to serve and protect the values of personal freedom that are inherent in the main thoughtforms of the western culture. However, the same value system for upholding human rights, free speech and religious freedom are not the same as those held in the New World Order authoritarian rule or within the religions of many of the eastern cultures that promote patriarchal domination. These anti-human cultures run by lunar forces are currently vying for world domination in taking their position from the west, so they can be at the top of the pyramid of patriarchal control as the dominate global culture. The tyrannical patriarchal rulers in the east are particularly misogynistic, and patiently waiting for the mass confusion of transgenderism, transhumanism, and misguided feminism to fully crush the masculine identity by labeling it as toxic, while eliminating the powerful roles of males in the west. Roles that in the past were protecting some semblance of democratic freedoms, for the purpose of protecting human rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Although we no longer live in a democratic society, western ideology still claims on the surface that it has the intent along with an ethical duty to serve and protect the rights of all, especially those of women and children. The intent behind the belief in protecting personal freedoms such as free speech, is still powerful to deflect those tyrants who would relegate us to another stage of implemented world slavery.

The pathway to healing the Masculine is to first comprehend that all humans are energetic forms that contain both the male and female principles. There is no way to stop the fundamental energetic principles that we are made from, but when we are confused, we easily reject the gender principle that causes us the most internal suffering. As spiritual beings incarnated within a male body, the masculine principle is made visible and the body is a reflection of that energetic principle. The hidden principle inside a male body is the female aspect. Thus, the male has to find the less visible component of himself and learn how to communicate with his inner female parts. If he does not understand this female principle inside himself, he cannot communicate clearly with that internal aspect, and thus he is in pain and suffers greatly. Developing the female principle is necessary to communicate with feelings, sensory ability, higher consciousness and this supports a vertical connection with spiritual forces. Without comprehending the role of the male and female and honoring them equally, it is impossible to be spiritually whole.

This lack of understanding contributes to the wide schism of separation between the genders. This is how the NAA agenda has been accomplished through pushing the False King of Tyranny mind control archetypes, which are used to enforce the patriarchal domination of divide and conquer on the earth. If we believe the False King of Tyranny is the true and accurate definition of the male principle, we feed that gender archetype and reward it in the social systems that have been culturally shaped by the predator minds of the NAA, to accept aggression and violence as normal standards for men. In order to change masculine archetypes, we have to understand how we have accepted these values and thus enforce the False King of Tyranny archetypes in our own lifestyles. With this larger awareness, then we make a stronger effort to stop feeding and rewarding these aggressive and dominating behaviors in both men and women, especially in the workplace. We start modeling different behaviors for opening honest dialogues, removing winner-loser ideologies and cultivate more compassionate communication styles that help to foster more open emotional sharing. We need strong role models in leadership to start releasing all levels of 3D gender role expectations that exist solely to separate and alienate the sexes, focusing upon the quality of one's character and personal merits and not on the personal choices one makes in alternative gender lifestyles.

Because the masculine principle has been socially conditioned and controlled to project overly mental or intellectualized states of being, it is common for males to reject their inner trauma and sweep under the rug deep feeling experiences. Men are socially programmed to reject their inner trauma and shut off deep sensory feelings and emotional processing. In the death culture where the False King of Tyranny reigns, they are penalized if they show too much emotion or if they are unwilling to become hypnotized into the addictive and driven states of the power mongering alpha male. Thus, many men do not know how to open their heart and access deep heart based feelings or even begin to describe what they are feeling. Many times, they may be completely unaware of what they are actually feeling about something, beyond the conditioning of base survival needs and instinctual reactions, like anger, lust, hunger and violence. (See Archontic Deception Behavior)

Please read on....

Clip: Do your best 🙂🌟 ~ Jason Estes #15

Clip: The GodHead ~ Jason Estes #15

Here for the clip.

The GodHead already knows everything. (Although I believe that we are now moving from the Heart to our High Heart.)

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Unworthy of Success ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

Feeling and being unworthy of success is now being released and cleared from in and around me

Please continue here for the rest of the commands.

Limited by Definition ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

Anything that would define you seeks to limit you. Do you understand this concept? You seek to define God, and you cannot, because God cannot be defined. You seek to know yourself in truth, but you want the truth to attend to you as you think it should based in your expectations of what you think it should be. And in defining truth in this way, you move back to the lies you've known.

The claim "I am here in truth" doesn't mean somebody hands you a bouquet of flowers and invites you to walk down the runway. You have not been crowned anything other than what you have always been, and been in denial of.

The vision that you hold of the Divine Self cannot be defined either. And we want you to understand this. The moment you prescribe what it looks like to be in the Kingdom, or what it means to be as the Divine Self in manifestation, you seek to define it and, consequently, limit it through your expectation.

The Guides through Paul Selig - The Book of Truth
A Channeled text

Deep Healing ~ Ahtayaa Leigh ~ 15 September 2019

This is a time for HEALING deep emotional traumas. Situations you thought you cleared are coming up again for more awareness. Healing is done in layers. You have to continue to spiral through the same emotional experiences until there is no electric charge left to trigger you.

Source: Ahtayaa Leigh

This is a time for deep healing... 🧘🏽‍♀️⚕️💛


Blue Ray Transmissioin ~ Shekina Rose ~ 20 September 2019

Source: Shekina Rose

BLUE RAY Transmission: 10:10~333 HEART Harmonic Resonances of the Divine FEMININE New Sacred Relationships/ & The Great Divide: No more HEALING what can't be healed, its being released, You have done the Work!

The 10:10 Ascension Gateway of Endings, Rebirth, New Life, New Earth in a higher frequency ~~ "333" The resurgences of the lost Sacred Divine Feminine Activates a New Planetary Heart Consciousness Awakening "the Sacred Trinity Ascension Gateway" re communions with the ANGELS, the Angelic Community.

All is being amp up, your highest destiny path, Service, Spiritual abilities and gifts and what ever that cannot be in harmonic frequency alignment with will be released from your resonances field. The people, past perceptions, stagnant body energies, places, family, situations, projects not in resonances that may have been even just recently may leave your life. And or will be greatly up leveled, enhanced and transcended to a way that serves the Higher Good Divine Light, New Earth.

As your being called now in the highest way of your Light service. You are here for the Ascension. To be beacons of light unencumbered by the past, as the Celestial forces have deemed this so, by moving you forward, aligning the right opportunities and expanding your full Light potential, " Divine Holy Power"

Your clearer channel has created a higher tonal vibration of the Celestial symphony that initiates divine Union between souls and the right placement for you on Mother Earth.

An instant feeling of connection of “coming home” is felt as you reconnect with more of your true Soul star family; the light merges becoming brighter re opening the holy gateways to the angels.

There is another timeline being created by integrating the higher light frequencies of Prime Creator’s feminine Goddess Nature Heart Resonance through the qualities of love, nurturance, compassion, empathy and Divine intimacy. Harmonic rebalancing of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine is being called forth from within and through your relationships.

Greater healing, depth and intensity through your relationships. Even if you are not in a committed bond, the energies may be coming up from the past, where you are now able to feel differently and allow those emotions of restriction to pass through you, to more readily release imprints/patterns from your lineage, family and soul where they were not yours in the first place, and free them into a higher form of energetic empowerment.

Divine holy sacred purification are taking place clearing and cleansing the old way you have been in relationships.

This beloved heart expansion is a gift, creating a pathway for your true essence to shine through any muck that has kept you from your Divine self of your true expression, as your soul heart longs to know and experience divine sacred relationships on a higher spiritual level.

This will expand your ability to be more intimate and happy, with better health, relationships, telepathic sensory connection, intuitive insights, increased success and synchronicities, perfectly aligned opportunities and information from the higher divine realms of your highest desires and wishes.

You are extremely brave and courageous, Beloved, for this service is one of the greatest gifts you can do for the “heart resonance field”, upon the plant that goes out to all beings and aligning you to your Divine Human Blueprint.

This is a re connecting of the Holy Light Grid resonances upon "MOther Earth Gaia" your light connections, re establish {the Concert of Souls} creating the harmonic symphony going into the Cosmic Universals that is happening through and for you and all Life.

YOU are LOVED, you are cherished Beloved,
Blessings to us all; and so It Is.

I love you Shekina Rose💙💙💙

Please share to help, uplift and empower other starseeds, light workers and forums as it carries a vibrational frequency thank you💙

The art of Cathy McClelland http://www.cathymcclelland.com/html/abtart.htm


Shekina Rose, Blue Ray Star born, Channel of the Blue Ray, was downloaded in 2008 that she was from the Blue Ray where she received the information and history of who these empathy sensitive Star beings their characteristics traits and their mission on the planet. Shekina has had 3 NDE where after, science analyzed her voice, and verified that her vocals contain the whole lost scale of the ancient Solfeggio scale of 528 Hz, Love "(Solfeggio)" , Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair), they also include the breakthrough mathematical equations of creation by scientist, Mark Rodin and other frequencies not discovered yet.

She is an Angelic Messenger Language of Light Songstress, Intuitive empath a very powerful yet gentle divine healer, intuitive, empath, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant, who facilitates Privates Sessions and Soul Reader

And creator of the Sedona Spirit Crystals, technologies ~ pendants from her regular physical and telepathic visited by the Sedona Deva crystals, Christos, Sophia, the Archangels and Ascended Master’s beings and races.

💙💙For Shekina Rose Soul Readings, Music CDs Healings and Concerts https://shekinarose.com/store/Music-c31413375

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💙💙 Language of light Videos https://www.youtube.com/user/ShekinahsLight

💙 ARE YOU FROM THE BLUE RAY? 💙 https://shekinarose.com/blue-ray/

💙💙💙Latest Heart language of Light Music Video Activation https://www.youtube.com/watch

Zero Point Equinox Portal ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 20 September 2019

"Some warn of ‘equinox cracks’ that form in earth’s magnetic field during the equinox – we call these openings portals or stargates."
Meg Benedicte is calling the next year the Great Shift of 2020.

Source: New Earth Central

On Monday, September 23rd the Equinox arrives at 0 degree Libra, opening a stargate portal in zero point energy while day and night are equal length. It is the balance point between opposing forces. We can expect unusually powerful solar waves while the Equinox Gateway is open. In a rare moment of galactic equilibrium, the gate is opening to infinite potential. Take advantage of this opportune time to seed your Soul’s visions and intentions.

The incoming solar waves stream tons of plasma from the great central sun into earth’s magnetic field, moving the poles and altering the climate. Plasma is a cloud of protons and electrons transferred by the solar wind. Some warn of ‘equinox cracks’ that form in earth’s magnetic field during the equinox – we call these openings portals or stargates.

While the gates are open, the cosmic light infusion affects global consciousness and cellular formation. The spiritual electrification of matter produces creative renewal, self-generating vitality, health and well-being. Through the Ascension Process we are becoming masters of Centropy – the ability to transform matter from negative entropy (downward decay) into human Light Bodies.

All of existence originates as energy waves looping in coherence, storing quantum packets of electrical charge that materializes as physical matter (atoms). The order of the fractal-holographic universe resembles a field of infinite possibilities, pulsing in a wellspring at zero point. It repeats on all scales, from spiraling galaxies to quantum subatomic particles.

In the cosmic pulse of zero point energy, allow past trauma and memory, ancestral code and patterns to collapse into the void. Dissolve away all remnants of suffering and open your heart to Soul Presence. As you unlock the restrictions of matrix overlay grids, your soul descends into your body, heart, mind. You are in the ascension process of soul embodiment.

Monday’s Equinox is a powerful gateway that initiates Zero Point alchemy for rapid human transformation. As you stand in zero point balance, command the solar ascension waves of divine light to awaken dormant Soul DNA and activate your Light Body.

This week Saturn stationed direct in Capricorn and the lunar South Node. You may feel the energies turn forward motion now, after months of retrograde. The Saturn/South Node conjunction highlights outdated habits, karma and reorganizing. We are being prepared for the Great Shift of 2020 that includes two major astrological bookends.

The year starts with Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on Jan 12th and ends with a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius. Launching 2020 is a power-packed celestial party as Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, Ceres and the Sun assemble within 1 degree in Capricorn (South Node), in a tight square with Eris on January 12th. Jupiter is close by amplifying the whole shebang.

2020 packs a wallop! It is a serious time for life-altering changes and deliberate focus. With Eris squaring the pack, you may feel rebellious and reckless. Maintain core stability and inner calm, so you can proceed with patience and ease. The zero point Equinox provides the stabilizing balance we need to ride the wave of progress. Step into the Equinox portal and influence 2020 as the year we ascend to 5D.

Travel to the Great Central Sun and spin your atoms into zero point! Join Manette and myself with Wayshowers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world on Monday, September 23rd for the Equinox Stargate Global Activations. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=210277

Lovingly, Meg

Copyright (c) 2019 Meg Benedicte 
* All Rights Reserved * 
You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Preparation for Equinox ~ Sandra Walter ~ 20 September 2019

Source: Sandra Walter

Here we glow, Beloveds. We Create as One.

In our Mastery, we shower this planet and all of her life with the highest levels of Divine LoveLight through the awakened Presence of Source in our Hearts. This month holds the possibility for positive, somewhat surprising change. As vehicles for these positive unfoldments, we co-create the amplification of Divine Love in the NOW as a high act of Divine Service.

Let us show Humanity what is possible with #Ascension!

20 September 2019

Separation ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

So now, once you understand that your individual consciousness is being transformed through these energies that are acclimating the planet right now, and once you understand that this makes for change on individual consciousness and group experience, you can begin to understand a little more about what is transpiring on a global level. 
All of the groups are fighting who believe in separation. And this is, in some ways, the big hurrah for separation-just as you know when you have a pimple or a blemish or a boil, it will rise to the surface and break through the skin as it exits the body. 
And if you think of the body right now as a global matrix, these things are releasing in pockets of behavior and in crises and planetary problems. And that is part of this shift. The old behavior has to leave. The sense of separation between men cannot be other than the separation between man and God.

Paul Selig – I am the Word
A channeled text

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Visions of Failure ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

Visions of failure are now being released and cleared from my eyes

Please continue here for the rest.

Magic is Happening ~ Maureen Moss ~ 19 September 2019

Source: Maureen Moss

Magic is happening.

On Saturday night I took a pretty bad fall... back down.
Immediately I looked at my back in the mirror and saw a 6 inch slash across my back where it hit the walll and took a great deal of my skin.

I smeared my back with anti-flammatory creme and went back to bed in sheer agony.

The next day was worse and I knew I had either bruised my
ribs or fractured them.

I could not bend down, get up without finding support, nor get into my cupboard to retrieve a soup pot.

Exhausted by Monday, I went to my chiropracter/ energy worker who was shocked at how every part of me was so twisted from neck to knees.

He did his best to unwind as much as he could.

I left with him telling me I had 4-7 weeks before my ribs would heal.

That won't work, I said to myself.

I went home quite miserably. I began having body spasms then and when I went to bed that night it felt like my ribs were on fire throughout the night.


On the 3rd morning, I awakened with the same pain.

Going to my computer later in the morning, I began creating the 22 Equinox Gathering. After 3 hours 'in the field of Cosmic Company including Divine Mother and Yeshua, and feeling Joyful for some reason, I got up and the pain was completely gone!!

Not quite trusting it... I tested it out in every way I could. Tentatively I stretched, bent, reached, coughed..and No pain!

4 days after the fall I had received a Miracle. Later my friend said, "don't forget this is the realm of all potential. Miracles are everywhere.

In this somewhat challenging energy week we have we have been in a very progressive energy field of Divinity, Magic and Miracles. And expect more.

I Love You ALL and hope you join with us in the 22 Equinox Magic.

Love, Maureen


All Life Is InterConnected ~ Sherwin Ng

House of Kite
As we heal the deep wounds within ourselves, we also heal the wounds of Humanity as a whole.
All Life is one, interconnected, symbiotic.

Jason Estes Update ~ 19 September 2019

Source: Jason Estes

I want to take a moment and share with you one of the most powerful things I've learned in this life so far, and its the value of attention

i respect the attention you give me and so i do my best to only share things that are worth your time and i always do so as a choice nothing more

Attention is the most valuable thing you posses because it is your energy your giving away
what you focus on can change your life for the better or not based on what you choose to focus on
there is a lot of noise in this world and distractions but the real question you want to ask yourself when you give attention to anything is, how is this assisting me to be able to pay more attention to myself and my world?
is it expanding me into seeing more clearly? or is it just taking my attention?
is this worth my time?
is there a fair exchange in the amount of time and energy put in this?

one of my students shared this video and it was so well said and funny i wanted to share it with yall, if you choose to watch it feel free to discuss in the comments below ::hugs::

SR Reading

Space Observing System
Doing my best to function....this one's really....rough.

Solar Winds / Equinox ~ Aluna Ash ~ 19 September 2019

This is a very beneficial and supportive update for those who have been feeling the intensity of these powerful energetic shifts (I've felt TWO in the past 48 hours) and their ensuing effects. I don't really understand the astrological aspects but very much appreciate Aluna Ash's interpretations as well as her insights.

The North Node is conjunct Sirius exact at the moment- & Saturn, who stationing direct- moving away from the South Node, is one of the main transmitters of the Central Sun. This is just a short video because i know if Im feeling these energies re-arranging quite a bit, then I know others probably are too. I've noticed alot more activity in my dream state over the last 2 weeks.

Mostly working through subconscious imprints- soo much has resurfaced out of nowhere, not in a negative way- just things that I haven't thought of in a long time showing up in my dreams and very vivid/lucid..I'm not sure if this is because of the energy right now or if I've triggered that from the affirmations I've been doing in the morning recently. I know many others have had very active dreams/ strange dreams recently though as well.

9/20 1st day of 3rd moon cycle
9/22 another GAP day -opening the Portal
9/23 Equinox -activating Geomagnetic Storms (possibly)
9/25 New Moon Portal opens (3 days prior to New Moon)
9/28 New Moon in Libra

The affirmation book I mentioned in the community tab is what I've been reading quite a bit recently in the morning, is called :"Quiet moments with God" by Joseph Murphey (this is just a very short book w. affirmations ...and his reference to God, is the Universe through the Subconscious mind) I feel like it has helped to access my subconscious mind more to connect/heal/work through things that I may have unknowingly repressed.

💜I wanted to share, I felt like I needed to hear this personally & I know many will relate to his message/experience- we are in this together. Gregg @ In5D.com https://youtu.be/RwH7NpEiuKE 💜💜💜💜

Patreon: https://patreon.com/alunaash #energyupdate #solarwinds #equinox #unity #nonjudgement #YudYudYud

19 September 2019

Your Inner Guidance ~ Lee Harris ~ 19 September 2019

You have a really powerful voice inside you that knows what you need and is guiding you.
Remember to ask it for help and remember to listen.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ My Father's Beliefs ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

My father's beliefs, perspectives, and limitations are now being released and cleared from my body

Please continue over here for the rest of the commands.

Clip: Deep Dive #15 ~ Fasting 101 🍟 ~ Jason Estes

This one is really good to know ~ being in communication, communion and in alignment with our body via fasting. Here for the clip.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Needing Food ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

The belief that I need food to survive is now being released and cleared from my brains

If I may add, please "go slow" with this one ~ only when one is ready. Having said that, emotional eating and addiction to taste are certainly what we don't need.

Here for the rest of this set.

Jason Estes with Todd Medina ~ 18 September 2019

Posting this first for those interested, I'm on the move and have limited opportunity to spend online.

Please access the video here.

**Update: Brief notes about some of the topics discussed:
  • Black Hole lit up and sending energies from Omniverse into our Universe ~ this is a huge deal 
  • End September, Earth was woven back into the Omniversal potential ~ that means we are also reconnecting back to the Omniversal potential of ourselves, which was unwoven during Atlantis' fall
  • Don't need to hold on to anything an believe it's true anymore (also referencing Tool's latest release about illusionary Spirituality ~ Fear Inoculum ~ and how to break free)
  • What we understand about ourselves is less than 1% of Who We Truly Are
  • Example of pumice stones helping to heal Great Barrier Reef ~ Humanity would never have been able to do that, but Nature can; our Planet knows what it's doing. Continue to do what's right with us, and let the Planet do what it needs to do, stop trying to control it
  • Amazon fires are another example of allowing the Planet to do what it needs to do, at the right time
  • The you that you thought you were, that you had to be so that the world could heal and grow, is dead 
  • Wounded Healers who didn't know they were wounded healers, the time is over
  • Sun Self-Coding ~ our DNA opens up and unlocked; it's a trial phase to get ready for very powerful October
  • 3 days to deep dive into ourselves before October
  • Everyone on Earth is a wounded healer, until they're not
  • LET GO OF EVERYTHING ~ identity, gender, every word, everything! Every word is a stair that got us Home, and now we're Home and it's time to build the world we've waited for because no one else is going to do it for us
  • It's not about labels, it's about BEing
  • Going forward, it's all about your choice, no one to blame or shame or judge
  • Soul is transforming back to its own magnificence, and this also changes the body (24-mins) so we need to help our body. SELF-LOVE is key. Be a healer to yourself, talk to body, massage etc
  • Cellular detox: Boil water, place pinch salt and pour water over it, let sit for 12 minutes. Alternate with pinch sugar. Bless and drink. Do 4 glasses
  • Suggestions: Miracle Soap (also cleans energy fields), Bioplasma Cell Salts (energy that comes in burns through cell salts very fast), Dr Willard's Water, TRC Trace Minerals. OR take a picture of these products and connect with them if you're unable to buy them
  • (33-minutes) 64 Data Points at end October (24 early 2019), end December @68, end Jan 2020 @74, 80 end Feb, 86 end Mar, 92 end April, 95 end May
  • Body will need support, talk with it!
  • Total October: Disclosure ~ Terraforming of Planet's atmosphere, and changing back to original template, we'll undergo very very strong detox physically
  • 5 Oct ~ 5 point influx, 11 Oct ~ 3 pt; 17 Oct ~ 3 pt; 21 Oct ~ 5 pt; 23 Oct ~ 7 pt; 28 - 31 Oct ~ Celestial Awakening (last Ascended Master gift)....that's what start Total Disclosure & Terraforming and thereafter Celestial Light will be permanent for at least 2000 years
  • By end May 2020 may get physical Disclosure
  • 2019 practice year for how to live in ascended world, training wheels come off 11 Jan 2020
  • New World is going to be incredible
  • (42-minutes) High level of Celestial Light from October ~ strips away all that is not authentic, atmosphere brought back to original, our abilities return (gradually)
  • We are water, and as water updates, we update
  • At 1% now, can we imagine what having more would be like
  • We're connecting back to the Omniverse
  • Be Good, Do Good, Have Faith, Enjoy The Ride
  • World also going through detox ~ all the horrible things occurring and being brought out
  • Sun being updated to become Omniversal Portal (Sun Source Coding); how we understand our Celestial Self comes from Sun therefore we're getting Omniversal Codes
  • 15 - 18 Oct ~ we're getting these Solar updates
  •  After Atlantis fell and unwove entire Universe, we've been on time-out and needed to be responsible. We're now able to re-join other Universes
  • Key to Peace is to resolve our inner wars
  • We ascend the body through teaching it
  • We are better than or worse than someone else in something, so there is hierarchy in Universe
  • Time for specialising is past because we're coming into Wholeness
  • Eating what's in alignment with our body will help us
  • October - May 2020: body-intensive phase, so pay " very very close attention" to what works for your body
  • There was a time when death was seen as a transition to move on into something greater, and Jason feels that this is where we're heading towards
  • For first time in very long while, clarity / insight / wisdom levels are higher than doubt / confusion / misunderstanding; so if there's anything in your life that you don't like, ask yourself why
  • Take 5 minutes/day to go inward and get clarity, it's going to get easier and easier
  • No longer able to stand on the sidelines, you either ascend or you won't. It's all between you and your body.

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 18 September 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

MORE DATA relating to GAIA MAPPING POST dated 17 Sept 2019:

I know that people of all stages of awakening read the WAYSHOWERS posts. To help those that are perhaps new to reading this wall:

Many of the questions asking for ‘more info’ are already here in previous posts or videos. If you do separate searches in this wall for any topic you require more data on, you will find explanations and detail. Eg:
Robes (energetic),
Gaia Mapping,
White Light,
Rainbow Light,
The three trajectories (spoken and shown on the latest September SOULOGY Show with Todd Medina and me. Also written about in 2014, and 2015.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, do internet search and research several sites to form your own perception.

The Eagle: has and is known for having much wisdom, that is being understood for the paths of some human beings. So research the Eagle in history.

Soul Merges: it has since been known since writing this post that an energetic soul merge is an integration of energy to the living human’s DNA, from one soul to another. 2 souls where both humans are living exchange energy to each’s DNA. If one soul is not living, their Soul energy is energetically embedded into the living human’s DNA. All via mutual and conscious agreement. And for some very conscious awareness as it takes place.

In terms of this post not making sense: it is direct data, in its purest form from 5D Gaia. Data is given, seen, known at 5D frequency. It is not channeling, and to expand the data into more detail will only distort the data into 4D or 3D interpretations, not it’s purest form. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand everything written. I am just the conduit. And will share anyway, as it’s for everyone.

I will always try to give data as pure as I possibly can. Gaia Mapping, ie. 5D data will never be expanded linear text explanations. It’s short and succinct. Some will understand, some won’t. Other data I embody I always try and explain in more detail.

The higher we go, the less linear it all gets. Where human explanations don’t come close as linear language shows to have it’s limitations in translating what actually happens.

Just look after you and if it doesn’t resonate, please just discard.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
18 September 2019

Timeline Shifts in September ~ Sandra Walter ~ 18 September 2019

Walk through this passage with your Mastery focussed on highest choice. 
Grace, Ease, Creativity and Flow are the frequency of the higher experience.
There are key cosmic trigger points embedded into these higher timelines.
Gate clearings tend to reveal what blocks those transformative turning points.
It may be subtle or dramatic; pay attention

Source: Sandra Walter

Pay attention to what presents or drops away throughout this month. Collective timeline shifts are powerful events, and we are gearing up for domino-effect events to reveal a collective awareness of intense change. The balancing act is global. Support balance in your own lifestream as it applies to/compliments the higher Ascension timelines.

No victimhood, judgment or self-judgment. All is amplified for our benefit and free will choice.

We amplify outcomes with our personal thoughts, emotions, words and deeds. Remember this is on behalf of the Ascension, which is already occurring. The Universal photonic command for order breaks apart what is not in balance. Equinox provides a window (Gateway) for our Higher aspects to do the good work. Keep aligned with creating the New.

Because #Ascension

Jason Estes Updates ~ 18 September 2019

This was posted about 10 hours ago, so the Window has already begun.

Source: Jason Estes

A little under 5 hours till Window begins, remember take as much time as you can to yourself and stay hydrated allow stuff to pass through you fast as your cellular structure updates so Oct will be easier ::hugs::

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18 September 2019

Arc Zone ~ Lisa Renee ~ September 2019

I am always in awe of all the Divine activities unfolding, largely unseen and unknown, in this Cosmic Reset. And looks like the quicker we migrate to Tri-Wave thinking and BEing, the better we will be able to assist in the process. There is also mention of Lunar forces, and it helps to clarify the concern I recently raised about our focus on the Moon. (Lisa also brings up "real parents"!) The expansive range of remedial or re-designed strategies and operations being carried out ~ although mind-boggling ~ are truly encouraging and reassuring. They serve to enlighten us how entrenched the dark's influences/reversals have been, embedded in so many practices and beliefs embraced by Lightworkers, all designed to lead us astray. This report also has a sense of urgency about it, perhaps because the activities are reaching a critical phase ~ this is my opinion only, of course.

There's this strange deja vu sort of feeling as I read through this report from Lisa Renee ~ I just don't know if I've read/heard parts of this from other sources, and if I did, I really cannot recall from whom. Finally, I recently learnt that Aquamarine is the colour of our High Heart / Thymus Chakra (it's never too late.... 😊)

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Dear Ascending Family,

As the Holy Mother is progressively returning to reclaim and restore her creation, advanced Godhead technology included in the Arc Zone Blue Ray architecture is modifying the planetary grid to transmit levels of the Sophianic female coding.  Recent activations are spreading the natural Krystic divine blueprint further into the planetary grid areas, which were previously running the reversed currents to fuel the artificial timelines. In this process, clones, negative forms, alien hybrid replications, and their false timelines are being utterly destroyed into tiny consciousness units and reabsorbed back into the Creatrix field. Many of these reversal networks for energy harvesting are being starved out, as this particular Mother Arc coded activation is dissolving bi-wave reversal architecture.  As the patriarchal coding is rapidly dismantling in the planetary architecture, it is also surfacing memories and realizations of what has happened to humanity under the NAA mind control programming of patriarchal domination.  
Recently, there has been a major activation in the planetary shield programs that have generated an interface between the Polarian Gate, the Arc of Covenant Stargates and an ancient Mother Arc Aquamarine Gateway that leads directly into the Aurora time continuums and Arc Zone. This sacred Aquamarine trinity represents the Godheads divine plan for sending the Dragon luminaries to fulfill the full anchoring of the Arc of the Covenant time portal passages and the Emerald Order Edenic blueprints to run Krystic current that opens into the Arc Zone from the earth. The new access made into the Arc Zone announces the return of the Holy Mother principle in the wisdom of her Aquamarine Ray aspects that were originally embodied in the Universal Blue Flame Melchizedeks and that were subsequently fallen into the lower density’s that were running the NAA’s patriarchal domination coding.

The Holy Mother through the Mother Arc hubs, created within the Arc of the Covenant gateway, intends to reclaim the genetic bonds to heal her offspring incarnated within the lower creation worlds. This is also about correcting the Mother to Child RNA-DNA records within the divine blueprint of humanity, extracting Black Lilith archetypes and aligning the corrected mitochondria and chromosomal bonds to the Holy Mother’s eternal flame, that is held deep within the sacred crystal heart. The Mother Arc Aquamarine gateway has been initiated into its next stages of dissolving the NAA’s patriarchal coding network and its Alien Dark Mother constructs that have infected the planet earth, and this lunar architecture has been tracked from the Wesa Fallen System.

The advanced Godhead technology included in the Arc Zone Blue Ray architecture is modifying the planetary grid to transmit levels of the Sophianic female coding and her sacred animating spiritual quintessence that involves the emergence of the Holy Mother spiritual aspects to finally take shape within matter forms. This is heralding the full debut of the Cosmic Mother Krystallah architecture which gives rise to the Universal Solar Feminine principle, and the Holy Daughter embodiment of the Christos-Sophia template on the earth. This has an effect on transmuting the collective human race blueprints into the next generation of incarnations on earth into the evolutionary root race cycles, the krystalline paradisian sun children born through the transduction of the Paliadorian race imprint.

The changing architecture that supports the restoration of the Universal Solar Feminine, the embodied Female Melchizedeks, has had a major impact on how the lunar forces are recorded in the timelines of the collective consciousness blueprints. In some cases, it effectively erases the lunar records in the past cellular memories of human genetic templates. This is significantly shifting the female principle away from the lunar controls of the moon chains and reconfiguring the female aspects of the lightbody to transfigure into the solar architecture. This transforms how these macrocosm grids actually function to direct Krystic energy current throughout the ley lines, shifting out of reversal networks to move and direct consciousness energy into trinity wave formats that support solar architecture by circulating them into the planetary body.  The major feedlines of the reversal networks that cause the checkerboard mutation located in its epicenter in the United Kingdom grids, are yielding much less loosh for NAA harvesting. This is also related to the subsequent anchoring of Emerald Order Edenic blueprints, in collaboration with Emerald Guardian teams gridwork repair projects that are interlinking assorted krystalline platforms in the United Kingdom and other key demographic areas to access the Arc Zone.

Patriarchal Domination Code Network

Thus, the NAA groups have to work much harder and are attempting to kill more living things to siphon the amount of global energy they need in order to maintain their black magic control over the earth. Some of their human counterparts in the Power Elite group believe they must bring on these destructive events to generate the apocalypse and end of times. The Armageddon or 9-11 program is what incites the trigger events for the apocalyptic timelines, and this is actually a patriarchal domination code system that has its own technological language, which was installed by the NAA into the planetary mind at the time of invasion. This is one purpose for the increase of the outer projections of dystopian and apocalyptic images sent into the mass media, news and entertainment outlets that use predictive programming. This is intended to flash destructive images embedded with the numerical coding that activate the genocidal programs and mind control that is put in place by the Controllers.

Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning and targeting of the subconscious with coded words and low frequencies, used in these mind control networks. This function is provided by the controlled press and mainstream media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes that are being implemented by the Controllers for the New World Order. Their intended design is to kill off a significant portion of the global population for use in blood sacrifice fueled black magic, that can be used to power up these artificial timelines as a result of activating the numerical language programs that trigger the apocalyptic software. These numerical coded programs, let’s say to activate 9-11 timelines, are what continue the NAA’s Luciferian reversal systems that project the virtual reality of the apocalypse. This fuels the Armageddon software and thus continues the anti-Christ rule of enforced patriarchal domination. However, the Godhead has other plans in store that are much more benevolent and compassionate on behalf of supporting the earth and humanity to become free of their spiritual oppressors during the Ascension cycle.

Essentially, many of these reversal networks for energy harvesting are being starved out, as this particular Mother Arc coded activation is dissolving bi-wave reversal architecture that has been enforcing the anti-Christ 3D patriarchal systems. There is alien based architecture that is numerically coded specifically to run the patriarchal domination systems and this is used to feed into the Luciferian supported false father God mind control programs and its complex system of false light artificial grids. This recent shift is dismantling the patriarchal domination code network which is its own numerical language embedded in the collective consciousness field, for the purpose of subconscious thought control. Sets of frequency embedded word codes and numerical coding are constantly being transmitted into the subconscious layers of humanity to enforce the anti-Christ reversals. As this patriarchal code system starts to break down or dissolve, it is allowing for more organic vertical spiritual connections to the Mother Arc Gateway, that serve the planetary grid systems for regenerating the trinity wave energies to circulate throughout the diamond heart networks. With the Mother Arc Gateway breathing her Aqualine plasma rays onto the earth grids, this has restored enough energetic balance in the Krystic architecture to finally bring into manifestation the Universal Solar Feminine templating, which allows the Mother’s Sophianic principle to manifest onto the earth.

This field shift has had a significant impact on modifying all sequences of coded tones embedded in the spectrum of Emerald Father and Aqua Blue Ray Mother frequency signatures, now available on the earth, that are purposed to either host or gain entry into the protected Arc Zone.  Over the recent weeks, this was accompanied with ongoing spiritual initiation sequences for Emerald Order Blue Flame activations designed to support the genetic restoration for the original Maji Grail King lines, reclaiming Christos Essenes and the Female Blue Flame Melchizedeks for igniting sacred marriage within the Emerald Heart of Albion. This is supporting the next stage of global awakening for the Indigos and Christos Essene family lineages on the earth to evolve into their monadic body, which eventually involves contact with their monadic spiritual family in the future dimensions. As a result of these recent spiritual initiations embodying higher Aqua Blue Ray frequencies, many have experienced a dimensional time shift into the future spaces, the shifting that occurs in the personal timeline from the dissolution of past memories and clearing of traumatic records. Effectively, many of us were put onto a new timeline right after the Summer Solstice, and this meant aligning ourselves into yet another future potential for the self-actualization of our highest spiritual purpose.

Please read on....

Matthew's Message via Suzy Ward ~ 16 September 2019

Source: Matthew's Message
With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.  We have had lifetimes on Earth or other worlds in foment and we know how difficult it is to see souls enduring extreme hardships and not feel sadness, distress and perhaps anger about the circumstances causing those. It is very difficult to keep in mind that most of them chose the experiences to complete third density karmic lessons so they can advance to fourth density spiritually and consciously.
Not for a moment are we suggesting being insensitive to lives near or far distant! Earth is known as one of the universe’s finest “emotional schoolhouses” because life there offers endless opportunities to learn, for instance, that joy enhances all aspects of life. Greed breeds contempt whereas generosity uplifts the hearts of givers and receivers. Compassion, forgiveness and gratitude are qualities to treasure. Laughter lightens the heart. Anger and deception can have grave consequences. Self-love and self-respect enable loving and respecting others.   
Why are we speaking of this? Because everything on Earth is in acceleration mode, which is magnifying all feelings, and being emotionally drawn into the plights of others doesn’t end the situations causing their hardships. Only the power of light can do that, and there is no light in the emotions that world affairs are evoking in many, many people. The universal law of attraction can’t distinguish between what they do want and what they don’t—it brings back from the “universal soup” what most closely matches the energy they’re sending out. 

This is why, beloved sisters and brothers, the light you are radiating is as essential in this moment as it has been all along in awakening Earth’s peoples and fortifying the efforts of all who are determined to right the world’s wrongs. Day by day you are helping them manifest Earth’s destiny: A peaceful world where everyone shares in its abundance and life is in harmony with Nature—the world that already is flourishing in fullness in the continuum.     

“The increase of racial, ethnic, religious and cultural intolerance around the world is alarming. What can we lightworkers do to stop this hatred and bigotry from spreading further?” 

First, let us mention the corruption, deception and greed that is being revealed in governments, multinational corporations and their controlled mainstream media. You tend to think of those as gigantic impersonal entities rather than what they comprise—millions of individuals with differing interests, ideas, opinions, beliefs and behavior. Collectively, those millions influence—it is not an overstatement to say control—life on Earth, however unwittingly on the part of all except those in the entities’ top ranks who have dark minds and hearts.   

And, let us repeat the beginning of a previous message:  
We have been asked if there is one particular aspect of life on Earth that lightworkers can focus on and speed the civilization’s evolution. For untold ages civilizations on the planet were devolving due to their inhumane treatment of each other and the animals. Therefore, that behavior’s opposite—love, kindness and respect for all life—must be the pathway to a civilization’s evolution.        

Now then, as a civilization evolves, its world evolves correspondingly. And vice versa. What you are observing firsthand, so to say, is a primary reason that Earth’s once spiritually, consciously and technologically highly advanced civilization started devolving. When dark forces’ puppets manipulated the DNA of inexperienced civilizations, they removed knowledge of the Oneness of All, wherein all is love, and instilled fear and hatred of “different.” Ever since some of those souls incarnated on Earth eons ago in your concept of time, those feelings have grown as each generation ingrained them in the next.

Please read on....

Predilections are Dissolved ~ Gaia Portal ~ 18 September 2019

Sounds like more releasing is taking place.....

Source: Gaia Portal

Predilections are dissolved.
Truth of BEingness replaces.
Humanity expands, as hu-manity fades.
Garrisons of Light come to the forefront.
Archangelics rejoice.

Energy Update, Multidimensional Restructuring ~ Aluna Ash ~ 17 September 2019

Please listen to Aluna Ash's update here.  Many relevant issues are covered ~ Aluna also confirms some of the more "unusual" (multidimensional) experiences we are having.


Theres lots of purging & clearing happening right now & alot surfacing. Some are doing this internally, others projecting to integrate- either way- theres alot of subconscious/unconscious aspects of personalities surfacing, some through projections. We tend to project our personal shadow more on the same sex or those closest to us. This is usually why relationships have issues- projections & the need to integrate aspects of the personality. 
Theres so much restructuring that's happening at a multi-dimensional level. It can be overwhelming at first when realizing how we project our personal shadow onto others or vice versa, then the unconscious within them/us feels this & this is where frustrations and arguments can develop. Our only power is within. We are learning lessons about power/control/dominance and those using truth from a place of love & upliftment or those using truth to support an opinion/agenda. 
Unity does not mean one or the other- it means both & learning we all experience from our own lens/filter of reality & perception of what is right/wrong based off our culture, ego, beliefs, upbringing, experiences, gender, race, age, etc... 
I'll post the link for the Patreon Live tomorrow afternoon, the livestream will be at 7pm EST