20 July 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 19 July 2019

Could this be related to the SR reading and what I felt, as related in the post before this one?

PS. When I "looked" at our Sun this morning, the geometric patterns changed again. More about this later.

Source: Amanda Lorence


The Divine LIGHT code (Energetic Seal) that contained our consciousness WITHIN the game/dream/hologram (all created by Creator) has NOW been OPENED by the human. As each crack the Seal, from WITHIN themselves, which has happened NOW, others follow, and more and more... dominoes effect.

Integration time is necessary as this occurs. It’s a shock, even at this collective ascension timeline stage of awakened beings.

We are One, supporting each other all the way, with all sentient beings.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
19 July 2019

SR Reading

Space Observing System
This burst, although relatively expected for our New Normal, was significant nonetheless. It hit at midnight my local time, according to the chart. I was awake for two hours after that, and remember looking at the time on my MP3 player (sleep-time Solfeggio!) ~ it showed 00:00

Cosmic Gateways ~ Broder Bilal ~ 19 July 2019

For those who are aligned with this message....

Source: Broder Bilal

Divine Timing of Rhythmic Sequences

Gateway Influxes - More Solar Activity - Heighted Senses and Awareness

* Core Activation every Month. Dates 3-4-5

* Further Energetic Acceleration every Month. Dates 11-12-13

* Integration with the Gateways Influx . Dates 20-21-22

* More Integration and with a Clearing Phase. Dates 27-28-29

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

* Phase One 3 July - Completed

* Phase Two 17 July - End of July Month

* Phase Three - Unknown

Post-Eclipse update on the Freedom Codes and Quake Activations ~ Sandra Walter ~ 19 July 2019

Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~

Happy post-eclipse passage. We are in a truly path-shifting, amplifying phase now.

Last week’s article on the Earthquakes and release of Freedom codes has been updated to include some extra details on Mono Lake and the Freedom code activation. There is a LOT going on upstairs, and the behind-the-scenes acceleration is ON.

A BIG acceleration is in progress. I encourage everyone to take a moment and read through this heavily light-encoded intel, since it DIRECTLY relates to higher timelines and the 2020 unfoldments, already in progress.

Please join us for the SUNday Unity Meditations.

Please read on....

19 July 2019

Higher Frequency Manifestation ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 19 July 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

Please just take what resonates, and discard if it doesn’t. It’s a long post, you make want to come back to.

For the sake of explanation here, I will use the labels 3D, 4D, 5D, knowing in truth, they are just words to describe frequencies of energy that house fields (a field is a set of multiple energetic light laws that govern an energetic bandwidth we label as a dimension, just for the sake of explaining in words.

I will share at right timing, what we can label “CHRIST CONSCIOUS ALCHEMY of DIVINE MANIFESTATION”, that human beings can become; utilising their human vessel and energy directly, in open Awareness with/of Source, for Source. But for now, this post is an explanation of the Laws of Energy and how they work for US. And how we can change. I have written of this many times before, but it seems perfect timing to go through again at this current collective timeline:

The brain does not ‘know’. The brain learns. The heart KNOWS. The Heart Portal, an energetic gateway to the Eternal KNOWING.

During our experience here, we entered a paradigm, era, modality, influence, via a veil of amnesia, that uses PREDOMINANTLY the mind. We learnt how the brain was able to PROCESS information and stimulus. We then utilised the mind, in that capacity, to make our decisions for us. This method, learnt at childhood, instilled at school, university, work place, within families, social interactions, society, governments, countries. To make decisions from mind, not heart.

The Laws of energy within the fields of 3D and 4D allow for manifestation, restricted and constrained within those fields of 3D and 4D. There are energetic seals within each being, and within each dimensional bandwidth that protect upper fields/higher fields from any lower energetic influence. So whilst a person can create abundantly and creativity within 3D and 4D, where all possibilities of 3D and 4D manifestation types already exist, it STAYS with those paradigms. A huge infinite potential within each field, yet contained. Until the person raises their internal energetic frequency and lives, within the higher frequency energy bandwidth of 5D, another field that has other energetic Laws, that allows access to higher and higher fields of light energy created by Creator.

At 5D, and above, the mind is not the maker of decisions. The heart is. The frequency of 5D and the Laws within its field dictate this. So again, infinite potential is available within that different field, but it is within a Unified, heart based paradigm. A field where each decision is made by an individual facet or collectively as a group, where the WHOLE, All that Is, is at the forefront of every decision. The highest good, highest answer, is permanently being taken into account by each.

In the 4D Ascension corridor, a temporary dimension to reside in, in transit to 5D, we hear, learn, embody more and more, the KNOWING of the Heart. The journey is, to come out of the MIND based influence of decision making, and live by the heart. It can be a difficult transition for multiple individual reasons, set within a society and programmed mind patterning that teaches us, that in the world within our dream scenario, the mind is in charge. That the mind has the power over others. The mind can influence. The mind knows best. The mind is the intelligence. And all the while...the heart waits patiently, as eternal love, for the ego to quieten down. And listen, finally, to the heart.

Here is the stark truth:
The mind is a processor. After ‘Awakening’, we do inner work on ourselves, to see, understand, clear, cancel out the distortive programming the mind has operated by, and thus lived and existed by. As each result of clearing old belief systems of the mind, neural pathways fire up and begin linking, activating the existing dormant neural pathways in the brain. The firing up, starts in the brain, and with continued inner work on our human patterns that create behaviour, thoughts, words, actions, that create OUR dream, the firing up of neural activity begins its stimulation and activation of the whole of the human body. It is, a sequence. It takes time, is a process, adding more, more, more energetic activity to the brain and body. The energetic activity is in wave form. Beginning with electrical sparks from one cell to another via the nerve pathways. A sequence over time, that builds into multiple patterns and pulses in brain and body. One active sequence/pattern, is an ARC wave that moves between the front of the head, to the heart centre, and back. It pulses, moves back and forth, in programmed sequence, during our ascension path. There is a subtlety to this. And the parallel that plays out for the HUMAN, is that they begin to let go of the idea, that mind is the DECISION MAKER. They begin to see, understand, finally accept, that their own decisions, are HIGHEST in frequency, HIGHEST for their life and path, HIGHEST for the WHOLE, if made by their heart. So as the brain and heart energetically connect over our awakening time, via the sequence of waves and pulses in ARC formation, so too, in parallel, at the same time, the human becomes more and more heart based. Listens more and more to their heart. Experiences the internal fights with the mind and ego that has ruled their life, reality, dream. It is not that we negate the mind. It is that the mind comes to KNOW, via ascension process and ascension experiences, that the heart has THE ETERNAL KNOWING the mind does not possess as a processor. Eventually, at perfect timing for each, the brain ‘marries’ the heart. In a unison. Where the heart has access to the INFINITE, the mind can then think, speak, act from that unison...in perfect harmony with the heart. The energetic ARC is then completely engaged. And at this point, the mind experiences PEACE, harmony, inner sanctuary. No inner fight. As it’s preferred state. It is only achieved permanently, via this process, a huge journey for the human and the human WILL to want it, to FINALLY (!) surrender. If their is no Will, there is no process. The human has to want it, give way to it, be open, surrender again and again at different stages of their path. Human WILL, for the process to begin, go through, stick with, and finally change their way of being. Where their consciousness is no longer IN the dream, but observes the dream from outside of it.

It is this HUGE and significant change to the human, the merge of mind to heart portal, that brings about KNOWING.

KNOWING v NOT KNOWING, in regards to Manifeststion:
The difference between 3D, 4D and the newer 5D state of being, is KNOWING. On the ascension, we increase our human energy frequency, receive data and various life experiences worked through, that produce KNOWINGS. We can’t undo a KNOWING, once known.

At 3D and 4D living, we can all manifest within that field. But we manifest based on the brain at that frequency of 3D and 4D. That brain, at that frequency and operation is in NOT KNOWING, a separation to ETERNAL KNOWING. It resides in beliefs and brain distortions that are not our higher and higher truths of our true existence. We can therefore manifest yes, but limited to those fields to PLAY IN and LIVE IN. We are therefore ONLY ever manifesting WITHIN THE DREAM we may be wishing to exit. What we manifest is not serving the highest good in its shear totality of Oneness, as we are not in a KNOWING STATE of unity and oneness. We can understand Unity, read it, belief in it, yet we are not that STATE yet.

At 5D, we become the KNOWER. Via the merging of brain and heart, as one cohesive way of operating and exisiting. We KNOW, therefore we are. With the certainty of inner KNOWING, we manifest from a state of unity and oneness with and for all things. Embodying all is ONE, we become the KNOWING. We know what we want for our highest good which serves the whole, we know what serves us and what does not. We know that our inner joy serves all joy as it’s all about energy frequency. We know that BEING Love gifts us highest energetic frequency expansion and journey advancement and therefore serves the Whole. We know what can deplete us within and what adds to us, and therefore the Whole. We KNOW that the HEART portal is the entry to the infinite. We know we are the infinite expansion and all is US. And so it goes on. We KNOW. We have become the KNOWER.

Knowing, is a certainty. With that certainty, we manifest exactly what we choose, KNOWING it is done, KNOWING it is already there, feeling the excitement of it...for it is already created by Creator, awaiting our choice of it. Knowing it manifests QUICKLY, faster, because there is a change in our brain/mind that is 100% KNOWING how things work. We have changed from not knowing to knowing. From indecisive, to certainty. From blindness of the MIND behind distortion, to seeing clearly from the HEART. We add to all things in the highest trajectory, KNOWING everything we do affects everything else in creation. Knowing every thought affects the dream reality we are now observing being made manifest through us. We become divine creators of the heart, no longer the blind creators of a ‘separated’ mind. Because our heart portal IS the energetic link to eternal KNOWING in any present moment. And accessed via every breath of pure, aware intention.

Amanda Lorence
20 July 2019

Jason Estes Update ~ 19 July 2019

Source: Jason Estes

final 24 hour influx of July starts in a few hours, its a 4 point influx so it could be a bit stronger

just remember this too shall pass and take care of your body find sometime to connect to earth and allow her to assist you  

Trust vs Faith ~ Deep Dive #6 ~ Jason Estes & Todd Medina

Trust is needing someone or something else to hold on to, Faith is "Here I AM"

Source: MTVOTeam

Deep Dive #6, happening on Jason's FB page ♥ (link in the video)

#spirituality #ascension #selfmastery #energyclearing #energywork #consciousness #faith #trust

11th Secret to Success ~ Jason Estes ~ 18 July 2019

There is no better time to start being successful than now

Source: MTVOTeam

To learn more about the 11 Secrets to Success, check out the MTVOTeam YouTube channel and watch the video, "Jason Estes #20: 11 Secrets to Success".  

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Clear Camp Initiative 2.0: Day 43 ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

Feeling and being jealous of other beings' successes is now being released and cleared from my personality structure

Please visit MTVOTeam for the rest of the commands

Recent Shifts & Soul Contracts ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 18 July 2019

Amanda Lorence expands upon how the Eclipse energies are now ricocheting upwards, creating the frequencies and potential for us to become more and more of our True Selves, at all times.
"We cannot be anything less than ourselves...."
One of the points Amanda makes is that it's not enough to just awaken from the Matrix, but to also exit from it. I totally agree with this.

Of course, there's much more that she covers in this video, so please listen in here.

Since I'm posting this video, I would also like to add my two dollars' worth. I understand that there are masses of spiritual teachings that convince us the we need to learn through suffering and very negative, traumatic experiences. Perhaps that is true in this distorted reality that is designed to be primarily divorced from Source or Higher Energies. I personally believe, at this point in time, that we can learn better and faster from more positive experiences.

**Edit: I forgot to say, let's not forget the manipulated "Soul Contracts" that are forced upon us**

Soul contract revocations ~ they matter.

Bubble of Light ~ Judith Kusel ~ 18 July 2019

Gold-speckled Platinum Light is something I find helpful as well.

Source: Judith Kusel

We all have an energy field around our physical body, which looks like an egg. It is referred as the aura or the auric energy fields.

However, we have four bodies (four of the original 12, which get reactivated the higher our vibrational frequencies rise and the higher our evolutionary state of Being). The physical body, has the smallest energy field, followed by the emotional body, the Mental body and the spiritual body. The Spiritual is the largest and in some, who fully are activated spiritually, this energy field can stretch out for a kilometer or more. 

The energy fields have SENSORS and thus these sensors will give you constant feedback of all the energy fields you encounter and interact with. Not only people, but the environment as well and even Mother Earth and all her energy fields.

If you are super-sensitive like me, you will read the energy fields of others, even subconsciously, and you will know who is angry, who is depressed, happy, etc. Most of this is subconscious, and not conscious. If have empathy with all living creatures, this will be exasperated, and you will often want to help them, or heal them and then will pull in their energies into your own field- which gives you an overload of energies, which are not your own. This can drain your energy and make you feel stressed out and depressed, or out of sorts for no reason.

Some people are energy vampires, (they may not even be aware of it) and when they sense your energy fields being higher than theirs, will want to zap it or steal it from you. HAve you ever had your bubble burst when you were happy, and someone just drowned your happiness away in an instant?

If we do not put protective bubbles around our energy fields, we will be influenced by other people and our environment and the more sensitive you are, the less you will be able to cope, with the constant draining away of your own energy. 

When there are holes in your energy fields, this allows lesser or lower entities to become virus like and zap your energy away.

You need to repair these energies fields every so often. I will not go into methods here, as I teach my students this.

There is a very easy way of helping yourself, which is simply to learn to bubble up, morning and night,and whenever you feel the need to do this.

Simply ask the angels or Archangels or your higher guides or the Divine if you choose, to put a bubble of golden light around you. The Golden Light is one the highest frequency lights, that of Christedness and the angelic realms, and it will filter out all which is not of the highest Christed Light to enter your energy fields. Of course, you may choose any colour you like, but know that some colours absorb energy and do not shield it out. 

Blinding White light is the highest frequency light there is, and the most pure and powerful. Most people though cannot handle the white light, and the golden light may be a better option for them, until they are able to raise their own vibrational frequency to that purity level.

Teach your children this from a very early age, and if they are too small as yet, ask the angels to do this for them.

You will be so grateful you helped them in this regard, for it will help them to cope with life.

8:8 Lions Gate ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 18 July 2019

Source: New Earth Central

Building in momentum since the dual eclipses on the Cancer-Capricorn North/South Nodes, the galactic superwave is streaming towards the 8:8 Lions Gate portal.  The powerful ascension waves are awakening all souls to a world reality they never knew existed. A world beyond Duality!

The annual 8:8 Lionsgate occurs on August 8th during the month of Leo, the Lion. It is the time of year when our planet aligns with Star Sirius and the Galactic Center, creating a harmonious portal that unites “matter and antimatter”. It is a special galactic event that enhances your ability to fully embody the divine self in physical form. The powerful energies of the Lion’s Gate portal are assisting Gaia through the Gateways of Time and into the higher dimensions that are guarded by the Royal Sirian Lions of yesterday and tomorrow.

Often called the Dog Days of Summer, the star Sirius (Dog Star) rises and sets with our sun between July 3 and August 11th. During this time Sirian indigo light uplifts humanity and opens portals to the halcyon days of Lemuria. The Sirians are members of the Family of Light assisting Gaia’s ascension.

This gateway creates an incredible period of accelerated Ascension. On August 8th we will join together with Light Warriors in the quantum flow of the golden ratio spiral and travel to the Galactic Center. We will step into the Crystal Stargate at the Great Central Sun, connect with the 8:8 Lions Gate and enter pure consciousness, untapped potential…we are stepping into Source Creator.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to accelerate your Ascension! Join Manette and myself with Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world on August 8th as we enter the Lions Gate portal. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg

18 July 2019

Witnessing Truth in One Who is in Fear ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

Now how do you witness truth in one who appears afraid, appears to be a monster, appears to do destructive things. 

The first thing you must do is to dismantle the structure that is presenting as fearful. When you witness one who intends to be fearful and you give him fear, you anoint him in fear, you give him power. He will assume that power and wield it against you. 

When the one who holds you in disdain is witnessed as powerful, you inherit disdain. 

If the one who witnesses you in disdain is perceived for what he truly is, a creation operating in a construct of fear, the construct itself begins to fall away, and the truth of the man, the fear that he sees himself in, perhaps, may be recognized, but that is only one layer, one way of perceiving him. 

To see that the angry man is afraid, is a good act, a good way to understand his behavior. But the frightened man is not even a frightened man when you witness him in truth.

Paul Selig - Dominion: A Channeled Workshop in Mastery
A Channeled Live Stream - March 2, 2016

Crop Circle: Rodfield Lane, Nr Tichborne, Hampshire ~ 16 July 2019

Task #5: Light It Up ~ Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat ~ 17 July 2019

YES!!! Count me in 😊  That will be 6pm UTC Saturday 20 July 2019

Source: Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat

Ok, we’re all tired and beat up, and we know most of you are as well, but a new mission has popped up, so… we gotta do it. We almost didn’t write it up, but then it came in again. Anyway, here it is.

Light Pillar Meditation Redux

Remember that light pillar meditation we did that one time? Well, this time, we’re going to each be our own 100,000-foot-tall light pillar wherever we are on the planet. Then after we get really big and tall and bright, we’re gonna raise our arms and reach across the earth toward each other and make a light canopy.

All the CATs are gonna do this on 7/20 at 11:00 am PDT, in concert with the next big Wave X push — and we’d like anyone else who’d like to join in to do so. You can of course do it anytime you want, but it’ll have more impact if we all do it at the same time. If enough of us do this, we stand a good chance of assisting others to wake up… and then you-know-what might happen… and we can all then have a rest. Once more unto the breech, dear friends.

Please read on....

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 17July 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The creative imagination can tap into anything and create from it, which leads to manifesting and also altering physical density and that is why the diversity we see throughout the multidimensional Cosmos is so mind blowing and vast. Cause creative beings create all kinds of things!

The physical plane, once something manifests, can take time to shift into another form and it can shift into a digressed version, remain the same or it can become more advanced.

Our thoughts, words and actions are behind how this is generated into our life. So as we are going through this Transformation of Saturn, we have the ability more than ever now, to solidify a new reality for ourselves.

The old structures are falling away and our ability to deprogram changes the black Sun agenda and how we relate to the Zodiac - It liberates us from the endless loops and pattern replays that are like a hamster Wheel.

The substance of Dreams is mixing with physical density as our psyche and Soul is getting in touch with where it has been held hostage to things that confine it and limit its expression.

When higher and lower self become one - we are no longer easy prey — when M/F are in a dance, the power struggle between the sexes ceases to exist and the destructive use of sexual energy rises out of reptilian to cosmic Dragon, which phase locks fragments and resolves any disconnection from the rest of all that we are made of.

When balance is the dominant energy we strive to maintain, nothing that is separate from Love can feed on us or the Earth. Separation creates sides and War.

The Earth has taken massive blows, but it allows this to help reveal to us where we need to heal most and what’s at stake if we don’t and if we can listen, we are reminded to take it upon ourselves to purify our own inner elements, so that we can exist in a World that reflects Higher Earth energies and Harmonic Universes that are found first within.

Upgrading DNA to its fullest capacity is to align with Zero point Source and tap into the creative imagination from the intention and wisdom of the higher mind, the Love of the Universal heart, the desire for Union and the awakened Ego that informs the human vessel to commit to these principles and things like integrity - so that a truly beautiful existence can become our new reality.

If we don’t want that or aren’t ready for that we can stay stuck and battle entities or be controlled by them. We are the Artists of our destiny!

Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 18 July 2019

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

The world of Third Dimensional density is a collection of created energetic concepts projected outwards from collective consciousness as thought forms.

The strongest thought forms remain as your reality, originally designed as natural forms held together by the strength of Will known as the Forces of Nature. The elementals and nature beings provide the intelligent consciousness which build the natural forms of Matter. Added to these forces are the human concepts of belief, rules and laws.

Everything not held together by the strength of Will falls apart into its constituent parts to be used again in other forms. All physical matter that exists within Third Dimension vibrational frequencies are comprised of Form and Substance. Form is created in Fourth Dimension as a perceived Light template which acquires solidity and mass through the vibrational resonant attraction of third dimensional sub-atomic Particles of Substance known as ‘adamantine particles’. These elemental particles are identical in nature, it is their behaviour that determines the atomic labels that they are given.

The original Divinely inspired design process was for Fifth Dimensional Creator Beings to utilise the frequencies of Fourth Dimension to create Forms to populate a world comprised of a Third Density grid - to create Third Dimensional reality as perceived solid forms.

What is the same in physical form becomes the same in its nature. For these forms to become unique in nature required the Creator Beings to also become unique and acquire a perceived detachment from Divine Source. In time, these Creator Beings fell in frequency to live within and become the very creations they had created. This is known as the Adam Kadmon blueprint.

By looking at nature, they could see that the strongest and fittest of the animal kingdom rose to dominate all others. It did not take long for some of those Creator Beings present in Third Density to recognize that the ability to change and control the world around them was through use of a creative imaginative mind. To rise above the fears and influences of daily survival needed them to acquire protection and security using the strength of power. The physically weak could use the strength of Others to protect them, by projecting their Will and acquiring power over them.

They began to plan a world around them of created thought forms using Fourth Dimensional conceptual thinking and bring it into Third Dimensional reality by eliminating all the opposing forces using the strength of their Will. The strongest Will creates the leader – as it is in All of Nature.

The conceptual forces of Will you now know as Laws, Rules, Regulations and Conditions held in place by military, civilian, financial and corporate Forms. The world has been shaped towards these aims ever since.

Since the Cosmic Moment of 2012, the release and return of individual Sovereignty is now available for all to assist with your personal Ascension process and to use Sacred Mind to create your own personal reality. It is only belief that you exist in a world of Matter and Rules that applies to everyone at the same time that holds your own personal Will in obeyance. This is the created illusion of Others which exists as the conceptual projection of Will in the form of Power.

Each individual currently incarnate on Earth exists uniquely within a collective reality. The flow of energy passing through you up until this point has been controlled and shaped by the beliefs you have contained your Self within. There are now many awakening to this process and gradually regaining their Sovereignty by acknowledging their Fifth Dimensional Higher Self Creator Being. You are so much more than the world you have created around you.

Look within and find great comfort, Love and Joy in finding All That YOU truly are.

I see YOU. It is time NOW to realise who YOU are.

With Loving Blessings

Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
Messages and Articles - www.polarisab.com

Online Sessions - Paul is available for Soul Guidance consultations to assist with connection to higher dimensional aspects of Self, manifesting and understanding Life purpose events, establishing and maintaining higher expanded consciousness states of awareness.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0: Day 42 ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

The grief of self-betrayal is now being released and cleared from my heart

Please visit MTVOTeam for the rest of the commands

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0: Day 41 ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

My parents' perceptions around working are now being released and cleared from in and around me

To complete the set of commands, please visit MTVOTeam

Emerald Founder Records ~ Lisa Renee ~ July 2019

Lisa Renee has, as far as I'm aware, intermittently written about the usual hijacking and perversion of Light from quite some time ago. One such example is Thoth and the related Emerald Tablets. This time, in this article, Lisa Renee expands in much more detail about this topic.

I have read The Emerald Tablets, and even wrote about it as well as attempt to interpret one of the chapters here on my blog. I personally follow two Wayshowers who work closely with Thoth. I am unable to offer any meaningful insight into Lisa's perspective, so I won't (although much of Lisa's narrative in this article points to mainstream dogmas, control systems and religions). However, I will admit to having personal debates with myself for a long while now about several topics that Lisa Renee has written about, such as Thoth & The Emerald Tablets, Flower of Life etc. I even thought aloud about this in a post that I wrote, here (Bi-Wave & Tri-Wave) in an attempt to reconcile the differences.

Another source that I know about who speaks of Thoth as a Fallen Angel of the highest order, is Crystalai.

In general ~ and I do not claim to be correct, I am only interpreting Lisa's work based on my own understanding ~ what sources such as Lisa say is that we are being duped to stay on a false Ascension Timeline, which brings us to only 5D. The authentic Ascension Timeline is for us to acquire our Star Template and transcend out of the physical plane altogether. And personally, I love the Krystal Star formations ~ something that I've been meaning to write about for some time now (so many things in my Pensieve, unattended and unwritten). More importantly, I can happily and quite contentedly go about my own Ascension process without "following" any particular Being or source information. I may end up being blissfully ignorant :)  On the positive side, I've had no/minimal interest in Mystery Schools, Hermetic principles etc, and have been steadfastly immune to Bible study when I was growing up.

Coming back to Lisa Renee ~ I strongly recommend reading this article and then forming your own opinion. What is also pertinent is the successful attempts by the Guardian Teams to rectify the perversions against our organic Ascension.
On Lisa's website
Source: Energetic Synthesis

Dear Ascending Family,

We have all heard the phrase, history is written by the victors.  Here we are looking at how consciousness records containing our true history and sacred sciences, were stolen and used against humanity.  A lie can only stand while the truth is hidden from view.  In recent months more of our starseed family has begun to embody Founder consciousness.  As these levels of consciousness record are being accessed within human bodies, more pieces of our true history are being recovered.  As these true records come to light, the manipulated and counterfeit versions cannot be maintained.  Here we begin to weave these new pieces into something more comprehensive, including Thoth’s role in stealing and rewriting Emerald Tablets in keeping with the NAA agenda to enslave humanity.  This is a long one, as tracing the impact through the Luciferian Rebellion, Eieyani Massacre, Atlantian Flood, Essene and Egyptian timelines is like working a large puzzle with many pieces.

In the timelines before the fall of humanity, when access to the 12th gate and Avatar Christos Consciousness was still possible on 5D Tara, angelic humans experienced a deep reverence for all living things, along with a wholistic and meaningful consciousness connection with the planet as an alive breathing, interconnected spiritual entity.  All angelic human beings had the gift of direct consciousness memory of their true history and origins throughout time, and had the free will option to continue their personal consciousness growth and ascension through the study and examination of the holographic discs that contained the original Emerald Founder Records.

Thus, humanity knew itself as a living and blessed soul expressions of one of the 12 Tribes connected to the eternal One God source, freed from the external control dogmas used in religions to steal the individuals’ personal spiritual power, robbing them of self-respect, human dignity and inner Christos development.  The Emerald Founder Records contained explicit knowledge about the origins, genetics and purpose of the human race, which included historical timeline accounts of Galactic history considered to be the divine birthright of all angelic humans. The Emerald Founder Records included explicit ancient wisdom teachings on the unifying principles of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, in which humans were directly taught how to spiritually activate their lightbody through consciousness training methods, so they could achieve full liberation as a Cosmic Christos. The content held in these holographic discs was being protected by the Founder Guardians in an ancient genetic library that exists outside of time and that was being preserved on the earth’s behalf, until more of the humans on the earth could awaken to remember who they really are. This was designed as a failsafe protective mechanism put in place during the Covenant of Paliador, the Guardian hosts plan for the reclamation of Christos Mission.

Until the earth underwent the Ascension cycle and reached the threshold in which the crystalline grid was able to hold the highest Christos frequency and the intelligent coding that was contained in these discs, the Emerald Founders assigned members of the High Sirian Council to guard and preserve the sacred wisdom in these holy records for the future benefit of the earth. Thus, those assembled in the Sirian High Council that were primarily in the Universal Christos lineages of the Emerald Order and Blue Flame Melchizedeks, were acting as the primary archivists of earth’s vast genetic library and timeline history, through the gnostic process of their own consciousness embodiment.  Archivists are responsible for assembling, cataloguing, preserving and managing valuable collections of historical information.  In this case, they were also responsible for mapping out the DNA code that functions as the genetic library for all creations throughout the 12 organic timelines.

This data was compiled upon a master copy of 12 holographic discs and were known as the original Emerald Founder Records, which contained the basis for describing the consciousness mechanics of reality, manifestation, and the unification of all expressions with the eternal, loving, One God Source. These discs include extremely advanced technological information about the planetary templar stargates, ley lines, the spiritual-science texts and schematics that are outlined in the Law of One consciousness freedom teachings that unify sacred sciences with spirituality. The Founder Records are also referred to as the Emerald Covenant CDT holographic plates, which originally belonged to all of the human 12 Tribes and were the principal spiritual teachings that were commonly understood during the Lemurian and early Atlantian timelines.  Each holographic disc was protected and administered to by an assigned Maji Grail King on the earth, who acted as the main Guardian of the planetary stargate of his tribe. The Maji Grail King assigned spiritually trained members of the Essene tribes as Keepers of the Law of One knowledge, to carry this sacred wisdom through multiple timelines and to protect related information for access during a later time cycle. Such as transmitting Essene translations of human historical timelines and Galactic Wars over the seeding of the 12 Tribes, and hiding them within many crystals and other objects that are buried in the earth.

During the first Lemurian Holocaust, a massive orchestration to hide and bury the contents of historical timelines included in the holographic disc translations was transmitted into crystals, and then buried throughout the chain of the Hawaiian Islands and other island regions. As a result of these efforts to preserve the Christos Essene Templar timelines during the Lemurian Holocaust, these are specifically referred to as Lemurian Crystals.  This was a method to hide and bury the sacred knowledge about stargate mechanics and the map of the 12 Tribe genetics on the earth, during the Galactic Wars that were occurring throughout multiple dimensional timelines, simultaneously.

The Emerald Founder Records reveal that there are 12 Essene Tribes which make up the entirety of the collective human gene pool, or are the descendants of Universal Tribal Shield that has been originally incarnated onto this planet from the future timelines of Tara. Each of the 12 Tribes are genetically key coded to their demographic Planetary Gates location and to that planetary dimensional sphere and its ley line network. When we incarnate onto the planet, we have genetic time codes in our DNA related to the planetary gates dimensional system that is a part of our main Human Tribal Identity. We activate our human tribal identity personal planetary keys when we activate our Inner Christos by running the 12D Ray, stringing 144 harmonics throughout our lightbody, otherwise called the 12D Shield. That identity has had many lifetimes that have participated with the consciousness evolution cycles of assembling DNA codes in the angelic human root races evolving throughout the Solar System.

The original 12 Essene Tribes were seeded on the earth as a part of the evolution plan that was the result of the Covenant of Paliador, to rescue the lost Souls of Tara, making it easier to reclaim these identities when the stargates finally opened during the end of the Ascension Cycle.

Please read on....

11 Secrets to Success ~ Jason Estes & Kerry K ~ 6 May 2019

On Kerry's Samadhi Speaks yt:

On Jason's MTVOTeam yt:
  1. Anything earned without Ethics will be taken by Ethics, in time
  2. No matter what you have, you have your health ~ because you are alive right now; Celebrate what you have
  3. Gratitude makes room for more
  4. Being a Team Player, we become more successful when we make room for others by building jobs and investing in their success
  5. Follow your Passion, find what you love and work towards doing it full time
  6. Invest in your Spirit, then your Body, then your House, then your Car
  7. Be Yourself, Show Up often and Open to opportunities within 48 hours of request
  8. Experience brings Confidence and Interestingness
  9. A willingness to Grow is key to being Whole
  10. Pay for Mastery, your time is worth it
  11. There's no better time to start being successful than Now.

SR Reading

Space Observing System
Regardless of whether this chart is related to the current energies, we are going through a fairly major turbulence, in particular, stuff that needs to come out to the surface. We can clearly see this practically exploding around us as well as on the world stage. This is the time we stay strong and Shine like Lighthouses ~ our Light will help those still stumbling in the darkness.

The Tower Card ~ Cobra ~ 17 July 2019

From The Tarot Guide (highlighted by me):
The Tower Tarot card represents chaos and destruction. It is the Major Arcana card of sudden upheaval and unexpected change. This change usually is scary, life changing and often unavoidable. A negative Tower event can be akin to a bomb going off in your life. You don’t know how you will survive but somehow you will and later you will realise that while it was a tremendously difficult thing to go through and you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy, it has made you into the person you are. One positive aspect of The Tower is that the destruction it brings is usually directed at something that was built on a false beliefs and foundations or unrealistic goals and dreams. Also on the bright side, the destruction The Tower brings is always followed by renewal and creation. 
Source: The Portal

The breakthrough on June 21st has brought many positive developments.

The amount of still present plasma toplet bombs is slowly but steadily decreasing, and the following scenario with toplets bombs detonating now seems extremely unlikely:

Other negative scenarios have also been averted:

We are slowly but surely approaching the culmination point, as it is clearly reflected in seismic activity which is a pretty good indicator of how close we are to the breakthrough:

Arrest of Jeffrey Epstein is the first big, real and tangible victory of the Light forces against the dark network on the surface of the planet. It signifies the trigger point through which the extent of child abuse will be revealed to the surface population:


Connections to the Rothschild family who were Epstein's handlers will be exposed:

There is unconfirmed intel that Jeffrey Epstein is a close relative of this guy:

The disgusting truth about the extent of child abuse through dark networks will finally be made known:


When all this is made public, people will be forced to face their own denial:

Please read on....

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 17 July 2019

Another update from Amanda Lorence....there's a date given, so please everyone, as Amanda says, just take what resonates.

Source: Amanda Lorence

Please just take what resonates...

I mentioned in a FB LIVE in February 2019, we will see, witness, many awakened humans putting down their tools, coming out of the awakening/ascension/4D distractions (branches of the tree), as each, one by one, RETURN to the main trunk to ‘ascend’ in their own energetic frequency. That the spiritual community, will express, speak, make their primary focus, their RETURN to and of God/Source/Creator. The video is in my saved photos/video section here.

That time is upon us. Where the change will be seen, expressed, en Mass, within the spiritual arenas that have served and supported us so well and still do. The laying down of the distractions within ascending stages that often present for individual experiences en route is DONE for many, and many more will experience this now. The distractions will dissolve en mass, as so many will now experience...and turn their words, thoughts, focus, and resulting actions to that of GOD/SOURCE/CREATOR. 

It’s the hour, and shall occur before September 2019.

Be your own witness to this change of focus within spiritual arenas around us. There are many experiences for God, through us, all so very perfect, yet ultimately there is only one WILL, through of HEARTS, home.

Infinite Love
One Love
Amanda Lorence


Amanda Lorence Update ~ 17 July 2019

The only, simple action we can each CHOOSE to take, is the breath....into, through and out of our hearts. From this, ALL unfolds. And ALL shall return....HOME

Source: Amanda Lorence

General Update:

Please take what resonates, and just discard if it doesn’t resonate to your path. 🙏

Approximately three hours prior to the Moon’s rise, of Partial Lunar Eclipse, on Tuesday 16 July, Earth received another Incoming Wave from our Sun. It was a short wave in terms of our idea of linear ‘time’. Yet it’s objective, to pierce again, but of great strength, to expand the CROWN further, of the human. An extremely strong, clockwise rotational pattern.

Today, day after Eclipse, we are receiving another INCOMING WAVE as I type. It is of multiple energetic patterns to head and body, then moving through our root chakra to Gaia.

It is NOW a timeline of consciousness growth. And in parallel, mentally, via the brain, understanding our natural confusions. The confusion was ONLY a lack of memory, intentional, as we volunteered to be placed behind a veil of amnesia. Once awakened, our consciousness alters a little at a time. Sometimes in leaps. But mainly a step by step growth process. Allowing the human to adapt again and again, whilst in and retaining the physical body. There’s no race, no better than, no less than. Each facet IS a most PERFECT design in itself.

In forgetfulness, having also experienced/experiencing within a matrix programmed mind of ‘right/wrong’, influenced by our societies, we can be blind to the PERFECTION of everything. And of this experience each have. It is only via the step by step process, via our human will, that we come to see the EVER PRESENT perfection of Creator’s creation of All That Is. At certain point, in the process, so at PERFECT point for each, we KNOW, that the dream is a creation by our Higher Self. Ultimately created by God.

The Higher Self of each facet, master minds our every experience. For us to SEE. For us to make another choice. Again and again. Each choice creates either a cycle or a spiral for the human facet. The cycle, creating a similar experience again, for us to SEE through. And the Spiral, that which advances our consciousness higher in energy frequency, to more truths revealed, experienced, embodied. There’s no right or wrong way to anybodies ‘ascension’. There’s just experience, for God, through each.

Step by step, we each, at our own time, release the mind’s control over the DREAM. Again and again, as we rise in frequency, we surrender, to all. Surrendering is powerful for us, because it takes us a STEP further, away, from being immersed in the Dream. We can not leave the Dream, and be only the Embodied Observer, if we are immersed IN the Dream. If we are giving our power (attention) to the dream. If we are immersed, we are trying to control our Dream, and what is in it. Outside of the Dream, at heightened consciousness, we can become the CREATOR of the Dream. But this is only reached via the WHOLE ascension process. There are no shortcuts.

Just processes each and everyone goes through. The details are different for each, but the process remains the same for each. Yet as more and more awaken in this current timeline and galactic trajectory, each’s ascension process becomes faster. What took an ascending awakened person 30 years in linear time of previous and lessor COLLECTIVE energetic frequency, can be accomplished in just a few years now. Because, of the energy that has accumulated BY HUMAN BEINGS who have already awoken. Energy accumulates. And we ARE a COLLECTIVE, of ONE multiple energy. Just like the bee hive analogy.

When each reach a certain stage, an INNER energetic, a LIVING realisation occurs, that STAYS. It is not temporary: That all are US. That it is OUR dream. What we do to one, we are TRULY! TRULY, doing only to ourselves (in our forgetfulness). As we sow, so shall we reap. Etc. Because it IS all us. Each person IS us. On this ascension, we first read this understanding and can relate to a degree. Then, at right time, we leap, and KNOW it as a TRUTH. But we still forget, in moments.

We know it, yet we then forget it. So we experience belts of shear ONENESS, shear UNITY, shear KNOWING all is God, shear embodiment that everyone IS us. Yet, we then forget, and enter the illusion/dream. Why? Because there is more to learn, discover, see, TRULY HEAL of ourselves. I wonder if, for each, the BIGGEST gift/lesson was saved until last. The lesson/gift that allows us to heal our DEEPEST lifetime wound/experience, that we CHOSE to have, pre-incarnation. That HUGE lifetime experience was set up prior to this incarnation, to experience, THEN come out of. That then, once seen, healed, loved, allows us to be FREE of that burden and deeply subtle, potent influence that IS just distortion, not TRUE of who we are.

For once we clear our CORE WOUND, reached at a certain stage of our AWAKENING, the Soul Merge Stage begins. I might do a FB Live on the SOUL MERGE STAGE at some point. As it’s hard to define our energy experience to a linear typing method. Soul Merge occurs where the consciousness of the human experience, knows, physically feels, sees, experiences their energetic Soul in and around their physical body. No longer perceived as separate. It’s a process of consciousness merging, over some degree of linear time.

NOW, the timeline is here. The potential is open. To finally not be IN and OUT of separation. Or IN and OUT of the forgetfulness. Or IN and OUT of the dream. NOW, we have been gifted the galactic timeline, of permanent REALISATION. That every one IS US. And work, BE, LIVE with that knowing. It actually becomes funny, as we see, permanently from NOW, that all people are actually US. That all along, however we reacted to another, we were ONLY reacting to ourselves. How we think inside, of another, is US, doing that to only ourselves. Yes, they felt separate, but that was not, the TRUTH, until the truth is embodied, realised.

When we truly see, know, and most significantly, EXPERIENCE, that every person outside of our human body is US, we become FREE. We are released from the dream. We can float in it, but not be of it. In the balance felt outside of the dream, we become, released from the constraint and limiting experience. We become a harmony within and without. We become a quiet KNOWING. A consciousness that is GRATITUDE that is an inner smile of Compassion and Love. This freedom, this harmony, inner peace, allowance of all, is in fact ALL ENERGY, we emit. In truth, there are no need for any words. Words pacify only the mind. A mind that eventually chooses, to marry the heart. Words actually step down a higher heart energy that has no need for words.

The human service, is to just emit the energy of BEing. Knowing, that seen or unseen, it is serving the Whole. Freedom lost, is now found...within. As within, so without.

So much love,
One Love
Amanda Lorence
17 July 2019

Jason Estes Update ~ 17 July 2019

Source: Jason Estes

Today's a 3 point influx stay hydrated and make sure to do some form of self care, foot massage highly recommended to stay stable ::hugs::

17 July 2019

Celia Fenn Update ~ 17 July 2019

I only have my word to offer because I don't have "proof" ~ I was just thinking that today was a bit of a grind because there were a couple of people reacting adversely to the energies, and yet in some strange way, I feel "lighter". I promise, that's what was in my mind just a couple of hours ago.

Source: Celia Fenn

I can still feel/hear the grinding of gears and the whirring of cog-wheels as everything is being shifted up a few gears after the Eclipse.

For me it was a period of recognition of old patterns of disempowerment and being prepared to let go in order to move forward.

Sometimes not easy...but we feel lighter as we move towards the magical Day out of Time (July 25th) where we can play in the magical garden of total possibility and focus and create as we transit the Lions Gate.

We are moving into a new Garden of Eden and we are preparing to begin a new creation.
It is a moment to enter into Joy and Fun!

We are what we Are.


Heterogenies are Resolved in Light ~ Gaia Portal ~ 17 July 2019

Source: Gaia Portal

Heterogenies are resolved in Light.
Sparse fields are replanted.
Stargates open for those in the movements.
Hard lines are furrowed and opened.

Shifts in Power, Rise of the Divine Feminine (description box) ~ Aluna Ash ~ 17 July 2019

Please listen to this update from Aluna Ash here.  Meg Benedicte also talks about this shift in power (here).

This Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse is symbolic of the shifts in power for humanity that are taking place internally and externally. 
The Monad consciousness is descending through the Oversoul then into the Individual male/female forms to bring balance. We are ascending beyond the Soul consciousness/evolution of the time of Atlantis (both on this planet and off this planet) as we are getting out of the timeline loop/maya/matrix during the last cycle. 
Now we are truly entering the beginning of the new cycle of the Divine Feminine. Everyone is playing a part, even those in nonphysical form. Right now, It is so important to do what you need to for yourself, have compassion for yourself & others and go within... try to remain in your heart as much as possible and see things from your eternal Soul perspective. 
When we connect with our heart, we connect the Earth with the Sun/brain of the being we are existing within. 
We/humanity are the bridge. 
We are rewritting the relationship template/program through this shift to more heart based/soul based.. that's what White Magnetic Wizard tone 1 year represents...coming from the heart, unity, as one, love, 4D timing to connect to higher dimensions. 
There are so many karmic endings/new beginning taking place right now. It's all part of the Divine play.. and we each are playing a unique part/role. 
elemental entities due to binding, operating in the lower sub planes of the astral realm can see all sides of energy- thoughts/emotions/subconscious/fears.. they impress thoughtforms upon the mental body to create triggers for those unaware of them. Some will operate more in dreamstate. 
Fears, anxiety, triggers, bad thoughts, etc.. can come up more during portals and solar waves due the astral realms/forces being stirred up by astral currents. The lower sub planes of the astral always feel dark, distorted and negative. 
The higher planes are bright, luminous, beautiful. 
What is within your astral body/mental body/desire body and unconscious is where you end up in dreamstate and after the physical body sheds in this life. During further stages of initiation, you're able to see the astral plane from the higher planes by not being within them at all. This is beyond astral projection- its ascending in Consciousness beyond the astral realms due to the magnetism of your field you're not able to even experience those realms/plane.. 
You begin to create a form to use as a vehicle and project your Consciousness into that vehicle in order to connect with others in the lower parts of the astral realm or in dreamstate, if the other is unable to move beyond the astral plane or lower sub planes of the astral plane due to the magnetism of their field or their consciousness. This is where you really want to be aware of programming/manifesting programming/ law of attraction- if it's not from a soul place, than you're creating more magnetism within your field and it keeps you stuck to the physical plane or the lower planes of the astral realm to the realm of desire to matter, basically blocking your Ascension beyond a certain stage in conscious and your ability to access the higher planes of the nonphysical. Like a trap. I will talk about this more in another video. 
This is why the dark will never be able to access the higher planes, unless their magnetism changes. They cannot access direct downloads of higher consciousness either. They can only use the info that comes through others and try to understand it or distort it, but they will never be given access unless their energy matches that plane. Every plane is guarded. 
*** The true Sun's cosmic rays come from the etheric body of the Sun. Then manifest through physical Sun in etheric form. The Sun operates as the brain/pineal gland/higher mind of one Soul Body within a system. 
The Earth & the etheric body of the Earth is like the Heart/Heart Chakra. Humanity is acting as the throat chakra/higher heart/thymus to connect the Earth/Heart to the Sun/Brain and vice versa. 
The cosmic rays/waves that come through the Sun are astral currents to refine matter, to clear & to activate the Body we are existing in. This is the energy that creates the shifts in consciousness of humanity and the shifts to higher dimensions within one system/body. 
Humanity is the rainbow bridge connecting the Heart & Mind of a bigger Soul we are existing within. The Sun is also acting as an organ within a bigger body... it is all so complex, all with differents roles within one another, interconnecting blueprints/etheric templates, planets with ethetic bodies, etc....its like russian dolls. 
 **I posted and energy update on Patreon: https://patreon.com/alunaash 
💜🧡💛💚💙❤💜🧡💛💚💙❤💜🧡💛💚💙❤ I love you guys.