03 January 2019

Blue Ray Empath Transmission ~ Shekina Rose ~ 2 January 2019

Source: Shekina Rose

Blue Ray Empath Transmissions: Taking the time for 2019 New Template ~12 Holy days of Divine spiritual energies for the whole year and next 7 year cycle

The 12 Holy days, Christmas Period and their Astrological Attunements, for each of the twelve days that follows Christmas corresponds to a sign of the zodiac beginning with Aries (the first sign) on December 26.

We are in an even greater significance of honoring the Mother Goddess, inner feminine, the earth Gaia her cycles with the spiritual Sun, and the Christos. The new Divine masculine and Divine feminine the healing balance of our inner and outer world for a supreme team of love, giving, healing of Partnerships of the twin flames and soul mates.

For this is the time where the spiritual dispensations and the releases of light take place that begins with Christmas the Christos light/spiritual sun and the earth for the entire new year.

As a new 7 year cycle is ensuring this will have extra significance for you for the energies for the next decade.

You are being providing this space of for the new cycle and astrological planetary alignments. There could be dramatic shifts and changes for many star seed sensitives empaths with their live path and mission of service.

The Holy days will end with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 5th for magic cosmic transformation energies. To bring strong foundations for your sharing, creations and business.
Because of the dynamic Cosmic shift taking place now there can be big mismatch of energies, sometimes unusual morphing of dimensions and there is reason for that to move you on and forward.

This will be a success when you bring divine Love of the sacred feminine through them allowing the Venus energies and the Goddess to support you.

The sacred masculine that part that may need healing to your sacred feminine who provides the inner strength, protection and honoring of the beauty of the emphatic intuitive beauty of Creation. The divine inner feminine has a opportunity to really be in her Sacred power and by relating differently to the sacred masculine. To have a harmonic resonances field together and experience the sacred male of stabilizing, tender and strong divinity to support something that has never been.

You will be given this opportunity and you may need extra time in between what you need to for your life to rest, recoup, release from a long cycle that is ending to seek the treasures you have earned and for ceremony, ritual, time in nature sacred space and enjoying the things you love.

Shekina Rose, Priestess of Light, Angelic Messenger 528 hz Celestial Crystal Vocalist for the Language of Light, Blue Ray Star Born Peace Emissary Channel and Healer, Author & Creator of the Sedona Vortex Crystals & Pleiadain stargate Pendant sacred technologies.~~

For the new year i will be taken extra time in Jan, for many years now have been honoring the 12 Holy days, as I am sensing deeply big new energies and the releasing of the old and preparing for the new cycle. Will be seeing clients for soul readings for the new energies and who your guides are starting Jan 16th.


Everything is feeling differently in the way my psychic intuitive empath nature relates to spirit and the new world it all feels more tangible the spirit realms and more magical and i feel this new Year will be golden for many on the path who have laid the foundation and can let go to the distortion and what has held them back.

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