10 January 2019

Energy Waves: Update ~ Aluna Ash ~ 9 January 2019

For those interested, please listen here.

In the first part, Aluna Ash talks about Souls leaving, based on her own mother's process. Then she goes on to timeline and energetic shifts, as well as effects of the Lunar Eclipse. I haven't gone further than the first portion, for now.

Energy waves- near total lunar eclipse 1/21 and then the bigger one after in Feb. These waves are one right after the other.

Big wave in 2021 with the Suns transition to magnetic sun. These plasma waves are felt but not seen by many. Some see the waves/light & some don't or haven't seen it yet but may in the future.

The 1st big plasma wave I saw physically with the light was in March 2018, but many have seen them prior to 2018. Some have spoke of seeing the wave I experienced in 2018 in 2012. I think it depends on what the Soul has chosen to experience at the time, not the personality/mind for specific reasons.

The waves are to Uplift consciousness & frequency.

The Event is individual and collective, transcending duality within to project a new reality through living in the mind/heart connection in 4th density full transparency, 5th dimensional consciousness.

March 2019 seems significant with what I'm being shown with the earth/frequency/water... "The earth shakes, the water moves"

I'm hearing too while being shown 711 or 117 "Morning Star" is another thing I was hearing with the Venus pentagram 5 pointed star cycle. and being shown like lining up with Earth. It is connected to the consciousness shift and events.

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