12 January 2019

New Angelic Human ~ Shekina Rose ~ 11 January 2018

Source: Shekina Rose

Blue Ray Transmission: Star Born Empath for the New Earth & New Angelic Divine Human Crystal Age

~*Ask you questions about the Blue Ray see below details~~

You are leaving the 3d reality and existence that limited your divine expression and holy sovereignty to be in complete sacred union with the universe. Master Light Bearers of Creation, Blue Rays; and the Star Born New Forerunner you are in the process of bringing into complete alignment all your ascended selves from the many places of enlighten dimensions, realms and planetary system to create wholeness and divine power in your life and world. The time of miracles is upon you!

The codes of light within you are being accelerating by a cosmic alignment activating the ancient sacred technologies placing you in an energetically space for your evolutionary spiritual new path way.

The Old souls, Blue Rays and Angelic light beings from the Higher realms

From the blue ray of transformation you have spent many years and what seems as life times preparing and clearing the pathways and energetic grids, many of you will be finished with this way of life..

You are receiving the upgraded codes of light though many avenues and being supported by a profound Universal planetary alignment that no one currently alive on earth has ever experienced before.13

Other rays of Creation are being awakened in you inter dimensional, Galactic and cosmic soul essence vehicle.

That is creating the New Angelic and Divine Human Crystal.

You are expanding through the blue ray with your crystal Divine blue print. The crystals of earth are responding so as the nature Devic, animals the lost aspect divine codes reemerging in the blue print.

The Angelic Kingdom includes the Angels of Nature, where they live on the etheric realms. The ultra sensitive em path is very adept is sensing, merging and connecting to these realms, where these Angelic and nature realms have the codes, wisdom, healing and medicine for humanity.

The disconnections to nature, natural rhythms through many ways the food supply and other means have been detrimental to the Divine human and its true essence of connections and what the God beings of Source truly are.

The path way is through the Sacred Heart and Shekinah/Sophia the Mary spirit frequency of the Divine Mother, resonating through the Crystalline Earth Christ/ crystalline crystal Grid, in the Holy Power of LOVE. You in Cosmic unison of the Light of Creation have already created this Christos Heart Gird with Gaia for the new earth and Angelic New Humanity. 11:11 12:12 = 13- 33 333


Blue Ray Revelations ~Ascension energies for 2019 ** Ask your questions about the blue ray, the empath sensitive starseed and Angelic? Find out The Blue Rays’ 1st Mission, Why was i born so sensitive?
**~~Write your questions in the comments. The answers will be shared on Todds Show. Tune in Sunday Jan 13th 1:00 pm Sedona mountain time ~ day of the Goddess sacred feminine. https://www.facebook.com/ToddMedinaSoulogyOne

How to know if you’re a blue ray? https://shekinarose.com/blue-ray/

Shekina Blue Ray Star born , Peace Emissary and channel of the Blue Ray, Vocalist for the Universal Language of light was downloaded in 2008 that she was from the Blue Ray and with the information of who these empathy sensitive starbeing were their characteristics traits and their mission on the planet. She is Sedona Crystal City of Light Ambassador, creator of the Sedona Spirit Crystals Portals of the Vortex & Pleaidain Sacred technologies Pendants and does soul readings and healing.

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