10 January 2019

Sirius ~ Gigi Young ~ 3 August 2018

Source: Gigi Young (includes video)

Sirius is a very important star system for us, we see this literally with Sirius being the brightest star, and also esoterically with Sirius being an energetic anchor and reference point for our consciousness.

This may sound strange, but just like it is important to ‘ground’ in spirituality it is also important to widen our consciousness into the cosmos. The stars above us have meaning, they have stories and life. We have forgotten this knowledge in our day and age but our ancestors knew it very well with many cultures at different ends of the earth holding the stars, especially Sirius, as not only an important place, but a particularly significant place for humankind’s creation.

The Asian, Egyptian, First Nations, Celtic and African cultures all tipped their hat to Sirius. Some people may say that it is simply because Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, because, you know, those silly primitive cultures just see something shiny and make up childish stories. In fact, it is just a crazy coincidence that many of the stories about Sirius are similar. This dismissive attitude may explain things away to the individuals who don’t care to swim in the vast open waters of cosmic spirituality, but it doesn’t account for the fact that ancient societies had advanced technologies and knowledge about our solar system before we did.

Although we can look back in amazement that Sirius is a fixture in ancient times, it is important to remember that that this type of connection to the stars is not just for our ancestors, it is for us, now. Everyone has the capacity to develop a connection to their consciousness enough to channel information. When we do this we begin to change how we perceive the world around us- we become multidimensional. We lose our obsession with the material world and begin to see the higher patterns that are actually creating this world. We get a glimpse into the universe.

As this occurs we begin to view things as patterns, resonance, strings, waves, colours, and pressure. This is a much different way of perceiving the world(s) around us than our usual material 3d perception. In this level of cosmic consciousness we learn deeper truths about our history on this planet and the cosmos. We also begin to more vividly know our potential as human beings.

Here are a few facts about Sirius to get the conversation started:
* Sirius is a star system that houses many different types of beings. Due to the diverse make-up of Sirius it was able to overcome a great deal of polarity which created a portal that allowed earth and certain timelines to form in a linked stream of consciousness down the dimensions. In other words, the unification of Sirius contributed to this solar systems creation. This may be a challenge to conceptualize, however, the dimensions of reality are associated with certain levels of consciousness. Creation of worlds within dimensions is directly related to the evolution (and overcoming) civilizations. Civilizations roll over in different realities often expressing similar patterns with slightly different constants.

* Earth (our solar system), the peoples, the stories, the gifts, the problems are all an extension of the story of Sirius. It is as though the themes of Sirius fractaled  and became the larger karmic cycles on earth. Within the cosmos karmic balance is carried down the dimensions, each time fractaling again and again creating more density, more “intense” opportunities for unification. There may have been other large contributors such as Orion, however, where we are, with the pole as it is, it is Sirius.

* As we were born of the merging of events of Sirius to not honour those links means that we do not channel life force. As cosmic beings we channel this particular ‘Sirian ray’ of consciousness organically, as seen in the Tao where there are specific rituals that honour this part of ourselves. We can also learn to consciously connect to Sirius which can be part of our personal journey to mastering our consciousness.

* When it comes to creating life, Sirius must be taken into play. The energy that sirius resonates must be taken into account when life is being created or modified. This means that when chimeras are created, or any genetic splicing, the aspect of our being that is Sirius cannot be spliced away. This acts as a stop loss, or protection, as the details of higher dimensional consciousness, such as Sirius, are impossible to sense in their entirety unless ones consciousness is developed to the dimensional equivalent of Sirius. This means that life is cultivated and cared for by beings in significantly higher dimensions then we are. Et’s, or inter-dimensional beings, of a less evolved state can affect us here, and do, but they are very limited in their influence.

* As mentioned in my water video, another link to Sirius is our water on earth. Our water originated in Sirius and contains is resonance. This naturally anchors in Sirian consciousness and also allows Sirius to communicate with us. This can happen via crop circles, through telepathy, channeling, meditation etc. Many crop circles are created via higher civilizations consciousness direct merging with earth and the collective consciousness.

* If we were to look at Sirius in a more material, linear sense (yes, we can choose the parameters of what we perceive) we would see that Sirius is a large stargate, school and library of information. Many different types of inter-dimensional beings and star people identify with Sirius as many different types of beings eventually made their home within its glow. This is why many people encounter lion people, aquatic beings, blue people, light beings, etc all identifying with Sirius.

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