12 January 2019

South Africa ~ Diana Cooper ~ 11 January 2019

Dragons can delve into deep, dense matter in a way that angels cannot

Source: Diana Cooper

South Africa is the solar plexus chakra of Earth. Your personal solar plexus chakra, when it is third dimensional, absorbs the fear around you. It is only when you become fifth dimensional that your solar plexus chakra transmutes all fear and becomes a glorious, vibrant, radiant golden ball of knowledge, true self‑worth and wisdom. Because Earth is the solar plexus of this universe, the fear of the universe passes through South Africa. It is this that holds the whole of Africa back.

The dragons are patiently waiting to cleanse the crystals and light them up so that they reconnect with the awesome knowledge they hold from all over the universes. When this
happens, South Africa will become a radiant, golden place, where all the inhabitants have true self‑worth and wisdom. They will be able to illuminate the planet, access minerals without damaging the structure of the Earth, control the waters and direct the clouds so that rain falls in right places. The information held within the crystals means that Africa is one of the places that is key to the future irrigation of the planet when it will be much needed.

From my new book Dragons: Your Celestial Guardians.

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