10 January 2019

To Bifurcate or Not?

This personal note is about the separation of worlds ~ as popularised by Dolores Cannon (at least for me) ~ and something that we seem to read a lot about lately. It's also well-known by the term 'Bifurcation of Worlds'.

It's a contentious issue, this separation of worlds thing.

Just as insistent is the strong belief of equally many sources that do not subscribe to this separation/bifurcation process. The way I see it, neither narrative has anything other than perspectives to support their respective belief.

This topic ~ whether there will be a separation or not ~ has been politely debated for some years now. I myself have vacillated between the two notions over the same period of time. Yes, I do feel there will be a bifurcation. No, I believe that we will (mostly) all be in the same Ascension Mothership, but with differing levels of "progress".

Truth is, I simply don't know what's going to unfold.

In her latest update, Denise Le Fay has stated categorically that we've come to the end of the long, arduous and torturous situation where both the Awakened and Hypnotised (my term, because to me, that is the situation) co-exist in the same "reality". We will see a physical separation this year.

I will readily admit that if we go the Bifurcation way, I would like it to happen.....in the next hour, pretty please? I'm beyond "enough" of this existence, where we see the control matrix for what it is, and what it's doing to people, and yet the huge majority still go about their daily lives totally impervious to the situation. There are some Awakened Ones who have partners and/or family members who are also awakened, but there are many more who are the lone reed in the midst of their family and friends. Sadly belonging to the latter grouping, I can personally vouch that it's not been easy, and I marvel daily that we are still mostly mentally intact for being in this insanely impossible state.

But then again, on the other hand....(I know, I'm dithering ~ I did mention earlier that I've been vacillating) I want everyone I know to be onboard the Ascension Mothership. As a daughter, mother, friend, confidant ~ there are moments when I wish to see all (most) of Humanity ascend as a Race. Omigoddess....just writing that bit alone made me swell with something akin to honour. Somehow, the notion that we would all ascend as a Race makes me feel that it's mission well accomplished.

However (there I go again....), I will also confess that as the days whizz by, I am having more and more preference for the Bifurcation scenario. This has been growing especially strong since October last year. I'm feeling less affected by the Ascending-As-One-Race thing. I don't know if this is something that's for the highest purpose/greater good, but it's certainly what I've been feeling.

I also wrote something about this separation (here). And even about my car "ascending" (here, and the image above). I also remember writing about how it's increasingly difficult to find things I need, as well as food that adequately satiates. Discussions I've had with some dear Souls made us convinced that it's like we desperately need some 5D Smoothies or something. And I know I speak for many who feel the same way, just as Denise has written about in her update. Are these physical signs of the world bifurcating? Or is it just that we no longer have a place in a reality that's long passed it's "best before" date, and is now steadily dissolving?

And now, off to look for something suitable for tea-time....

Namaste and Blessings!


  1. Grace,
    I haven't read HighHeart yet but I have been part of the "safety net" team since the 80's. Anyone that resonates anywhere along my frequency stand is coming with me. I'm not alone although I've never heard anyone else talk about this. We've literally created a safety net by doing our work. When people talk about leaving loved ones I can't help but shake my head. Ancestal lines, new "familiar friends", old unawakened souls. Whether people know it or recognise it yet we Are connected and stabalizing the next phase. No one living with love Or light will be left behind although they may not be in our future conscious awareness. Think about your children's children. You can feel them in your future self. This feels the same. We are always connected to our Beloveds. What kind of creator are we Adoring after all? Can't wait to read the blog. Many blessings to you.

    1. "Safety net" team....I like that term!

      Yes, I know how you feel about the situation, which is why I was so torn between the two "concepts". I fully understand your point of view.

      You also said this:
      "Anyone that resonates anywhere along my frequency stand is coming with me."

      That would mean those who are outside of this frequency will not go, yes? Then we come back to this Bifurcation thing.

      At the end of the day, I always insist on this for myself ~ no matter what some source say or how many different versions of information we are getting, what matters most is what we do daily. Do the best we can, take in Light, be Light, beam Light.

      Blessings <3