13 January 2019

Turn Your Frustration into Manifestation ~ Lee Harris ~ 11 January 2019

A short excerpt from Lee Harris' January Energy update.

Source: Lee Harris 

Now is the time to to focus on what you want to manifest and how you can create.

Those of you who really take time to listen, slow down, take space in January - you are going to see the best effects.

If you are sick of your financial situation, a certain relationship, or if there’s a certain thing that you need to say or do, be aware that it might get chronic before it gets better in the early couple of weeks of January.

This is because the January energy is rising everything to the surface so that you can clear the way to look ahead.

See this month of final clearing, forward visioning and the internal.

From February, the world is going to become a lot more vocal externally and the outer world, the action side of our world, is going to rise again.

Have you created your future blueprint yet? Share with me below.
Lee x

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