10 February 2019

First Quick Update (Countermeasure After Lunar Eclipse Meditation) ~ Teilen ~ 8 February 2019

This link was posted in one of the comments for Cobra's "Bubbles of Heaven Update" (here). I felt nudged to scan through the comments and followed the link to this message. The description about "petrifying" the Earth made me think of my Cracked Open update. Especially since I saw the Earth herself as being cracked open (hence the image I used), and yet it's nothing to do with the Bifurcation, as I explained before. Additionally, I was specifically guided to use the term "Cracked Open".

At any rate, from my own experience and those of a couple of other LWs I know about, the information given by Teilen resonates. As always, your own discernment, please.

Just for info, this is the current status from Cobra ~ we're back to Black.
Abort mission until RRR10 evaluation point, maintain status
Black alert at 504
 Source: FM 144

This is the first entry on this blog, and hopefully a variety of others will follow. The purpose of this website is to provide the Starseeds incarnated on Planet Earth (Terra) with useful information to better cope with the harsh conditions, as long as the complete liberation and ascension of the planet has not been completed.

This information will come from sources incarnated on planet earth as well as from sources outside the earth's surface. A wide range of different topics will be covered; however, the focus of this first entry is especially on the current situation on the planet

Many of you may have just joined the great lunar eclipse meditation that took place on January 21, 2019. Apart from what some people may say, this meditation was indeed a success for the Light Forces. There was almost an immediately positive change in the energie field of the planet that many light souls could notice. Furthermore it helped to trigger certain positve operations!

So, how can it be that so many Starseeds on the planet are in such a low condition and are seemingly struggling with their lives as bad, or even worse, as it was before the meditation
Well, not long after the meditation there was, as always, a counterattack from the Dark Forces, which are still holding this planet in hostage. These forces, of course, know about these meditations very well and respond to them accordingly by doing “their own kind of energy work”. The entire planet and, above all, the countless Lightworkers on it were energetically petrified. This was a defensive measure against the newly arriving light. From a clairvoyant's point of view, it looked like the entire earth was covered with a stone crust, looking like hardened lava covering a volcanic landscape.

Please read on....

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