10 February 2019

Zero Point Full Moon ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 9 February 2019

Source: New Earth Central

Gaia is currently experiencing an extraordinary transformation of consciousness. The Great Shift has been predicted by the indigenous tribes throughout history. It is the Coming of the Christed Consciousness and the evolution of mankind. The shift is occurring in both the physical and metaphysical realms. On 12-21-2012 the enforced time barriers and controlling Matrix consciousness unlocked in Gaia’s astral plane. This initiated the metaphysical activation of the Shift. In 2020 the Ascension astrology will create a ripple effect that unlocks the physical entrapments of time density.

You may be experiencing energy clearing on multiple levels, as the Higher Self prepares the physical plane for the coming shifts. I’ve been observing from the 5D perspective how much interference originates from the ego presence. This is a shadow personality program that develops in the 3D plane of time separation. The ego creates all types of distractions, conflict, negative reactions and harmful judgments.

It is the hidden unconscious self that wields control in every area of our lives. It is clearly distinguishable…it has a lower vibration, a service-to-self agenda, it controls and manipulates with negative thoughts and emotions, it is a vampire – it feeds on external energy. It is rigid, indignant, righteous and believes it is always right and everyone else is wrong. It lives in fear and makes destructive decisions from fear and insecurity. I watch in astonishment how the ego destroys the very best in life. It bites the hand that feeds it!

In order to ascend into higher consciousness, we must transcend the ego – it is sabotaging our very existence on Gaia. The controlling Matrix program fuels and manipulates the ego to control our mind and actions. We can no longer afford to give our power away to this lesser evolved self.

Within a meditative state, we learn how to master the unconscious ego shadow. Existing in zero point energy is the eternal Now Moment, the stillness between past and future, matter and antimatter. The unconscious ego dissolves away in the Now! It only exists in past or future timespace. As we master our own ego shadow, we assist in dissolving the collective shadow as well. This is the consciousness shift in progress since 2012.

Imagine the Ascension process functions like a hot air balloon, we need to drop the dead weight in order to rise higher and higher. As we clear away density, increase our energy frequency and level up to higher dimensional access, we attain a top-down viewpoint (right brain bigger picture). We’re able to see clearly into the lower 3D and 4D planes, the realm of Time and Duality where the ego is king.

As the galactic Light increases in the earth plane, the illusion/delusion is being illuminated in divine truth. The truth is being revealed so all can disentangle from holographic false timelines and the contagion of dark forces interfering in the earth plane. We are the liberators of Gaia!

As we move closer to the powerful 2020 astrological events, we are establishing zero point energy in our own biofield and in the crystalline grids of Gaia. We are the EarthKeepers, we are here with an important mission!  Now is the time to Step into your Soul Shoes to serve your community as a healer, a teacher, a mentor, a writer, an artist, an activist, a living example of Oneness; a leader in your business, your life and most importantly, in the 5D New World!

Join fellow Soul Seekers from all around the world who are taking charge of their own mind, body, spirit and developing powerful quantum skills to attain freedom from limitations and expand into full Soul Potential. I encourage you to get involved in the accelerated consciousness revolution NOW!

The next Full Moon arrives on February 19th at 0° Virgo…another zero point full moon that forms a harmonious trine aspect (120°) with the Mars-Uranus conjunction. The positive vibes continue, as the Virgo Full Moon helps us launch new projects off the ground. February is an excellent time to convert your visions/goals into positive change in your life.

We will be broadcasting our next Global Activation in the Zero Point Lunar energies on Saturday, February 16th. Join Manette and myself with Earth Keepers and Lightworkers all around the world, as we expand into our higher potential. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg

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