21 March 2019

Accessing and Angala Moment ~ DIana Cooper ~ 19 March 2019


Source: Diana Cooper

⭐️Time is not linear as we understand it. When you are in a third‑dimensional reality, time appears to go very slowly. The usual example of this is watching that proverbial kettle taking a long time to boil. If you are impatiently waiting, time does indeed appear to elongate.⭐️

This is only because impatient waiting is a third‑dimensional, low‑frequency quality. If you have a 10‑minute wait for transport when you are cold, wet and miserable, it seems to drag interminably. If you are happy and it is sunny, that 10 minutes goes by in a flash.

Happiness, love, peace, beauty and balance are some of the fifth‑dimensional qualities and when you are in one of these states, time appears to accelerate.

💥The higher your frequency, the more quickly it seems to pass. At a twelfth‑dimensional frequency all time is simultaneous. From that perspective there is no past or future. Everything is now.💥

Angala was conceived in the mind of God, at a twelfth‑dimensional frequency when elongated time condenses to one instant. Therefore, it is an eternal moment. You can access an Angala moment for the beginning of any special project.

If you start a new business, relationship or anything else in an Angala moment, you are automatically calling in the impetus of the birth of Earth to thrust it forward. Consciously or unconsciously you are surrounding your vision with singing angels and blessing it with dragon power and unicorn light. Angala may only have lasted a fraction of a second in Earth time but it blesses us for ever.😇🐉🦄

**Exercise to Access an Angala moment for a New Idea or Project**

1. Find a space where you can be quiet and undisturbed.

2. Close your eyes and centre yourself.

3. imagine golden roots going down from your feet into the earth below you.

4. Think of the birthing of earth.

5. See the fire, air and earth dragons creating the great sphere of our planet.

6. Watch the water dragons flowing and undulating around it, pouring Christ light around it until earth is in a cocoon of golden love.

7. Be aware of the angels all around it, blessing it and singing the divine vision for the planet.

8. now project the idea you want to birth into the centre of your picture.

9. Know that the dragons and angels are helping to birth your dream.

10. Thank them and open your eyes.

From my new book Dragons: Your Celestial Guardians.

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