28 March 2019

Adam Kadmon ~ Pars Kutay ~ 27 March 2019

Adrien Mauduit
This article was originally published in July 2018.

This is the first time I've come across someone who is actually referring to the Adam Kadmon as a Root Race ~ the latest one, the Seventh Root Race. I had looked at the Adam Kadmon more of a Divine Blueprint for the Race we were always intended to be, instead of a Root Race in itself.

"Homo Spiritus", "Homo Luminous" and "Trivian" (or Astral) were some of the names I've come across before to describe the emerging new Root Race.

Also interesting to note that Pars Kutay calls the current Root Race (Sixth) "Indigo" ~ I remember Matias de Stefano explaining that all babies born in the 80's/90's upwards (I think....) have an Indigo aura about them, and hence the term "Indigo Children".
"The Event is NOT date driven event... It Is a Vibration Driven EVENT."
Source: Pars Kutay

There are many Astrological Shifts going on and many Portals opening up to usright Now, we have NOW stepped into a New Golden Age. We are NOW Activating Adam Kadmon our Seventh Root Race.

24 Strand DNA Activation - Adam Kadmon
The difference between 22 Strands DNA Activation and 24 Strands Activation is just 2 Strands, but these 2 Strands never have been activated on Earth ever.

The last Strands are the Divine Code and the Galactic Code. To activate the last 2 Strands, we transform and transmute into GOD HUman, or the Adam Kadmon!

Adam Kadmon: Living in the New Energy
Adam Kadmon activation and teaching is truly transformative. It comes to us as a joint venture of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light and the Galactic Federation of Light, to prepare us for the coming changes for Humanity and the beginning of Spirituality on Earth! "The Event"!

The Adam Kadmon Activation takes you beyond human to become "SuperHuman"! It will activate the last two Strands of your DNA.

The upcoming Lionsgate 8:8:8 Portal, followed by August’s eclipse fully opens the Light Portals allowing the embedded DNA genetic coding to continue altering the energetic substance contained within the Higher Fifth Dimensional frequency structure.

Root races are stages in human evolution in the esoteric cosmology of theosophist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, as described in her book The Secret Doctrine (1888). Modern “historians” want us to believe that “civilization” began 3,500 to 6,000 years ago. However, this is not true.

The fact is that civilizations have risen and fallen for millions of years. A broad outline of our Earth heritage is listed below. There are a total of Seven Root Races in our human evolution:
1. First Root Race = Polarian
2. Second Root Race = Hyperborian
3. Third Root Race = Lemurian
4. Fourth Root Race = Atlantean
5. Fifth Root Race = Aryan
6. Sixth Root Race = Indigo
7. Seventh Root Race = Adam Kadmon

The Fifth Root Race, the Aryan Race, is the oldest of the Root Races on Earth today. This basically includes most of humanity that was born prior to the 1970’s and 1980’s. The Sixth Root Race began incarnating in mass at that time, and they are known as the Indigos. Adam Kadmon is the Seventh and final Root Race, and is as far as we, as human beings, can evolve. All of humanity is evolving into the Adam Kadmon potential regardless of the Root Race in which they were born.

Within and around every human being is a Body of Light which serves to keep us connected to the Divine. This Body of Light not only reflects our current evolution but also holds the template for our evolutionary potential which is of course the Adam Kadmon. Adam Kadmon is translated as the Divine God Human. It represents the Highest potential to which a HUman being can evolve on all levels of existence whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. What are those potentials? Adam Kadmon—the God Human—represents the Highest Spiritual potential that a HUman being can aspire to; the mental body of Adam Kadmon is extremely advanced utilizing 100% of His or Her brain capacity; the emotional experience of Adam Kadmon is one of perpetual Joy; and the physical body of Adam Kadmon is capable of creating whatever is needed to manifest perfect health in every moment.

The Adam Kadmon Body of Light is activated through the DNA because the DNA contains the Blueprint for who you are as a Divine being. The DNA is both physical and spiritual, being comprised of 12 physical strands and 12 etheric counterparts. For this reason, the Adam Kadmon Activation is also known as the 24-Strand DNA Activation. Your DNA defines your uniqueness because it contains the encoded information relative to both your physical and spiritual lineage. As such, it not only determines your physical form, hereditary maladies, mental proclivities, and emotional or behavioral patterns, but also your spiritual gifts, life purpose, and Divine potentialities as well.

The 23rd and 24th strands contain the Blueprint for our expression as a God Human, or Adam Kadmon. When we activate the encoded information in these Strands, we access our Highest Divine Potential, and initiate our Path of Return "Home" once again.

This time, however, we journey back HOME to the Golden Age by creating Heaven here on Earth.

"The Event" which has been halted by Prime Creator and SOURCE as the population was not fully ready for it, Now it is moving again.

"The Event" is coming and you will see some wondrous sights with the approach of this Wave. The sky will simply become a Rainbow colour and when it does every eye on the planet will see it.

With this Wave, the Light as you know it will change in ways you could not possibly imagine.
Pure state of Harmony will come upon you. Pure state of Love beyond understanding will come upon you.

Your thought waves will be altered to the point of BEing in full Joy, in full Love and in full Harmony.

And the way you think will also change to a point of BEing NO more thoughts of doing harm to anyone or anything and your thought patterns will be altered to a more Accepting, Loving, Harmonious and feeling of Joy because the Wave that is coming is a Wave of Love been sent to the Earth from SOURCE.

So, "The Event" will happen because that is your Graduation if you will. Graduation into a Harmony, Graduation into a Harmonious Planet.

No more thoughts of war. No more thoughts of enslaving peoples, enslaving children or anything of this nature. All those thoughts will be gone.

Peoples thought patterns will be altered to the point of BEing and only wanting Harmony, only wanting Peace, only wanting Joy and that is what is coming upon Earth, Terra Christa!
That is the essence of the Wave that is coming.

So keep watching your Eastern Skies and soon you will BEgin to see the sky changing colour into a Rainbow colour. It will be coming from the East onto the planet.

Once it is fully Engolves the planet, it shall remain on the planet to bring about complete and absolute Harmony to Terra Christa and that is what you all been waiting for "The Event"!
The Event is NOT date driven event... It Is a Vibration Driven EVENT...

The Wave is once again on its way and the people in the space station in orbit have already felt the effects of it, so it is Now very close Dear Ones!

Re-shared from my post of July 2018
with LOVE and Blessings...
Pars Kutay

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Photo: Incredible Shot of our Milky Way Galaxy and incoming Diamond and Plasma Light Codes Merging...captured over Senja Island, Norway by Adrien Mauduit

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