28 March 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 27 March 2019

Amanda Lorence reports a new Shift yesterday. I did not notice it yesterday, but when I got up this morning I felt it, and said to myself, "Something shifted...." 

It feels like there's more clarity, and less "weight", or pressure. If I were to recall what I said about feeling the pressure in an earlier update (comparing it to "Compression Breakthrough"), this one feels like some sort relief, as if something "popped" or gave way and allowed the "compression" to progress further.

Source: Amanda Lorence

Many experienced SHIFTS yesterday within their individualised CRYSTALine plan (day 3 of the incoming wave we received on Sunday. Day 3 is always ‘revelation day’ IF the inner work has been done on what arises. So we spiral up in frequency rather than cycle round again. Hence many have SHIFTED!). 

Yes a step up in human frequency yet also, a HUGE and significant MARKER POINT on our individualised Soul plan. 

The next stage unfolds...

Amanda Lorence

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