21 March 2019

Avatara ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan & Blue Solara ~ 19 March 2019

Source: The World of Truth 

Brief message from Avatara,

Due to the accelerating of the magnetic pole reversal (EMP) on your planet, there are lots of plasma start to access the sphere of your planet, and it leads to weakness the veil, so the huge galactic wave starts effecting the dome. and in order to stabilize the situation, we use the blue pulse to build a protector shield that surrounding your planet, this shield has three functions:

1. To protect your planet from the huge plasma, to stabilize and smooth the transition period.

2. For the shield to be a safe access point to the galactic feminine energy & the presence of the galactic and divine goddess.

3. To activate and prepare the first wave of ascension.

In the origin plan, the first wave of ascension should be after the event, and due to lots of positive changes and for the importance of the need for this , we started to activate the origin DNA within whom belong to the first wave of ascension through showering them with the blue pulse within the last 3 month (Jan., Feb. and March) and now their DNA is ready to receive abilities..

Of course, we are not saying that they will be uplifting physically now, but they are under the period of 9 month of simulation for their abilities to prepare them for uplifting.

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