22 March 2019

Energy Update ~ Aluna Ash ~ 21 March 2019

Please listen here to Aluna Ash's video update.

I had to record this quietly (incase my voice is quiet) because I told my daughter I wouldn't do any work today due to how much time I have spent working lately... so I had to sneek an update in in the other room😂

Compassion and detachment is so important right now, there are a lot of people that are going to feel like they need to express themselves or feeling like they're dealing with a lot of tension or restriction in different areas of life... you can be the shoulder for someone just dont allow it to affect your energy & thoughts.

Everyone will be experiencing things differently- everyone's body reacts differently, but I've noticed that there are a lot of similarities that we have all been sharing. I only share this stuff so hopefully it resonates with someone who may not realize that other people are going through very similar experiences. But I dont have all the answers😁

If this message or the other messages on this channel do not resonate at all, that's fine too!

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