27 March 2019

Energy Update ~ Eric Raines ~ 26 March 2019

Source: Eric Raines

The lenses have shifted, potentials are opened wide.

After the past few week's instability and upward rising of energy, many of the stagnant energies/traumas holding onto this layer have been purged and humanity is finding a chance to step back and take a breath.

Look back on this month. What have you learned about yourself? Do your triggers and habits you do not enjoy seem more obvious? Did you find yourself reacting without forethought or wisdom guiding your actions?

Be honest. We all know it is impossible to lie to ourselves...we can ignore and pull the wool over our eyes, but we cannot lie. Inside of this brutal honesty, we find answers. We find direction.

If you have acted in ways you look back on with regret, honor these times for the gift they truly are. A direct roadmap of where you can start working on building who you want to be.

Try this out. Feel yourself watching the movie of that point in time causing the regret. Watch this movie from your characters perspective, almost like you are hitching a ride in your body to watch as you go through the moments in which you wish you acted with more grace.

Feel yourself saying what was said, feeling what was causing those words emotionally.

Sit with this. Really feel it. Do you feel happy and healthy in this moment? Let the sensation run its course as you follow it, simply recognizing it is an unwanted feeling.

Once you get to the end, rewind the movie of this time and recreate a new movie, where you acted with honor and grace. Really feel yourself speaking with calm and compassion. Feel the warmth in your heart. Feel how this shifts the sensations of regret or anger or whatever uncomfortable feeling that was created into a softer, gentler sensation.

It changes nothing with the people involved, you will still have to fix that in your physical life, but suddenly the energy of that space is cleaner. The energy causing the reaction is easier to recognize and transmute.

This quantum timeline work is incredibly simple to do because the brain does not recognize anything created fictionally as not happening. This means when you watch a movie, you can evoke very real emotions because your inner world cannot separate itself out from what it is being shown, even if you know it is fake.

Not only is this simple, the latest energy upgrades have allowed this work to become much more effective, simply because there is a new lens of Human evolution that is available.

We have been operating on "What should be.", while existing in "What is.". This has allowed many on these cutting edges of human conscious evolution to see where we should be and begin heading that direction, activating dormant genes and energy centers as they go.

The fundamental difference available now is that the lens of "What could be." has been opened. This grants access to a much greater range of evolutionary expansion, opening the doorways to not just mind/body/spirit healing, but beginning the jump to physical evolutionary connection.

It has been a bit of a rough ride, but if you have been paying attention to the triggers and uncomfortable emotions coming up, you know exactly where to put your focus. You know exactly where to begin cleaning/clearing. If you have not, begin to take your focus through your behaviors and be honest with yourself about how they truly feel.

On the other side of this door are possibilities beforehand unreachable by the majority. On the other side of these uncomfortable feelings are the potentials for excitement, joy and unconditional love so strong they can change the physical structure of DNA.

We are heading into a period of ebb and flow, pushes that expose more rot and releases that allow more to be recovered. Source is inside of each of us. It is time to embody it. Pay attention and enjoy the ride, it is going to be a fun one

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