20 March 2019

Eric Raines Update ~ 19 March 2019

The Language of Light, the base level of communication for the Universe, is the same language your body speaks. The secrets are in the sensation, not the story.

Source: Eric Raines

What really began to make this awareness obvious was when I finally dropped the stories around my past, the people who I had negative thoughts/feelings towards and the stories/feelings I had about myself.

Suddenly, I could feel spaces of pain...bruised and damaged. On a deep, fundamental level, these spaces hurt the more I felt them. It did not feel good.

Releasing the reason for why I held them there was as simple as dropping the story. Now I had places to heal, instead of a story that kept pulling old wounds open.

The same way we bring awareness to old traumas, release them and heal, is the exact same way the universe at large communicates. It is a shift of frequency. A movement in vibration...but it all starts with awareness and then an intention to shift into something better. (Vastly simplified version )

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