25 March 2019

Eric Raines Update ~ 23 March 2019

We are a body, mind and spirit, and the body is the temple of the spirit and mind.
Glory in your temple.
Stretch! Relax! Enjoy! Exercise! Train!
Build your body with Love and watch how the mind and the spirit activates.

Source: Unleashing Natural Humanity

There are so many beautiful modalities that work in the mind and spirit, but after the emotional highs and the energetic breakthroughs, the body still hurts, there is still dysfunction.

Take that feeling, that explosion of light and bring it deep into the body. Feel your muscles stretching and opening as this clean light and laughter flows through.

Integrate the mind, body and spirit and watch the magic begin to explode in your life. 

Spontaneous healing, manifestation, synchronicities, "supernatural" abilities (extensions of healthy functioning nervous system perception) and emotional balance suddenly is there without having to work for it.

This is what healthy energetic, physical and mental balance feels like.

Enjoy being you!   

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