25 March 2019

ET Guides vs Spirit Guides? ~ Gigi Young ~ 23 March 2019

I feel that Gigi Young makes a relevant point here ~ the guides, and therefore the information we received, have changed the landscape of the "New Age" spirituality since 2012.
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I will also post the first part of the expanded text that Gigi provided.

Source: Gigi Young

After the year 2012 the quality of our consciousness changed, we began to become more multi-dimensional. For some this process began earlier, their constitution was more spiritually rooted and thus able to detect slight shifts. For others their constitution is denser and the shifts are detected but appear on more of a material level f awareness.

Part of this consciousness shift is the introduction of a new type of connection with our higher-self and with the cosmos at large. Specifically, we begin to see nuances in our spirituality that were not obvious in the past. We begin to see the “other side” as distinct dimensions and densities rather then a nebulous space that we disappear into when we die The understanding of our spirit guides and sense of time and space also shift.

Our spirit guides become inter-dimensional beings or cosmic beings, as that is how the cosmos works, via resonance, and time and space becomes more flexible to the mind. The etheric body is also more visible and thus becomes easier to adjust and interact with consciously. So, we can observe that our understanding is evolving.

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