21 March 2019

Explaining Boundaries that will then Dissolve ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 20 March 2019

This discourse by Amanda Lorence is by far THE best I've ever come across about why we feel the way we do when we interact with others in our field of reality. I've had numerous mental debates and disagreements with some of the things that other sources put out about this same topic ~ I've never agreed with the general interpretation of "others are mirrors of you". It smacked to me of some religious (or Freudian) undertone and/or abandonment of our own Sovereignty, and I refused to relinquish my own guidance in their favour.

Here, Amanda gives her interpretation of the "others are mirrors of you" teaching, and I totally resonate with her. It's something that made all the Lightbulbs go bing bing bing! Finally, for the first time, this all made sense!

Please listen here.

This isn't on any other platform except fb, as far as I know, so I will do my best to summarise although it is far better if you listen, to sufficiently appreciate Amanda's wisdom. You will get so much more out of it than to just read my notes.

Amanda so eloquently explains that how we feel about our interactions with others in 3D and 4D are basically our training as we learn more and more about ourselves. Through others, we learn which parts of ourselves we wish to keep through what we love about others; similarly, we identify the parts of us that no longer serves us through what we do not accept in others or in situations. These are the "boundaries".

Our interactions and reactions are all about determining our Authentic Self, Who We Truly Are.

In 4D, we are still in the field of separation, so it's not point expecting ourselves to feel Oneness with all, because that's not always possible. It's only when we ascend to a 5D Consciousness that we will automatically see ourselves in others and that All is truly One. That is when boundaries dissolve.

Losing our minds means losing our perception of 3D 4D.

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