25 March 2019

Follow-Up Post for Venezuela ~ FM144 ~ 24 March 2019

As always.....individual discernment is key.

Source: FM144

Venezuela is not the only country with a Goddess. Also the other South American countries have their own Goddess as well as the countries of Central America like Belize, Panama or Costa Rica.
Especially in the jungle region of this part of the world there are a lot of incarnated Goddesses/Priestesses who get physically oppressed or abused, for example by soldiers who gets often occupied by negative beings (Demons).

From an energetic point of view, the Patriarchate, in one way or another, is always linked to the Devil, who is indeed an actually existing being created by the Archons to subjugate the Goddess Energy on the planet. This is also the reason why Dark Groups who worship this entity are always anxious to oppress the Goddess as well as Sexuality – like the Black Nobility through Jesuits through the Vatican/Church, which are very strongly represented in South America.

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