31 March 2019

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 30 March 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Sigh — everyday my jaw falls to the ground cause of the craziness of this density. I will never get used to it. I’m so glad I have dedicated my life to researching our DNA, planetary consciousness and Ascension mechanics and how it relates to Earth grids, Stargates and our multi-dimensional Cosmos and True nature — all Harmonic Universes are a part of our DNA! These are truths about what we are truly made of, that they have been attempting to rob us of, disconnect us from and target.

Sorry Earth and Cosmos and Zero point Unified Field is way more powerful than a bunch of evil entities and dark agendas. This is what our biological vessels are compatible with - not AI. We are the advancement of our culture, some technologies can support but based on frequency and things like the Music of the Spheres, organic Nature, creative magic, elixirs, herbs, ect.

Amazing people are recovering daily and awakening from the abuses that have been afflicted. Trauma may remain but this human race is going to learn how to love and unite and support the healing process for one another. This will continue to be the divine force that brings about Justice.

Junk DNA is our key to the rest of ourselves. So much to explore and discover and it’s encoded in us, Ascension — it’s the blossom of a flower reaching towards the Sun — this process of remembering and activating and initiating is the Shift after this great purging which is bringing nutrients to the dark soil and removing the poisons and toxins we are raised with. It’s painful and daunting but we mustn’t lose sight of where it is taking us. It’s Alchemical.

Carbon base to Crystalline takes time and produces all sorts of symptoms and the medical industry loves to leverage that for profit and War of course. We win the War within when we choose love and wisdom in all things. Wisdom is leveraging all adversities to deepen and awaken us more, instead of digress, where we fall into the pit of hatred and endless suffering.

The weapons and assaults aren’t weapons anymore when they deepen us and allow our hearts to grow. If we turn weapons into tools for growth we beat them at their own game. We are already seeing signs that we are doing this!

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