24 March 2019

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 23 March 2019

Yes, agree! I am usually very invisible on fb ~ I only created the account to join a couple of closed groups ~ and limit my participation to emotional support or appreciation. However, in rare occasions I leave a comment, and did so yesterday.

Members of a closed group were questioning, criticising, mocking, even outright rejecting the purpose of the group, and some said they stayed on because of the other members. It's like saying I don't like someone and what they stand for, but still make my way to their party because I like the guests and the food?

Source: Laura Eisenhower

When I see a post that I don’t resonate with or like, I don’t have an overwhelming urge or even a minor urge to put them down or challenge them or treat them like they are crazy for thinking a certain way.

I like to just share from my own page and be a resource for certain things and expose what I feel is necessary. You can take it or leave it.

It’s the same reason I wouldn’t bother going into a store or business I don’t want or need or agree with.

Can you imagine walking into KFC and being like — what the hell is wrong with you people? Or a sports bar and be like, geeze people can’t you watch something else other than this stupid game? Or knock over someone’s drink in a restaurant saying, why are you drinking that?? Do you know what’s in that? 

Just cause we pass by something doesn’t mean we have to partake. We should all just be ourselves and let others do the same unless it’s a crisis situation that requires our attention. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t debate or share our views— but why do we always feel the need to make everyone like ourselves. 

Just share your truth and people will either shift their perceptions or they won’t.

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