25 March 2019

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 24 March 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Chiron the Asteroid, is a great source of pain. It takes us on the path of knowledge cause where else can we go for relief, unless we want to hand it to someone or something else that might attempt to control us. It resides between Saturn and Uranus. Control vs liberation! Integration!

We have all been there and may still feel sort a stuck in there. This is the middle road.

Chiron is considered to be the ruler of the 13th sign Ophiuchus, that we must embrace cause it connects us with the 13th gate core Diamond Sun activations into higher Earth energies. It is excruciating at times.

We have been so starved and traumatized in many ways, so we fear bliss cause what if it’s another imposter promising something it can’t deliver. But this awakening and connection comes from us and within and our willingness to face the pain and sufferings and integrate its Truth into expression. Then we awaken to the fact that we are Earth, Cosmos in an awakening human vessel, that holds the birthrite to experience the beyond through space craft human Merkaba vessel.

(Am I just rambling or ?? Still haunted over my messed up dream last night, like WTF did that mean?)


People think being unwell or feeling unwell is a sign of a problem that could mean something terrible -- very often it means you are on the verge of a huge breakthrough and a major transformation. Something is ready to change for the better, but maybe one is resisting it...

Upgrades are a transition that can be destabilizing and challenge the things we want to hold on to (even if they aren't healthy for us), that have been so conditioned into us, we don't know how to release... If we can guide the process with the awareness of the pending breakthrough and transformation in mind, the anxiety or fear part connected with physical un-wellness or pain can perhaps be alleviated, which can help keep it from becoming a chronic or harmful condition...

You got to feel it to heal it, so even if anxiety and pain is part of the process, it doesn't have to be the destination. This is what shift is all about -- allowing the passage through the dark night of the Soul, which brings it all up and out ~ our judgement of it has to be kept in check, cause it literally only makes it worse.

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