31 March 2019

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 30 March 2019

I love this:
"Snowflakes are unique to themselves - but yet we are all snow."
Source: Laura Eisenhower

What we can’t forgive we may become. Revenge stoops us lower and keeps the loop alive.

Let’s just pray they find their way home and that we maintain that inner connection and security to home and yes, it’s where the heart is and it requires our devotion.

Higher heart is universal and human heart gets hurt. Let’s never forget the unconditional love of the divine Mother/Father within and without... polarity integration is intense. The universal self always turns hurt into diamonds...


The things we are sensitive too, show us the things we long for the most.

If we are sensitive to arguments, we long for peace and harmony; if we are sensitive to criticism, we long for acceptance. If we are sensitive to noise, we long for quiet; if we are sensitive to junk food or anything toxic, we long for purity. If we are sensitive in relationship dynamics that hurt our feelings, we long for love, understanding and respect. If we are sensitive to our own issues and struggles, we long for balance. If we are sensitive to injustices globally, we long for Truth to be exposed and Unity. If we are sensitive to programming, we long for Sovereignty.

When we are tolerant, we are unconscious. Sensitivity is our strength. Our deepest Soul longing is our destiny, but to get there, we need to be willing to have the proper boundaries and discernment.

Breaking mind-control or childhood conditioning is the willingness and courage to be true to ourselves and know this is the true gateway to being on an authentic spiritual path.

Spiritually isn’t compromise or giving our power away ~ it’s knowing that our inner voice and our willingness to serve it, is the real savior and healer.

To get in touch with it is to give ourselves more respect. It is also about taking the feeling of being lost or fearful and learning more about ourselves in the face of it, rather than hand it over to someone else to clear it up for us.

Seeking guidance is a beautiful thing, just be careful of those who want to take your power and seek the ones who are here to empower you and help remind you of the beauty of who you truly are!

There are real victims out there though that are held hostage by dark agendas and they very often are light warriors that need a team and so when we do this for ourselves, we also do it for them, by being the light that holds space for their recovery and liberation and that comes with the willingness to listen.

If someone says you are too sensitive — I recommend the ‘F You’ therapy!


Our perceptions decide if it’s getting better or worse, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or global.

We guide the process through focused intention and we can urge things towards organic Ascension rather than artificial digression... it starts with more self trust — faith in self is faith in God.

We all define it differently and that is a good thing! Division between us as a human race is trying to get others to see it the way you do. Snowflakes are unique to themselves - but yet we are all snow.

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