27 March 2019

March 25 through March 30 2019 ~ Gene Key 17: The Eye ~ Richard Rudd

Opinion gives way to far-sightedness, which is based upon seeing both sides of a situation at the same time.
17 Gene Key ~ Far-sightedness

Source: Gene Keys

"We need to understand something fully before we can transcend it. This is what genius is all about. We learn something, then we unlearn it, then we transcend it, but our transcendence includes it. This is what compassion is – the view from the Siddhi.

We speak our truth and let our heart shimmer with our truth, but we aren’t trying to convert. That’s where the power lies; it’s the way of non-attachment. The 17th Gift is awesome; it’s the power of far-sightedness. It’s the Gift of seeing the matrix, the whole matrix, with all its detail.

Once we’ve seen it we can never go back to the land of opinion and division. This Gift is the domain of the heart-mind. Looking with intuition and intellect, we merge the opposites and rise up to a higher level of functioning.”

– The 17th Way, the Gift of Far-sightedness.

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