31 March 2019

New Video, GO Window and Balance ~ Sandra Walter ~ 30 March 2019

Thank you, Sandra Walter, for reminding us that the third Wave comes mid-April.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
Sending everyone calm, balancing light after a somewhat energetically wild week.

We are in a GO Creation window for two weeks- one of those zones where aligned manifestation is easier. Hearts up to move forward with your creations which support New Earth dynamics.

Note: This is not the busy-ness of the 3D past. We are in productive flow energies; the get-on-this intuitive and creative windows. Best to take advantage of it before the last of these triad waves arrives mid-April. You know what needs to be done, aligned, purged or manifested for your higher trajectory. The Universe rewards heart-based forward momentum.

The April wave is focused on Embodiment of 5D consciousness, which is radically different than the feeling-good connected level of the past. A strong activation of Gaia’s core, the next level of the crystalline grid, and the ancient Inner Earth structures are set to unlock end of April. Our April 27 Sedona gathering is Divinely timed to synch with this activation. You know what happens when High Vibe Reps come together.

Kindwhile, integration from the pre-Equinox/Equinox wave is complete, but not stabilized just yet. Join us for the SUNday Global Unity Meditations to assist with collective anxieties and fears that have been bubbling up due to the new light levels. This is what all the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual preparation was for, Beloveds.

Video release: How to Light-Encode Your Creations

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