25 March 2019

Pole Shift/Merge ~ Sheldan Nidle & Colleen Marshall

This was received via email, and I would like to copy it here. I had forgotten about what Sheldan Nidle said about the Pole Shift (Merge) ~ thank you, dear Colleen, for this timely reminder. Sheldan had explained the Pole Shift/Merge in one of his webinars a few years back.

This Pole Merge scenario somehow makes me think of the unification between ou Inner and Outer Earth civilisations as well.

PAO's website is here.

Colleen Marshall's message follows:

Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

Recently, the north magnetic field/pole is on the move and migrating further south. This is causing a lot of speculation about a pole shift in our near future. It is true that our planet has experienced these magnetic pole shifts before ~ north becomes south and south becomes north. And this makes sense since we are a bi-polar planet of duality.

However, I will remind you of Sheldan's teaching ~ we will not experience the traditional pole shift. Our planet is becoming a mono-polar magnetic field. This is where the north magnetic field encompasses the outer surface of earth and the south magnet field/pole migrates inward. In science this is a mono-polar magnetic field. Mono meaning one or singular which also makes sense since we are going from a reality based on duality to a reality based on Oneness or Unity consciousness.

Remember, we are experiencing a dimensional shift so business as usual (pole flips) is not in the cards. I have kept this explanation very simple. If you are interested in more details, check out Sheldan's webinar ~ Escalating Earth Changes (Wenar #47)

Hope this simple explanation clears up any fear or confusion on a possible pole flip.

Join us tomorrow for a great interview with Scott Werner. He's had a couple NDE which changed his life forever. He is extremely knowledgeable about ascension symptoms and since he was a medical doctor he can help us navigate the question ~ ascension symptom or physical illness?

Selamat Ja!

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