23 March 2019

Psychotronic War Against Negative Aliens ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi ~ 22 March 2019

Source: Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi
Note that the negative alien agenda that humanity has been a victim of for millennia is very disturbing, especially when you begin to awaken or come to terms with it.
Yet, taking the aggressive-angry approach is NOT purposeful that leads to literally "award them with what they want on the platter", which is anger, negative feelings, etc. that facilitate their "energetic feeding" and acts as the source for their carnage.
Besides, you CANNOT engage in conflict or war, which is all they know and want you to do, as it leads to devastation and destruction, bringing further anger, misery, depriving you of your precious energies.
This is why the Divine (eg the Guardians) do not engage in a war against them, and play a psychotronic war of Consciousness supremacy to beat them in their own game.

And if I may add ~ when we do the same to other Humans (taking the aggressive-angry approach), negative energies are also generated.

From Oxford:


plural noun

treated as singular A particular branch of parapsychology which supposes an energy or force to emanate from living organisms and affect matter.

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