23 March 2019

Remote Viewing 9/11: Part 1 - The World Trade Center Attacks ~ Farsight Institute: Dick Allgire & Daz Smith ~ 15 February 2019

FM144 provided links to two Farsight Institute remote viewing sessions that centered around the 911 attack. I just watched the first part (on fast forward, but shhh don't tell....I watch almost all videos on ff) and thought I'd post it separately here.

A very perplexed Dick Allgire tries to make sense of the "unknown" weapon that can attack in this manner. Some of the terms he used to describe the Building 7 destruction:
 White hot / Focussed blue light / "Metal turns to vapour" / ....in an instant, vapourised / contained.... / within milliseconds / vapourised everything
The vapour part certainly fits the "dustification" description put forward by Dr Judy Wood.

The other remote viewer, Daz Smith, describes the attack on one of the towers, using these words:
Microscopic debris / intense energy moving outwards from the core / dust / molten metal / infiltrated / demolished / white chalky dust / ash / top-tier powerful secret people giving orders / Hadron Collider
Daz also mentioned that the make-up of the microscopic particles are like the fingerprint evidence that would identify what caused the destruction.

From the 55-minute mark, Daz describes the forces behind the attack, using words like covert / weapon / very secretive / hidden / military action / infiltrating group (into/under the building) / special forces unit / intention to damage the structure / espionage.

Then about the 1:16-hour mark, Dick describes what he sees at a secret facility/military base ~ the possible source location of the attack and where they monitor the process.

No mention of "Muslim terrorists" from either remote viewer....no surprise there.

Interestingly, Dick sees that a plane had been "electronically hijacked" where the pilots are unable to gain control over their Autopilot. Courtney Brown suggests that the plane could have been remotely controlled to fly into the tower. I have come across reports/articles that imply that the planes were hijacked and force-flown to secret locations, where the fate of the passengers and crew remains unknown ~ meaning, no planes flew into the towers.

Please watch the remote viewing sessions here.