22 March 2019

Ascension News: Consciousness, Ego, Resistance and the Ascension Process ~ Steve Nobel ~ 19 March 2019

“When we speak about ascension we must also talk about consciousness. We must understand that our consciousness is not one thing but is rather many layered. We have a conscious mind that has two aspects. The left-brain is the rational, logical, reasonable, strategic part of us. The right-brain is the creative, imaginative, intuitive part of us. Often these two aspects act like divorced parents. Perhaps one is more dominant and seeks to control or repress the other. In our left-brain dominant world, we are often trained to trust our logical mind and suppress our intuitive mind. Of course, it can happen the other way around where we become the artistic or spiritual rebel and disown our logical mind. The ascension process seeks to heal this artificial split that has been going on for far too long. When this happens there is a sacred marriage within our consciousness. The yang left-brain and the yin right-brain work together. You could imagine this as an infinity symbol within the brain. Both aspects working in unity. There is true partnership rather than disharmony……"

Please visit  Soul Matrix for the complete message, including video and audio.

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