22 March 2019

The Warrior Spirit ~ Gigi Young ~ 21 March 2019

Source: Gigi Young

The warrior spirit is not about murder, rage, anger or domination of others. That is the shadow of the wounded warrior that has lost their center.

The authentic warrior spirit is brave, fierce and full of a sense of truth and justice that burns like fire. This fire often takes the shape of the ram and preserves the innocent in the world. Warriors use their power to see and stand up for truth as service, they hold space for the innocent and weak to develop and heal in peace.

The warrior prioritizes ruthlessly facing their own fears and going to places that often frighten others. This gives them the power to lead as the blazing ram is often king.

The warrior spirit is forged by using all of their bravery and fighting spirit first with their own lives to create peace and harmony. This is actually the place of the warriors power: inner peace. This is why the warrior has the discernment to take fast action, peaceful eyes see patterns quickly.

Happy Aries season! Tag an Aries or let me know below if you are a blazing ram 🐏 !

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