28 March 2019

Unconditional Love ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 28 March 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

Unconditional Love, is SIMPLE.

Any resistance to be the energy of LOVE, creates the complications of the Mind.

The Mind will fight Unconditional Love, initially with the Mind’s ‘idea’ it can protect itself. The human Mind, in its own forgetfulness, can not protect itself from it’s own Higher Self, that wishes to evolve FULLY into the physical vessel. To become the fifth dimensional HUman Being of this evolving Era. The human Mind ultimately is only fighting itself, not actually the outside, regardless of its thoughts and projections OUT. 

And the Mind will go to great lengths to initially resist the HEART becoming the main centre point of focus and beingness. So the human (and it’s Mind) will be presented with experience after experience, cycle after cycle, orchestrated by the Higher Self, presented via different people, different circumstances and events, until the Mind stops it’s own resistance, to ALL LOVE. Until the Mind, finally stops judging Love. Until the Mind embraces Love, without it’s Mind based conditions:
I will LOVE you if...
I will ALLOW you if...
I will not GIVE you love if...

Unconditional Love is ALL accepting and, all giving of LOVE.

The human energetic heart is NEVER, ever closed (a human misperception), for the Heart Portal it’s always open to the infinite SOURCE of ALL LOVE...God. Only the Mind closes itself off from it’s own heart. And the hearts of others.

ALL LOVE becomes us. At each’s pace. Love is patient. For there is no time. Love waits...For the human being to allow the unconditional Love that IS there SOUL and purest state of Being, to return to them. To then allow the being, to experience that infinite unconditional LOVE within, for itself. To feel it, know it, and give out that frequency of Love to ALL others, and ALL things. Silently, from a distance, or through word vibration and deed vibrations, of that one frequency...LOVE. Love, is a specific energetic vibration.

Yet...for the human journey, there is ‘HUMAN WILL’ honoured by divine laws of this paradigm. So always there is choice, always choice is honoured. To BE or not BE LOVE, to BE or not BE that ONE energetic frequency. And all choices are equally LOVED, by those beings and states, on and off planet, that are Unconditional Love re-membered. Because Being Unconditional Infinite Love, IS simple. It has no needs, it has no expectations, it has no agenda, no plan, no attachment to outcome. Love is Simple, it IS just ONE thing, ONE energetic, ONE frequency, that allows us the experience of spiralling up the infinite and ever expanding spirals of God’s creation.

Love is in and of all things. In and of no thing.
Love is forever present, forever patient, forever....Loving ALL.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
28 March 2019

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