05 March 2019

Update from Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 4 March 2019

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

I have been hitting some wild energies as I slept these last few nights. At about 3-4 am until sunrise, it feels like I am in a new broader/wider space of consciouness. It creates a feeling like I am being all over the place at once. It is hard to explain. I feel like I am spread out over a bigger reality and not all in one place anymore. I have a sense of being detached from my 3D body and expanded beyond my usual awareness. This is a deeper process of what began for me, and maybe you as well, back in August 2018. At that time, I got a peek of being totally separated from my history . . . like leaving behind a dark shadow, yet still being me . . . the deeply peaceful, natural, untouched self.

My spirit feels like a spinning gyroscope, and my orientation point, or soul center, is operating in many directions at once. I lose where I am in space, time, and dimension! This was accelerated by the recent magnetic storm. This makes me feel a little bit lost and vulnerable. My physical form is not happy with it, and I have had headaches, nausea, body aches, and I wake up with my heart racing. I am losing even more interest in the material world, but we know that this is also part of the process. We have to let go to leap. My human space suit is learning to deal with all the transformation.

My partner is having dizziness where he feels like he is falling backwards, and this only happens while he is laying down so there is no place to fall to, and is doing this while half asleep. I am pretty sure he is practicing dimension jumping. Neither of us are sleeping well. The gift and perils of living on a matrix of ley lines.

I can feel something big building in the near future, maybe this full moon Equinox. I know I have to keep documenting this global transition, even if I don’t understand it yet, and you all need to keep watching as well. What we go through now, might help us understand what is coming. Keep it simple, and keep your eyes and heart open.

Truth is relative to the layer of consciousness that we are resonating with in each moment, and we can be resonating with many layers at once! This means that we can also exist in many dimensions at once as well. This is confusing to our minds and fearful to our material bodies. I am sure this is the beginning steps of living multi-dimensionally, being able to go from one state of time and space to another at will, or operating on many levels at once simultaneously. We are actively testing out a broader consciousness, and living multi-dimensionally, and even spherically.

Checking in with you all to compare notes. ⭐️🌟
How are you experiencing the lead up to this Equinox?

These energies are is the lead up to this global event...

JOIN a GLOBAL SOLAR WAVE for a FULL MOON EQUINOX EVENT. Participate from anywhere you are on Earth! All of this Earth is sacred. This is a Global Link Up Event / Ceremony / Activation / Meditation on a rare FULL MOON on EQUINOX!

To finally, fully LAND (ground) Humanity into a newly available, higher octave Paradigm/dimension, with our Awakened HEARTS, using our AUTHENTIC POWER, creating a LANDING PORTAL for humanity in the NEW PARADIGM with our PURE ASCENDING LIGHT. Keep it simple, and keep and heart open. It is time to give a little back to the conscious collective!

We are encouraged to use Thoth's and Jeshua's Light Activation Prayer for this event . . . But offer what your heart calls you to do, always.
* I AM the divine expression of the LOVE of the great CREATOR
* I AM the divine expression of the WISDOM of the great CREATOR
* I AM the divine expression of the POWER of the great CREATOR
* I AM the divine expression of the WAY of the ONE GOD.
* I AM the divine expression of the TRUTH of the ONE GOD.
* I AM the divine expression of the LIGHT of the ONE GOD.
*** This decree was received in the Kings Chamber in Giza, Egypt, and just now upgraded for this the current equinox energies ... to empower and awaken the truth within us all.

Please join us in spirit, and offer what you will, just as your heart directs, for 33 minutes on this upcoming FULL MOON EQUINOX on March 20th, 2019 from anywhere you are. May the great creator send our heart energy to exactly where it is needed for the highest good of earth and humanity. We will be transmitting love and blessings to you from within the head of the Dove in Tikal, Guatemala. ((( For a few days we are offering a specially blended Sacred Site Essence for this event. The details are listed in a previous post about the equinox event))).

The Global Gathering Event time begins at Full Moon.
PDT (pacific) 6:43 PM
MST (mountain standard - in Arizona) - 6:43 PM
MDT (mountain daylight) 7:43 PM
TIKAL, Guatemala CST (central standard) 7:43 PM
CDT (central) 8:43 PM
EDT (eastern) 9:43 PM
If you are outside of the USA, please look up full moon times in your area.

Where will you be gathering on this powerful full moon Equinox? 

Please SHARE YOUR LOCATION where you will be gathering for equinox in the comments below. Let us use this equinox energy to cover the planet with great harmony, tolerance, oneness and LOVE. Any good vibe you can send out from your heart to the earth grid will be a blessing! Because we are ALL that powerful!


  1. Hi ! From Tokyo, Japan.
    Will try to take part.

    1. That's great! Blessings :)

    2. Perhaps you'd also like to let Aluna know? You can leave a comment on her site, link has been given in the article above