23 March 2019

Wage Peace, Not War ~ Eric Raines ~ 22 March 2019

We reserve the right to self defense, but not in the 3D warlike aspect that is prevalent.
Instead, we transmute the energy of the attack back to whence it came, using that opening to share love, joy and compassion.
Bring healing to the depths of the beast.

(Though I personally believe that sometimes, we are unable to heal the dark ~ or to convert it ~ and instead ask that they be brought to the Light.)

Source: Unleashing Natural Humanity

One of the most effective techniques I have been able to find when dealing with etheric entities and parasites is to inhale love/laughter, light and vibration into the tips of my fingers, then gently press into where the heartspace of the parasite should be.

As I concentrate on filling this space with compassion, empathy, joy and light (energies completely unknown to the parasitic construct) it is as if the energy begins melting a frozen landscape and everything begins to convert to light.

Stop fighting. Recognize each energetic attack you feel is an opportunity to reach deep into the heavy darkness and convert it from the center, out.

Wage peace, not war.

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