31 March 2019

Your Empathy is Your Superpower ~ Ahtayaa Leigh ~ 20 March 2019

This came via email, and I felt it was relevant to post (please excuse formatting).

Ahtayaa Leigh's website is Gold Ray Healing.

Hello lovely Grace!

When I awoke this morning I immediately felt a VERY strong message wanting to come through me from the high angelic realms of the Most High.  

I didn't want to waste any time in sharing this insight with you, so here I am.  This is important for you to hear.

As empaths our superpower is being able to connect with the frequency vibration of every other person on the planet, and potentially the universe.


But... Are we using it to it's full potential?

If we don't master the power of empathy it's power can turn into a flood of overwhelm. But, what if we could harness it's power to manifest the highest good for ALL?

WelcOMe to the 'New Earth'. The Golden Age Of Peace.

We're entering a new phase when empaths lead the way in navigating the birth of a collective consciousness field with it's foundation in peace, balance, harmony, unconditional love and abundance. Our true Divine nature.

Are you here to absorb the world's pains, or are you here to engage your Divine power to transform those pains into peace?

If you hear this call to empowerment in your heart, then you shall know you are being called to your mission. 

Your mission is to embody the LIGHT of your Heavenly Self.. your Higher Self... here on Earth... NOW.... so that your light may light up the world and everyone in it.

Our empathy is here to build a world of PEACE and break down the walls of war built on the foundation of narcissism.

With the grace of Great Spirit to guide us, and with the courage and strength of all the Gods and Goddesses to propel us forward, let's claim our birth right as the bringers of Heaven to Earth.

Thank You, I love you very much.

Ahtayaa Leigh
Galactic Activator
The Golden Ray Initiations

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