09 April 2019

Energy Update ~ Aluna Ash ~ 9 April 2019

Aluna Ash is back with an energy update, please listen here.

I feel that this update will resonate very much with many who are feeling/going through a lot ~ like covering a week's worth (or more!) of clearing/growth in a day. Aluna covers several areas briefly, including:
  • Clearing and purging of Soul Fragments connections (and also Soul Fragments retrieval, I believe)
  • Old realities collapsing, therefore grief for these endings
  • Base frequency of Planet has changed in past 4-5 days, thereby affecting everyone
  • Our connection to etheric meridians increases intuition/psychic abilities
  • End July/beginning August ~ new Galactic Year ~ Divine Feminine, magnetic
  • Moving back into 13:20 time, Synchronicity, hyper-manifestation.

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