21 May 2019

Energy Update ~ Eric Raines ~ 20 May 2019

Source: Unleashing Natural Humanity

Attacks on the Divine Feminine have increased in response to massive Sacred Masculine trauma reintegrations.

I try to steer away from politics directly in these updates and I will continue to hint at or shine awareness where it is needed. Last weeks update I said to watch for warfare in the guise of feminine energy being pushed and what has happened since then is truly unprecedented in the draconian crackdown on the Feminine energies since then.

Whichever side of these issues we fall on does not truly matter in the grander scope of planetary trauma purging, what matters is the space we are holding as we collectively pass through this.

Recognize there is wounding on many sides. Every camp of perception, awareness, political leaning, sociological progression and culture has been attacked. Humanity is compartmentalized into boxes separating "us" from "them". making it OK to dehumanize those camps that are not "us".

This is the Great Awakening. This is the Ascension timeline. These are the precursors to the Event.

Did you truly think clearing millennia's worth of trauma, hatred, fear, anger, shame, guilt and warfare programmed directly into the DNA of the entire species was going to be easy?

We knew what we came here for. Sovereignty. Autonomy. Freedom. Connection. Family. Love. Joy. Wonder. Awe. Co-creation.

As we begin to search for these world changing energies...as we begin to resonate and cultivate these frequencies, we destabilize the systems of density, the frameworks of heavy darkness that perpetuates more darkness.

More light can anchor into the planet, more people can feel it and spontaneously begin to wake up. They begin to purge their trauma and cultivate these higher levels of resonance as well and the quarantine of density around the planet begins to resemble Swiss cheese more and more.

We are watching the healing of ancient wounds in real time. Just like with any wound, we must purge the rot, cleanse the infection before it can heal properly.

What we can do in this time of transition, of awakening and of action is quite simple.

Recognize that many are going to be losing their minds. The light anchoring into the planet is strong enough to begin forcing all levels of programming up to the surface and it will be manifesting itself as something so intense and powerful that it cannot be swept under the rug like it has been.

This will force everything up to the surface and humanity is going to have to collectively look at its skeletons in the closet in broad daylight as the closet disappears.

Now is the time for introspection. Now is the time to compare your inner world with what you are seeing around you. Now is the time to truly go within and ask yourself, "What do I want to see in the world? What would I be proud to hand my children?"

That is not a system of fear, domination and control, but a system of love, abundance and evolution.

Unless we begin to cultivate those energies, we cannot found anything based in those energies.

The world is heading for a phenomenal transition and it is up to each and every one of us on how graceful this transition is achieved.

Do not be silent. Do not let your voice drown out in the dull roar of the program. Hold your space, hold firm to what you know is right, but here is the key. Do not engage in warfare.

You have every right to incredibly powerful and unshakable boundaries, but the key is to hold a smile on your face and upmost love and compassion in your heart.

Fighting for peace is like jumping into a lake to dry off.

Learn how to be peace. Learn how to be love. Strong, yet soft. Gentle, yet inexorable, unstoppable....like the tide, washing everything away.

We have got this!

From my heart to yours