17 May 2019

Entity Extraction Meditation ~ Steve Noble ~ 16 May 2019

Source: Soul Matrix (includes guided meditation)

This meditation is used to seal any openings in your energy fields which allows lower entities into your space.

This is done initially by your Team in Spirit along with Ultra-Violet Fire Angels. Then Metatron and Sandalphon each open a portal of light. Metatron opens a portal above your crown chakra extracting lower astral entities. Sandalphon opens a portal beneath your feet in the Crystalline Grid extracting any lower elemental energies from your space.

Your auric field is finally sealed by Michael.


  1. Never do a meditation that's guided that's a masters teaching why because every voice has a frequency vibration and guided meditations take yo on an imaginary journey its not your own you give up you power you become powerless to the voice think about about meditation should be alone in dark in silence with chants that you can do its hard to chant correctly it takes years of practice