26 May 2019

Eric Raines Update ~ 25 May 2019

Your Soul Family are those that are tuned into your frequency. You sense a strong connection beyond blood or race; you're connected by energy and vibration. Through quantum communication, they intuitively answer your silent call and show up bringing unconditional love and support a the perfect times.

You share an unspoken level of understanding....they just get you and what you're about. For those people, be thankful....thy are your reminders from the Universe that on the deepest level of our existence, we are One.
Source: Eric Raines

We came here knowing we would have full mind amnesia, unable to connect into what we logically should remember and understand.

What you can not make us forget however, is who we are...where we came from

The magic of the multidimensional cosmos is encoded into your very DNA. The light of Gods spark inside your lifeblood and your soul is a splinter of Infinity.

And you did not come here alone.

We stand on the cusp of the greatest awakening mankind has ever experienced and YOU are the catalyst. The spark.

In the path of mastery, you must know the master levels of one modality then all master levels of any modality become obvious.

"Know 1, know 10,000."
-Miyamoto Musashi

By learning how to speak directly to your Temple, you decode the Language of the Body. By decoding Body Language, you learn to speak the Language of Light

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