15 May 2019

Pleiadian Pods Protocol ~ Sophia Love

A bit of background briefly....I came across the first of these messages about the Pleiadian Pods a few days ago and have followed the thread to see where it would lead. From the feedback, it would seem that this is making a difference and assisting those with health issues. I'm only guessing, but this could be a more "complete" version of the Command PB Stardust protocol given much earlier via Cobra. We all have discernment and we will use it :)

You may have already read them, but for those who haven't and would like to explore more, here are the links in chronological order:

Message #40: Pod Protocol ~ 10 May 2019
More on the Protocol ~ 11 May 2019
Message #41: Even More on the Protocol! ~ 13 May 2019

"There is a protocol. You can adopt a mission of constant rejuvenation, continuous creation of ideal; a perfect healthy body. With this protocol, add “I enlist the assistance of the Pleiadian Pods.”

This can be done silently. With practice it will manifest."

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