15 May 2019

Resources & Mental Plane Purge ~ Jason Estes ~ 20 April 2019

You can tell I'm going through some of Jason Estes' material....

This one has several links that may be beneficial for some.

Source: Jason Estes

Welcome to the mental purge (April20th-May18th), as we begin this last phase of the purge remember that it is over all the planes and the key is stability because as we align the 4 prime planes we unlock the natural ease of the 5th which is the mental, that being said i am going to post some things to assist this process  

Physical Plane: action in the physical plane such as work outs jogging or jumping jacks are key.
Virtual Plane: same as physical but inside your mind instead
Emotional Plane: shifting emotions into feelings, and then acknowledging those feelings with celebrations or letters you will never send.
Spiritual plane: silence stillness or some form of moving meditation, activations, quantum k, conscious actions and i am committing statements

Resources to read that could assist
and as always remember this too shall pass stay hydrated keep your body stretched and do self loving body massage often to let your body know yall are in this together ::hugs::   

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