28 May 2019

Subtle Shift in Our Collective State of Mind ~ Broder Bilal ~ 27 May 2019

This "wave" is actually making me feel nauseous..... 

Source: Broder Bilal

Even within the spiritual community this kind of “Insidework” can be viewed with some skeptics, hoping the “Star Nations” will do to all the work for Us.

Our meditation sessions are preplanned, Our Intentions, as a Large Group of Lightworkers with Expanded Awareness have more energetic effect on where focusing Our Energy.

Changes in Our Collective State of Mind, as some call it “timeline jump” is taking place more frequently the closer we get to the point of Singularity.

As a Large Group, asking help from Higher Councils, more energy can be beamed in through the Portal in Our Sun - Or from huge Motherships stationed close to Saturn.

With this session, Our Collective experienced another “Wave” amplifying up the Grid-System - Felt by most sensitive around the World.


20.20 Swedish Time

18.20 ( 06.20 pm ) Coordinated Universal Time UTC

12.20 Pacific Standard Time PST

15.20 ( 03.20 pm ) Eastern Standard Time EST

Energy “Healing have been provided by Lighted Beings from Arcturian Collective for those who attended this session.

We are thanking Arcturian Higher Council and Lighted beings for this beautiful experience.

Also thank you for Connecting - as the Ground Crew operating from the surface.

Brother Bilal

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