31 May 2019

Upcoming Planetary Assignment: Clearing Energies ~ Broder Bilal ~ 31 May / 1 June 2019

Source: Broder Bilal

We will now merge our Consciousness with the Planet/Gaia for this task.

Connect to Gaia´s and call in help by those you feel most connected to - Angelics - Galactics - Higher Self - Or Ascended Masters

Ask for help with releasing all the energies of the Planet that are not aligned with the 5:D vibratory spectrum. You can meditate and hold your connection with Gaia/Planet

You can also use Inner Techniques:
Use of Vortex motion in “inner layers of dimensions” in Consciousness - Left and right rotation with clear inner focus. You can use the Center Node – Star of Gaia as the focal point

There are geometric nodes located above Southpole and Northpole where energies can be released.

Stargate Entrance Portals opened 26 April as a passageway to all “entities” in Astral field, when they cannot cope the higher energies we are soon entering.

This will create more stable wavelengths in Grid-system also affecting the well-being of Humanity.

Starting 31 May:
22.00 Swedish Time
20.00 ( 08.00 pm ) Coordinated Universal Time UTC
12.00 Noon Pacific Standard Time PST
14.00 ( 02.00 pm ) Central Standard Time CST
01.30 am India Standard Time IST – 1 June
06.00 am Sydney New South Wales – 1 June

Lasting 20 minutes.

Adding a GIF-Video for more clarity on how to use the Inner Techniques.

The closer we get to "Event Wave" the more work will to be done by Us from "Inside".

You can share the post so more can join the Ground Treamwork.

Time Zone Converter in comment section.

Lightworkers with Expanded Consciousness joined as a large group with same Intentions can have tremendous effect.

Brother Bilal

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