25 May 2019

Update on Clearing Energies in Larger Cities ~ Broder Bilal ~ 24 May 2019

Source: Broder Bilal

Our work is been monitored by “Secret Military Services” in many countries. Most of my work have been heavily monitored by Swedish Secret Military Service “MUST” for many years. They do not interfere, just monitoring as they are under influence by 4:Density groups, as most of the "Secret Military Services" around the World.

“Star Nations” are monitoring the “Secret Military Services” and are permitted to intervene if they posses any life-threat to those who are protected in the Ascension mission. Many are protected as part of the incarnation contract.

In few cities where Grid-Portals been created, military helicopters have been flying in circles around that location where Grid-Portal is located - Reported by many. This is very common for others also who do energetic work with high output.

When Grid-Portals are created, those who are sensitive have reported seeing pillar of light with vortex-motions. Same report given by many around the World.

Few old “hijacked” Grid-Portals have been configured for holding faster frequency rate.

Project have been slow due to my own limited time and some other work that needed to be done. We have now cleared 10 cities. Energy feels “pure and very light” as reported by those living in that city.

These new Grid-Portals can easy be located by dowsing tools and can´t be “hijacket”.


* Salt Lake City ( Close to South Salt Lake.) - USA

* Los Angeles - California USA

* Miami - Florida USA

* Danbury - Connecticut USA

* Washington DC ( South side of East Potomac Park) - USA

* Winnipeg ( In Wildwood park ) - Canada

* Belo Horizonte ( Close Engenho Nogueira in a park ) - Brazil

* Norrköping ( Close to Folkparkskolan ) - Sweden

* Göteborg ( In Vasapark ) - Sweden

* London ( By Fiza Saed ) - England

This is a Global Team work and long term project. Many have created Grid-Portals on their own with help by Lighted Beings.

We will continue to clear more cities. Those cities that are left, please share a satellite images of that city in comment section. My old computer can sometime freeze when scrolling by many comments in the old post.

Thank you for your tremendous effort on this Global Ground Teamwork - we still have more to clear.

Brother Bilal


  1. Please clear Saskatoon Saskatchewan..we need it ))

    In light

    1. Suggest to send your request to Broder Bilal (link given in the post) Blessings :)