17 May 2019

What's Real ~ Eric Raines ~ 16 May 2019

Source: Unleashing Natural Humanity

Many find themselves focusing on what others think or feel a fair bit of time throughout the day, worried that it is not positive.

Sometimes what other people think about us affects us so much, we will completely change behavior, never wear a specific piece of clothing again, change hairstyles, start speaking differently or any other type of shifting who we are or what we enjoy because of an off handed comment or a callous statement from the outside.

There is a smaller percentage of people who are so affected by outside opinions, that they do not eve
n know who they actually are.

So lets actually look at this objectively from a reality point of view.

The only thing you can prove is real is your consciousness. Think about this for a second. You might be having a dream right now. You might be in a coma, hooked up to machines in a hospital at the moment and you cannot prove to me or yourself that this is not the case right now.

Your perception of reality is literally nothing more than electrical impulses interpreted by your nervous system.

Everything you think is real might be a figment of your imagination.

So, if you are the only thing you can objectively know is real for 100% surety, should your passions, joy and excitement not be your highest priority to cultivate, no matter what opinions come from the outside....which might not even be real?

Simple perspective shifts. Massive growth. Enjoy  

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