23 June 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 22 June 2019

The Gateway is HUGE for human beings with our HUMANISED perceptions.
It's very subtle. Take YOUR time.
It's accessed WITHIN

Source: Amanda Lorence

Sending Love & Understanding to ALL, in this 💙22💙 day. Knowing a CLARITY dawns on THIS day after a potent build up to the powerful solstice of 21 June 2019.

The Gateway presented, is open, stays open for us each to match frequency, thus walk through it...there is absolutely no rush, no trying, no force, no less than, no mind, no lack, no anything of any human perception to grasp on to. For...There is only God.

Can I suggest: Be kind to yourself. Honour yourself. Trust God.

For the answers are not found IN the Maya. But set WITHIN each consciousness. For it is YOUR path WITHIN you that leads to God realisation.

This Gateway that IS now activated for the Collective, will take linear time for each to INDIVIDUALLY float through effortlessly...

Effortless is, when we just surrender, release, let go, again and again to infinite layers of perceptions we embody along the way.

In truth, regardless of stages, regardless of the higher frequency layers of unfolding truths, perceived truths revealed within each person within your dream, and within your own self, definitions people CHOOSE to believe and then live by...nothing is ULTIMATELY defined. Absolutely Nothing. There is NO definition except that which any consciousness chooses to define and thus PLAY with...play out...believe.

This Gateway, to actually pass through it, we shall let go of ALL definitions, at each person’s perfect, beautifully aligned timing... for all IS God playing and creating with ITSELF.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
22 June 2019

I Am 22 💙

PS: I’m still mostly offline until after 26th. Then I’m back, with a deeper, deeper clarity I’ve not known, until today on 💙22💙. I love you so very very much. Each of you...

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