21 June 2019

Amanda Lorence Updates ~ 20 June 2019

Plasma influx to Gaia is currently so high
Energies are strong
Self care essential

Source: Amanda Lorence

Absolutely this. Gratitude Nicky. So on point 💙🙏💙 (referring to post by Nicky Hamid below)

I’ve been receiving approximately 20 signs this week that we have been/are currently approaching a significant GATEWAY. This Gateway shall arrive for the collective and Gaia.

I don’t know date. Soon. Once it opens, it stays open for each to enter through at their perfect timing/frequency/pace.

Heart IS infinite.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
20 June 2019

Nicky Hamid
The greatest service you can do for HUManity (for us All) at this time is be in your heart and embrace the Love that You Are in every moment.

It is from here that you will see with the eyes of your Divineness of Being, Source.
It is from here that you will easily negotiate all events that are in your sphere of activity.
It is here that you will see through the appearances of the many changes that are happening all around us and to others.

And it is here that your transformation at all levels is assured.
Thankyou so much for being here on this Amazing Planet.

For being willing to add your piece in the Grande Awakening and Cocreating.
I So Love You.

No matter what you feel is in front of you.
No matter how you feel stuck or in doubt.
It is all working out Beautifully.
So relax dear Hearts.
You cannot get it wrong when you choose Love first.

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